“I do not mix my blood with sh*t”, “(My son) is beautiful and white!”, “”I’m not interested in people that never get to my skin tone”: In northeast, dentist jailed after numerous denouncements of racism



Note from BW of Brazil: So today I’m posting the other headline-making racist incident that I referenced in a previous post. Again, I don’t always post cases of racist incidents but sometimes these stories are worth posting because they demonstrate the absurdities and contradictions of Brazilian-styled racism. You know that peculiar kind in which people don’t admit to be racist even being caught doing things that are clearly racially motivated and they the justifications that such people use to deny the accusation. This case happened a few weeks back, but it’s still new to readers and definitely worth the read. It involves a dentist in the northeastern state of Piauí and a slew of accusations of racist behavior. After getting by without legal problems for a while, when her latest incident of racist behavior made headlines and she learned that the authorities could arrest her, she bounced! The statements this woman made are worthy of a study in whiteness, white supremacy and the manner in which people deny their allegiance to these ideologies all the while making statements that suggest that they clearly see a hierarchy of racial groups. Let’s get to the story before continuing…

The dentist Delzuite Macêdo

Accused of racism against 1-month-old baby, dentist has already been denounced eight times

Delzuite Macêdo is accused of racist practice against a baby of only 1 month. Police say there is no doubt about the crime and that the dentist has already responded to at least eight other reports of racism. Leaked conversations are outrageous. Accused has been a fugitive since case made headlines.

A complaint of racism against the dentist surgeon Delzuíte Ribeiro de Macêdo revealed that the accused already has eight other accusations for the same crime.

The latest Boletim de Occurrence (BO or police report) registered against Delzuíte Macêdo ended up having repercussions in social networks. The denouncer claims that her one-month-old daughter was the target of racist postings by Delzuíte on the internet.

According to the Civil Police of São Raimundo Nonato, a city in Piauí, 500 km from the capital city of Teresina, an investigation was opened to investigate the dentist. The police chief in charge of the case says, however, that there is no doubt about the racist practices of Delzuíte.

“The BO (police report) has been registered and there is no doubt that it is a crime of racism. It struck not only the honor of the victim, but of an entire race. It’s really racism. We are taking the appropriate measures in the case and at least seven other people have already been heard with similar racism accusations. A lawyer has filed a complaint and the OAB (Braziian Lawyer’s Guild) will also take action accordingly. Currently the dentist’s whereabouts are unknown, since she disappeared from the city, but after the conclusion of the investigation it is possible that she will be arrested,” explained chief Cynthia Verena.

Delegada Cynthia Verena que investiga o caso
Cynthia Verena investigated the case and was surprised in the manner in which the dentist showed no remorse

According to Verena, the reaction put forward by Deulzite is surprising due to the absence of regret about the facts. “We were overwhelmed by the fact that she showed no regrets. On the contrary, she has shown great revolt and will continue – as I see it – still practicing offenses.”

In the last report involving the baby of 1 month and the mother of the child, Delzuíte used phrases like “I have already seen that you left the senzala (slave house) but the senzala has not yet left you” [sic]; “My friends ask me if I’ve ever seen how ugly so and so’s little girl’s daughter is, and I just say, ‘I’m not interested in people who will never get to my skin tone’ […] I don’t mix my blood with shit!”

Delzuíte’s Facebook was deleted after the case’s repercussions and the prints were attached to the investigation (see the prints below).

Dentist’s racist comments were retrieved from her WhatsApp messages

Emmanuel de Casto and Thaiane Ribeiro (photo below) are the parents of the 1 month old child. They have revealed that this is not the first time they’ve had problems with the dentist.

“She is unbalanced and has had trouble with my wife for being placed outside an apartment. Last Friday, as we were passing by, when my wife and my one-month old daughter in her arms, she threw a pair of scissors toward the vehicle, luckily we managed to close the car window in time and the scissors stuck to the window. Later on that night she went on Facebook and made these racist posts. We went to the police station and went through a process of racism and attempted murder,” said Emmanuel.

Casal denunciou a dentista após mensagens contra a filha
Couple that denounced the dentist after messages against their child

Emmanuel provided an audio of Delzuíte (listen at the end of the text) in which the dentist argued with the ex-nanny of her son. In the recording, the dentist says, “Shut your mouth you nega sebosa (greasy black/nigger). Go live your life and leave me alone. Send your bill so that we don’t keep owing you, no.”

