In racist rant caught on audio, woman expresses disgust that a black woman is her daughter’s teacher

revoltante professora negra de minas gerais c3a9 ofendida por mc3a3e de alunas
revoltante professora negra de minas gerais c3a9 ofendida por mc3a3e de alunas

Revoltante - professora negra de Minas Gerais é ofendida por mãe de alunas

Note from BW of Brazil: Hmmm, so how should I interpret this in the context of the idea that “we are all equal”, as so many Brazilians like to say? Well, when we consider other incidents, I would interpret this as, “we’re all equal as long as a black isn’t teaching my daughter…or, we’re all equal, as long as a black isn’t in a position of authority, or as long as they’re not in my country club, or as long as they’re not representing Brazil outside of the country. Brazil always like to claim that legally sanctioned racial segregation never existed in the country, but with sentiments such as this, it doesn’t really matter. We can clearly see how Brazil really feels about its black population. If this is what integration looks like, why do people think it’s such a good thing? 

Revolting: Black teacher from Minas Gerais is offended by student’s mother

Audio with the mother’s absurd racist statements was posted on the internet.

By Aurora Rosa Silvestre

Unfortunately, racism in Brazil is still an issue that causes outrage and embarrasses one of the nations formed by the most diverse forms of miscegenation. An audio that took over the internet due to the absurd content caused uproar recently, in the most diverse social networks.

In it, Luciana Faria Diniz, a resident of Araporã, an interior city of Minas Gerais state, snaps several racist offenses against teachers at the school where her daughter studies.

It all started when Luciana spoke on an app with another teacher at the institution, displaying her outrage when she learned that the teacher of one of her daughters is black.

The teacher with whom she spoke decided to divulge the audio with the offenses. In it, Luciana attacks the teachers Roberta Renout and Vanilda Batista de Oliveira, for being black.

Here are some excerpts:

“It’s unfortunate, it’s black there, it’s black here…How disgraceful they have to get so many blacks in the middle of the year. Lauriele’s (teacher) is now that Roberta Renout, an ugly black woman with her beiço (big lips) (see note one) to put lipstick on that beiço, she uses about four (of them).”

In addition to offending the teachers, Luciana referred to other blacks. In a tone of debauchery she says, “With blacks really, I don’t do too good. When I get close to one, there’s subaqueira (underarm smell), I get close to another, the teeth are stinky, has a rotten mouth.”

After the scandal, Luciana tried to defend herself on Facebook, saying the statements were made in a moment of anger, made a mistake and said she’s not a bad person. She also accused teacher Sônia Lima, who released the racist audios, of treason.

As it didn’t matter, Luciana was very criticized in the post that she did and, soon after, deleted it.

Roberta Renout recorded a Boletim de Ocorrência (police report), because, in Brazil, racism is a crime. In an interview, the young teacher said that she felt very bad about the insults that Luciana addressed toward her and to another colleague of the profession.

The city of Araporã issued a note repudiating the acts of racism against the teachers who work in the municipal education network of the municipality. Some residents said they were ashamed of the unfortunate attitude of a local resident.

Source: Geledés


  1. Pejorative manner of describing large lips. As one character in a famous Brazilian children’s story said“oxes have beiços, we have lips.” Somewhat similar to the American term ‘liver lips’.
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  1. NO surprise here, the woman doesn’t feel good about “herself”, so why be shocked when she puts others down? As the saying goes, “Misery LOVES company” and she seems like one miserable, idiotic, twisted, selfish woman to me. Enough said!

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