‘I was supposed to be dead’, says young man after being shot in the face by Military Police

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pm serc3a1 investigado por atirar no rosto de jovem que engoliu projc3a9til
22 year-old Marcos Fernando de Jesus Ferreira Junior was shot in face by Military Police in Rio
22 year-old Marcos Fernando de Jesus Ferreira Junior was shot in the face by Military Police in Rio

Note from BW of Brazil: It’s a sad  reality in Brazil. If you’re a black male and you’re stopped by Military Police, all you can do is hope for the best as too many stories have shown, the outcome can be tragic. Today’s situation is simply the latest in this history. The young man involved himself understood how it could have turned out. Of course there will be those who will say it was “just an accident”, but the point here would be, anytime one points a loaded weapon in another person’s face, the door has already been opened to tragedy. 

Police will be investigated for shooting a young man in the face; youth swallowed projectile

Police carried weapon that didn’t belong to the corporation and didn’t help the victim

By Francisco Edson Alves

PM será investigado por atirar no rosto de jovem, que engoliu projétil (2)

A man was shot in the face after being stopped by a Military Police (MP) soldier from the 40th BPM (Campo Grande) on Friday in the Vila São João neighborhood of Campo Grande. The  hardware guard Marcos Fernando de Jesus Ferreira Junior, 22, said he was returning on foot with his wife, Karine, 19, on Avenida Dom Sebastião, when he was stopped by a couple of on duty police. According to the victim, the MP, who had not revealed the name, requested his documents.

“I told him I didn’t have documents, without a shirt, but I pointed to the next street, saying that I lived nearby and could get them. Uptight, he didn’t want to hear any of my arguments and told me up against the wall. I heard then a click (the gun cocked). I turned to face him and saw him with a silver revolver. Then I asked, ‘Are you gonna shoot?’. Suddenly, he shot it against my face,” he explained.

The bullet that hit Marcos ended up in his stomach. Further tests will tell whether he’ll need surgery

The bullet entered his left cheek, reaching his tongue and the roof of Marcos’s mouth and he swallowed the bullet. Tests done at the Hospital Municipal Lourenço Jorge, in Barra da Tijuca, found that the bullet wound stopped in his stomach and only new radiographs will determine whether he will have to go through surgery or not to remove it.

‘I was supposed to be dead’

The victim says that, after the shooting, the police reprimanded his colleague: “Damn, what did you do?,” he said. The soldier responded that he “it had been an accidental (shot).” “I was lucid, but shaken, as I was bleeding a lot and didn’t know the extent of the injury. I pleaded that he (the MP) to help me. He didn’t answer me and even pushed me down on the ground. My wife also took a shove and had her clothing torn.”

“A car stopped and took me to the Hospital Estadual Rocha Faria, from where I was transferred to Lourenço Jorge,” lamented Marcos, who believes he is alive by a miracle. “Now (12:30) I was supposed to be dead, and my body, being veiled,” he said, emotionally, next to his daughter, who was one year old on that day.

The MP didn’t accompany the victim to the hospital and went to the 35th DP, where he had the gun, which was not from the corps, seized. The Polícia Civil (Civil Police) didn’t disclose the content of the soldier’s testimony. A representative the MP reported that the police soldier testified in the 2ª Delegacia de Polícia Judiciária Militar (DPJM or 2nd Precinct Judicial Military Police) and that the inquiry was established to investigate the case. The MP didn’t say whether he had been taken off the streets. The 35th DP requested images from the cameras of the region to help in the investigations.

Source: O Dia

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