According to the Civil Police, Delzuíte has been a fugitive since the denunciations became public. However, Emmanuel says the dentist is hiding in Teresnina (PI) in her nephews’ apartment.

Repudiation Note

In an official note, the Regional Council of Dentistry of Piauí (CRO/PI) regrets what happened and informs that does it not corroborate with these attitudes. Read the full text:

The board of the Regional Council of Dentistry of Piauí (CRO-PI) deeply regrets and repudiates the case of racism practiced by a dental professional from São Raimundo Nonato, in the southern region of the state.

The CRO/PI learned through the social networks and the local press of the Inquiry opened by the Municipal Civil Police to investigate about eight complaints against a professional who adopted a discriminatory position against a professional colleague and her daughter.

Racism is a crime provided for in Law No. 7.716, dated January 5, 1989 and should be repudiated by the entire class of dentistry and society in general. The council reinforces that it does not corroborate with racist attitudes and reinforces that no citizen should be discriminated against either by their skin color, nationality, religious, cultural or sexual orientation.”


Note from BW of Brazil: So I’m not gonna waste my time translating everything this woman said through WhatsApp, but I will include a few of her more absurd comments in terms of race.  In her comments, comparing her child to her patient’s daughter, she wrote: “Gui is beautiful and white! One thing I troubled myself with doing in this life: I do not mix my blood with shit!”.

She then goes on to define her ancestry and then make a common slur that Brazilians say about black people: 

“I’m the granddaughter of Mr. João Apolonio …As my grandfather used to say …’When they don’t shit at the entrance, they shit on their way out.'”

And if we have any doubts on how she feels about race, she tells us: “I’m not interested in people that never get to my skin tone. It’s no use coloring her hair if the chromosomes condemn her! ‘Prejudice, yes, I am prejudiced but hugs and kisses to my friends of other colors…”

And if you still aren’t convinced as to how she feels in terms of her racial belonging, she went on to write: “Thank you sir/God, before everything my ex-husband is WHITE WITH GREEN EYES (ALMOST BLUE)…(..)…Costa de Macedo thanks Dad! For this tone, this skin…In this aspect, Fabio & I agreed very much … As he himself said ‘it is not possible to be born more white’…João was not born white, he was born pink and beautiful…”

Let’s just keep these types of comments in mind when a Brazilian tells you that they believe “we are all equal”. This is not to say that all Brazilians agree with the dentist’s comments, but we know that many people DO in fact connect whiteness with a sense of superiority even when they won’t openly state they believe this. I mean, I don’t even post every example of people clearly defining whiteness as superior, but there are enough examples on this blog to show that the values of this dentist are supported by a large percentage of the population. Need a few more examples? See herehere, here and here, for starters. And we won’t even get into the number of areas in Brazilian society in which it is difficult to find non-white persons. Just a few days ago, we presented to latest controversy of an up-and-coming novela (soap opera) produced by Brazil’s top TV network, Rede Globo, in which the series will be based in the state of Bahia, where Afro-Brazilians make up 76% of the population but the new show will present an 87% white cast.

The fact is that, in a society that promotes whiteness as the standard, as the very representation of humanity, it is impossible that the people don’t also harbor such values. The dentist featured in this story simply re-enforces the fact. Where in comments would anyone get the idea that she believes that all Brazilians/people are created equal? But, do want to read something even more astounding that this woman said? Let’s update you on this case first…

Dentist released after 5 days of imprisonment

Dentist accused of racism is released after being imprisoned for 5 days

She was imprisoned in the female prison for five days.

After being imprisoned for five days, Delzuite de Macêdo, a 31-year-old dentist accused of racism against a baby in São Raimundo Nonato, in southern Piauí, was released on Monday.

She was imprisoned in the lodging house of the Union of Education Workers of Piauí (Sinte-PI) in downtown Teresina after her arrest by the police.

The case of Delzuite Ribeiro de Macêdo gained national repercussion after the odontologist wrote racist comments in her social network and was indicted for the same crime with different victims in the city police station.

The dentist’s lawyer, Wisner Ribeiro, described the imprisonment of his client as unjust and stated that there was no crime of racism, but that there was injúria racial (racial injury/slur).

