“FRENESI”: Video from Salvador, Bahia’s poetry scene brings love, sex and black bodies deciphered in verses – image of black men and women loving each other



Note from BW of Brazil: With a combo like poetry and amor preto (black love) you just KNOW it’s gotta be hot! This is a partner piece of our other post from today discussing the rise of Slam poetry in Salvador, Bahia. With more and more discussion on the necessity of black unity and amor afrocentrado (Afro centered love), this joint is right on time! As I’ve pointed out in previous posts, in Brazilian film and TV, it is almost impossible to see a black male and black female in a romantic situation. Nearly all of the portrayals of couples in the media are either white or mixed. What message do you get from that?

The video featured in today’s post can be interpreted as black men and black women resisting through the expression of black love and black passion. What else can we expect from the state known as the Roma Negra, Black Rome, the center of Brazil’s African Culture. The sure response to a country that openly spoke of making the black race disappear through miscegenation, black love is truly a revolutionary/political act! And a revolutionary act also needs a soundtrack, so check it out!

Still from FRENESI video

F.R.E.N.E.S.I: love, sex and black bodies deciphered in verses!

Courtesy of Portal Soteropreta

Rilton Júnior (left) and Fabiana Lima

She: Fabiana Lima, marginal poetiza, organizer of the Slam das Minas – a poetic battle for women only, a pioneering initiative in Bahia. He: Rilton Júnior, a poet who is part of Resistência Poética (Poetic Resistance) Poetry Group! They came together to shake up the structures with the clip F.R.E.N.E.S.I., a production in partnership with Orun – a collaborative platform with contents related to urban culture, art, fashion and design, through photography and audiovisual.


As Fabiana explains, F.R.E.N.E.S.I. is a rhythmic poetry that surpassed the verses spoken and had to arrive to the screens, in an ecstatic performance of the two. In just over 3 minutes, poetry gains body and life, extolling the debate over black bodies, love, passion. The clip speaks of affection, and speaks of sex and speaks of amor preto (black love).


“It’s a poetry that portrays amor afrocentrado (afro-centered love), it breaks this paradigm that we don’t know how to write about love, that we don’t experience it,” says Fabiana. The title already says it: delirium. And the seconds pass in this delirium. It is a literary, audiovisual, poetic, black manifesto: “I insist on putting in my text, that pretas e pretos (black men and black women) are loving each other!”

“Uma doce dose de você com o frenesi que me cabe pra lhe ter veneno/ eu enlouqueço ao ver você dançar pra mim com um vinho tinto pra gente/ eu tiro sua lingerie ao dente e a cada arrepio que você sente uma alta dose de THC na mente/ é que você é foda e eu to te querendo/ a tua libido água a cada toque meu sereno/ teu beijo é um doce veneno e eu beijando, vou me perdendo/ preta flor me veste em ti, sem pudor/ o que queres de mim?/


“A sweet dose of you with the frenzy that I have to poison you / I go crazy at seeing you dance for me with a red wine for us / I throw your lingerie to the tooth and with every shiver you feel a high dose of THC in the mind / it’s that you’re the shit and I’m wanting you / your libido water at every touch my serene / your kiss is a sweet poison and me kissing, I’m losing myself / black flower dress me in you, without shame / what do you want from me? (Rilton Júnior)


Quero provar da doce dose do seu amor/Quero ter o gosto em minha boca como uma verdadeira degustadora/Eu Desejo sentir o cheiro de sexo no ar/Nossos corpos se comunicando a cada tocar/Um beck e vinho para o paladar melhorar/Quero doses múltiplas de prazer/ e de preferência com você/Anseio que sua boca me leve ao êxtase do amor/Espero que me decifre delicadamente para que cada verso não saia de sua mente/ Doce é o gosto que quero sentir quando eu te sentir/quando eu sentir o prazer. (Fabiana Lima)


I want to taste the sweet dose of your love / I want to taste in my mouth like a true taster / I desire to smell the sex in the air / Our bodies communicating with each touch / A beck and wine to the palate to improve / I want multiple doses of pleasure / and preferably with you / I long for your mouth to lead me to the rapture of love / I hope that I delicately decipher so that each verse does not leave your mind / Sweet is the taste I want to feel when I feel you / when I feel the pleasure. (Fabiana Lima)

SourcePortal Soteropreta

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