“I hate blacks but Brazil’s goalie has a chance!”- After racist post, federal official justifies himself: “I have a black wife and several black friends”

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Note from BW of Brazil: Here we go again! You just gotta love the widespread denial on the topic of racism in Brazil. And the justifications for why one cannot possibly be racist are ALWAYS the same! “I can’t be racist because….because my grandmother’s black…because I have black friends…because my wife is black…because I’ve been with a black man…because our black maid is like one of the family”. As these tired excuses are so common and we’ve already dealt with this issue in numerous posts, I won’t even waste time debating this. I mean, his comment says it all: a type of ‘I don’t like blacks, but for that one (successful black, athlete, singer, etc.), I’ll make an exception.’

But I will say, one of the contributing reasons why racist attitudes continue to exist is because when people make such “jokes”, no one steps forward and repudiates the comment thus, in a way, they condone it. I DO wonder how this guy’s ‘black friends’ felt about his post. As this blog has stated in previous posts, the difference in Brazil today is not that racism is new, but rather the reactions and repudiations of so many Afro-Brazilians who stand firm in the face of such sentiments. 

Responsible for racist post against goalkeeper Barbara, of women’s Olympic futebol team, says it ‘was nothing but a joke’

Courtesy of Brasil Post

At left: “I hate blacks but this goalie of Brazil has a chance” – At right, explanation

“Eu odeio preto, mas essa goleira do Brasil tinha chance”, meaning “I hate blacks, but this goalkeeper of Brazil has a chance.”

With this phrase, Marcos Clay, administrator from Rio Branco (capital city of the state of Acre), referred to the goalkeeper of the Brazilian women’s futebol team at the Olympics, Bárbara Micheline do Monte Barbosa, in a post on Facebook last Friday (12).

Football - Women's First Round - Group E Brazil v Sweden
Goalie Bárbara in the a Brazilian women’s National Team game against Sweden on the 8th

Clay, a member of the Federal Council of Administration (CFA), deleted the message, but the G1 website obtained a copy. See the image below left:

Speaking on the same site on Saturday (13), the acriano (native of Acre state) said it was “no more than a joke.”

He made other posts on Facebook clarifying the matter. Clay “argued” that “racism is in people’s heads” and proof that he’s not racist is the fact that he is “married, and very happily married” with a black woman. Look:


Marcos Clay, on Saturday

“Prejudice is the head of weak people! Yesterday I made a joke and had “white people” that were offended! Anyone who knows me knows what I think and how I am! I hate this race so much that I’m married, and very happily married with a beautiful PRETA (BLACK WOMAN) (it’s the nickname that those closest call her), much prettier than our goalkeeper! Therefore, someone who doesn’t know me, should not meddle, as you don’t know who was given the post of President of the CRA, a function that I no longer exercise since December 2014.”


“To close down the subject, I apologize to anyone who was offended, it was an unfortunate post, but I know friends understood it as a joke, unfortunately there are not only friends on my face(book) and whoever doesn’t know me may have gotten the wrong impression!”

Clay tried to explain in an interview with G1:

“It was a bad joke. A joke that, unfortunately, offended some people, but it was not my intention. So much so that my wife is black, everybody knows that. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not racist, I have several friends who are black, I have no problem with that.”

However, it obviously failed.

The counselor, whose post immediately received a barrage of criticism, said, whoever shared his message, gave it a “racist connotation” and has “something against” him.

“The people of today are very uneasy, no one can say anything anymore on social networks that turns into a controversy,” (1) he told the G1 wesbite.

The goalkeeper Bárbara played a prominent role in Saturday’s game. She is responsible for two defenses that assured the women’s team a place in the semifinal – find out more here.

Source: Brasil Post


  1. This comment simply re-affirms that a rising tide of Afro-Brazilians no longer accept such ‘jokes’. And if he knew this, why make such a ‘joke’?
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  1. One question that I have is who are these black women that keep marrying these racist men? I know that for many black women all over the world white is better but I don’t understand how any black woman could marry a racist. Maybe its mental illness. At some point black women are going to have to get smarter.

    • I agree with you. I hate to say it but think a most Black Brazilian women who marry White men are Negro Bed Wenches plain and simple. How as a Black woman could you possibly marry/date someone who hates Black people? I also think most these White men who marry these women only marry them for lust and fetish not becuase they truly love them. I’m more disappointed in the Black woman that is married to this racist asshole than anything. Shame on this woman.