According to the manager of Interior Policing (GPI), delegate Emir Maia, the dentist has already been indicted for the crime and now the investigation will proceed to the Courts, meanwhile she will wait in freedom.

In her testimony to police chief Cynthia Verena Nascimento, Delzuite said that she is not racist and that she is being wronged. According to her, the objective was to target only the victim, who is the mother of the baby, and not the entire black population (see note one).

Before being arrested, when speaking with meionorte.com, Delzuite Ribeiro de Macedo was emphatic in saying that everything was slander and even said that she would request a lawyer at the Regional Council of Dentistry of Piauí (CRO-PI) so that the necessary measures could be taken against defamation and slander against her.

The dentist also said she does not consider herself racist because her boyfriend is “moreno da cor de um chocolate” (a chocolate-brown colored moreno) and said that if she was really racist she would not date a morena person.

Note from BW of Brazil: Once again, in typical Brazilian fashion, we see  a situation in which a person makes a number of outlandish comments, insults people based on beliefs in a racial hierarchy and denies being racist. The icing on the cake is the end when she attempts to justify her claim of not being racist by revealing that her boyfriend “a chocolate-brown colored moreno and that if she were really racist she wouldn’t be dating such a person. Wait a second…Didn’t this same woman previously claim that she doesn’t mix her blood with shit, in reference to another couple? How does this woman go out her way to affirm all of the positive benefits of whiteness, a status she is clearly proud of, but then she is dating a person, by her own words, that would be a member of an inferior racial group?

If we are assume that she isn’t fabricating such a relationship, do we still need to show how ridiculous it is to believe that simply because one dates, marries or has children with another race automatically means said person can’t be racist? Do we need to re-visit the woman’s story of having a black father who was married to her racist white mother? Or  Lia Vainer Schucman’s study of racism in interracial families? Or the now infamous case of the woman caught calling a black goalie a monkey at a futebol game and claiming she isn’t racist because she’s “been with a black guy”? Those were all cases that happened in Brazil. But how about the American case in which a black man posted the racist rants of his biracial child’s white mother who didn’t want her daughter to wear an “ugly black hairstyle” after the father had the child’s hair braided.

Repeat after me: Simply because you are willing to have relations, marry or have children with someone of another race doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t a white supremacist. I mean, how do people seem to always conveniently forget all of the interracial rape that went down during four centuries of slavery? Is anyone gonna be foolish enough to argue that white slave masters saw their black female slaves as equals when they degraded them in every manner imaginable and denied them from being recognized as full human beings? I always wonder where people like this get their sense of logic…

The last thing that caught my attention about this case is the couple whose daughter the dentist insulted. Neither the child’s mother or father are clearly white, but they are both very fair-skinned and for most Brazilians, they might be classified as white, at least in Brazil. But then the dentist went on to emphatically state that she was clearly in higher racial category that the couple because she is white. I question this attitude because Brazil has long ridiculed the infamous US “one drop rule” identifying people as black regardless of having a white or near white appearance. If most Brazilians see the “one drop rule” as absurd (and it is), why is the dentist berating the child and her parents based on racial characteristics unless they in fact value a hierarchy in which there are those who are “truly white” and those who aren’t quite white?

Ahhhh, the race issue in Brazil. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Source: Oito MeiaMeio NortePragmatismo Político


  1. It’s important to remember here, that like other cases involving racist attacks, the problem with denouncing racist incidents in Brazil is the manner in which the crimes are registered. An incident labeled as racism draws stronger penalties in comparison to those that are classified as “racial injury/slur”. Racism is considered an attack on the entire black population whereas a racial injury/slur is considered an offense against only the individual. For more, see here.
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  1. This is disgusting! This creature is a piece of trash! Nothing but a genetic recessive mutant. Her insults mean absolutely nothing considering she is scum! This shows how bold many of these racist pigs truly feel. Thanks hope the black people in Brazil are waking up. There is no such thing as a post-racial society. And anyone that thinks so is living in a fantasy.

  2. My question is why would this couple bring their child to a person like this, for care? racist will be racist. But we are fools for supporting them,by putting money in their pocket. It’s time out for crying about these people, when we can avoid them, and go somewhere else.

  3. I find it quite fascinating that when ever someone is ousted for being prejudice I’ve noticed that he or she always either have black friends or dating a person of color. Just stop it and own up to being a bigot. It will let us narrow the list of who to choice.

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