Employer to her maid: “I’m disgusted by your color and your hair”

Nilza Neves Ribeiro was insulted by her former employer
Nilza Neves Ribeiro was insulted by her former employer

Note from BW of Brazil: Really? But the question is, who is really surprised by this? If you haven’t noted by the endless examples on this blog, Brazil has a problem with African-oriented features. The further one’s distance from an African phenotype, the less likely said person will experience discrimination. The next point that has already been pointed out previously is the moment of discrimination. A person could go through life never having experienced a moment of discrimination and possibly even accepting the long time Brazilian myth of a “racial democracy”…until the moment of discrimination hits them. In this case, the maid apparently hadn’t had any problems with her employer until…”the moment”.

One has to wonder: In a Brazil that continues to continues carry vestiges of the slavery era through maid/boss relationships, how many maids have gone through this type of situation? Let this be a lesson to folks who continue to scream “racism doesn’t exist in Brazil”. Simply because someone hasn’t used a racial slur to express thoughts about someone doesn’t mean they haven’t thought it; it simply means the moment to express that thought hadn’t yet presented itself. 

Employer to maid: “I’m disgusted by your color and your hair”

“I’m disgusted by your color and your hair.” Domestic accuses employer of aggression and racism

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The domestic Nilza Neves Ribeiro, 49, a native of the northeastern state of Bahia, sought the police of Rio Preto (interior of São Paulo state) on Monday, 10, to denounce her boss. According to the police report, by refusing to sign the settlement for her dismissal, she was called names and pushed by the ex-employer. “I am disgusted by your color and your hair,” the woman said to Nilza.

São José do Rio Preto in São Paulo state
São José do Rio Preto in São Paulo state

“I didn’t agree with the value that she wanted to pay. She then grabbed my arm and pushed me saying to get out of her house and then insulted me.” According to her, her employer refused to pay the advance notice and presented the value of R$1,400 in termination pay.

On Tuesday, 11, the domestic was at the Delegacia de Defesa da Mulher (DDM or Precinct of Defense of Women) and confirmed that she intends to continue the process. Separated and a mother of three grown children, Nilza lives in the district of Engenheiro Schmitt and cried remembering the offenses.  “I’ve never experienced that in my life, it was a lot of humiliation.”

She worked for a year and four months in her former boss’s residence, located in a middle-class condo. She asserts that besides cleaning, she made lunch. “I cooked every day. She ate my food all this time and then comes saying something like that?” said the maid.

For her current companion, Nilza was the victim of racism. “I think she could not have spoken like this. She should have thought before offending someone that way,” said the painter Anderlanio Ferreira da Conceição, 28 years.

According to Nilza, bricklayers working on a building next to the residence heard the argument and should be called as witnesses during the investigation. On Tuesday, delegate Dálice Ceron, of the DDM, said the case will be determined to be an injury or slur due to racist insults.

“It’s different from racism. Racism is when a person has some right suppressed because of their color or race, for example,” he explains. Because it is a crime of a private nature, under the Penal Code, it should represent the accused to court to formally continue the case.

Source: Pragmatismo Político

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