In Rio de Janeiro, "Black Identity Exposition" features photos and round table discussion of "Black Women in Brazilian Society"

On March 25th, the Movimento Cultural Mulheres de Zé (The Women of Zé Cultural Movement) presented the “Exposição Negra Identidade” (Black Identity Exposition). (See more photos here and here). 

Negra Identidade (Black Identity)


Marked by the beauty of the photographs, this stage, titled, Phase 1, which portrayed seven of the 21 personalities invited to compose the project, which was attended by: Adele Fátima, diva  of this exhibition, actress Patrícia Costa, the sculptural Aime Andrade, singer Marcelo Negrão and models Raphaela Nascimento and Agabelli Oliveira, besides the chairman of the Movimento Cultural Mulheres de Zé, Nayra Cezari and Selminha Sorriso, who also posed for the lenses of Cacau Rodrigues.
Raphaela Nascimento
The event was a huge critical and commercial success, attended by the distinguished Professor Helena Theodoro (1), who toasted everyone with her wisdom and culture, lecturing on the themes: Ancestry, Black Identity and Spirituality.
Patrícia Costa
Personalities and many cultural transformers also conferred the artistic work of makeup artist Victor Waltz and photographer Cacau Rodrigues, in 24 beautiful images arranged in the Espaço Nec da Fundição Progresso, only on Monday, it is thus fitting for those behind the Movimento Cultural Mulheres de Zé, to secure another cultural space for the permanent exhibition of the Black Identity project, which also aims to be exposed in gastronomic events of samba schools, such as monthly feijoadas (2) of each organization.
Patrícia Costa and Marcelo Negrão
The production was the responsibility of the directors of the Women of Zé Cultural Movement and under the support of Arcos Digital/ Fundição.
Patrícia Costa
The exhibition “Black Identity” portrays the public face of a race that continues to build and believe in this country. The highlight of the initiative of the Cultural Movement of the Women of Zé is showing the black face that collaborates, contributes and generates Brazilian society, its cultural achievements in this space called Brazil.
Aime Ramos 
Conceived by Nayra Cezari, founder of the Cultural Movement of the Women of Zé, the “Black Identity”, consolidates the objectives of the members of the movement. The overall production included the carnivalesque André Cezari, lawyers Fábio Martins and Ellen Gaspar, the publicist Luzinete Lima, singer Marcelo Negrão and producers Miriam Santos and Tatiana Valasek, as well as journalists Joelma Lisbon and Joyce Hurtado.
Dr. Helena Theodoro
The presentation of the exhibition project as well as the first phase featured seven participants in the event Roundtable of Debates With Deputy Jean Wyllys with the participation of the Women Zé Cultural Movement. The theme of the round table debates: Black Women in Brazilian society


Exclusive photos of Mulheres de Zé
Photos: Cacau Rodrigues
Muses of the first stage of photos of the exhibition “Black Identity”
Adele Fátima, a pioneering image of the black Brazilian black woman abroad, actress, model and inspiring muse of artists such as Di Cavalcanti, Lan and Oscar Niemeyer (3).
Patrícia Costa – Actress, model and architect, performing in the Dulcina theater with Feitiço da Vila – the life of famed Samba composer Noel Rosa and the novela Malhação on Globo TV playing the only black teacher. A sambista (4) from the cradle, she is the granddaughter of the Portela samba school’s founder, was “Queen of the Drumbeat” of the Unidos do Viradouro in the glory years of the Niterói, Rio de Janeiro Samba school. 
Raphaela Nascimento – Grew up in the cradle of the samba. In 2013 she assumed the crown of the Queen of the Drumbeat (5) of GRES Tradição and the position of Director of Carnival of the club that was founded by dissidents of the Portela school, among them her father Nésio Nascimento and famous Samba songwriters João Nogueira, Paulo César Pinheiro and others.
Aime Ramos Andrade – Hair Stylist, columnist in several beauty magazines, specialist in visagism and black beauty.
Selminha Sorriso – First porta-bandeira (flag bearer) of GRES Beija-Flor of Nilópolis, soldada-bombeiro (paramedic), model, lawyer, and assistant stage programmer of Samba de Primeira.
Source: TV Rio Samba
1. Helena Theodoro holds a Master’s in education, a Ph.D in philosophy and is author of the books Negro e Cultura no Brasil, Mito e espiritualidade: mulheres negras, Iansã, Os Ibéjis e o carnaval.
2. Feijoada is a Brazilian dish made with beans, beef and pork and served over rice. Feijoadas are functions in which dish is served. 
3. Legendary Brazilian architect who recently passed away in December of 2012
4. Someone who is connected to the musical genre of Samba in some form (composer, singer, musician, etc)
5. For a complete breakdown of this and other titles of functions of Carnaval participants, see in the notes section of this post
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