      • You sound stupid. First of all don’t black men marry/date/fuck out at a higher number with non black women?? Secondly, that wife of his ain’t black. Thirdly, considering the out of wedlock rate for black women is at 70% for black women by black males, it seems that only you all are interested in sex with black women and nothing else. Lastly, interracial marriages that are between black women and other races of men are more successful than with black males. So, keep your bullshit bedwench comment to yourself! This racist white Brazilian or whatever he wants to call himself does not represent the majority. He’s no different than you racist black males who uplift all other women besides your own.

      • You bedwenches have got to stop lying to yourselves. First off marriages between black women and non black men are the least likely union of any union in the United States. Only 4% of black women in America have non black husbands and the divorce rate here is much higher than among the 96% of black women with black husbands. Everyday in the news you here stories of black women getting a divorce and splitting from their white husbands.

        I don’t know the stats in Brazil but I would assume that it is worse especially in the South because in cities like Rio and Sao Paulo you will find many single black women with children that they look like they had with white men. We black men are not stupid. We know how to read statistics. Yes you on the bedwench and feminist side have government backing and media backing to fund your lies but soon your house of cards will fall and the truth will come out.

    • When black men are just as racist and make racist remarks the same way against black women who can blame them? Doesn’t make much of a difference when the person you’re married too really doesn’t respect you whether black or white. When black men make it big the last woman they consider is a black woman and black men tolerate the racism from their non black wives too. So black women are doing the same. Can’t criticize one and not the other.

      • Nowhere in this post was a black man mentioned but you are bringing up black men. Look I understand that many black women prefer a man with white skin. This is the case for black women all over the world. Black women due to white supremacist brainwashing are very sick brainwashed and mentally ill. Many think that black brothers are no good. This however is not an excuse to marry a white man that is openly racist. Even if some black men do not treat black women well that doesn’t give you the excuse to marry a racist.

        And what you said about black men is false. In Brazil the majority of black men rich and poor are married to black women(pretas and pardas). The left wing feminist movement in place like Geledes just likes to push the claim that black men want white girls to divide black people. In the media in place like Globo you see black actors and black singers with white girls but this doesn’t represent the majority. If you visit Brasil you will see that the average black man has a black girl dark skin and light skin.

      • I love the debate on this topic but I do wonder what part of Brazil you live in. In SP, it seems (I stress, SEEMS, I am not saying fact) that the majority of black men (pretos and pardos) have women who are white or very near white. I notice the same thing in RJ and people I converse with in places like BH and Porto Alegre tell me the same thing. Of course, people say in the favelas this isn’t true, but what does this tell us. If this is the case, it supports the idea that people who have grown up in better areas or manage to escape poverty choose whiter skin.

      • If you are speaking to a feminist she will tell you a different story than another sister. This feminist will first fuck a white man and have kids. Then when this white men dont want marriage they go to a good brother and then when the brother skip them they want to cry. This same feminist will only seek the best black man and will skip 50 brother on the street. Then when this top black man picks a white girl, she wants to cry and still wont give these poor brothers a chance.

        In the favela you will almost never see a black man with a white girl. Yes outside of the favela more brothers have a white girl but this is not the majority. If you go to a city like Salvador or Recife you can count the number of brothers with a white girl on one hand. The thing is that many feminist sister when they see a black man with any woman that is not dark with a crespo hair, they get angry. For them a black man with a “parda” is like a white girl. For me this is ridiculous because light skin and dark skin is still black. Many black girls use a chapinha to straight their hair and will look white but they are not a white girl. Parda and Preta is Negra.

  2. All of this fake concern from you niggas is pathetic and predictable. You only care about black women when you think a white man is in the picture. I swear most of you are mentally unstable. I mean, you bash black women for going outside of their race but YOU yourself do it at TWICE the rate. Then you refer to us as a bedwench when you all and your history proves that you are obsessed with lighter/whiter skin, probably why your in Brazilian or on a Brazilian woman page, hoping to score your exotical. Smh. Before you refer to all black women as bed wenches or assume most have mental illness, look up the black moors. Tell us how they f*cked themselves out of existence thousands of years ago for white women and tell me who the bed wench truly is. Then, go devise a plan to build an infrastructure for your people, learn how to provide, stop creating fatherless children that you don’t want to take care of, stop killing black women at a 2.5% higher rate than other races and then I may take you seriously. Until then stfu and mind your own business. The only thing black women need to do is stay away from racist white/black males and VET!

    • And part of the reason you see fatherless children, and part of the reason black women get killed at 2.5% the rate of other races, is because they choose psychopathic thugs as mates more then other races.

      And do you know why part of the reason these moors invaded Europe in the first place, is Because Black women slept with a bunch of Arabs, had babies with them, then the Arabs used the mixed offspring as agents to infiltrate inner Africa which allowed Arabs to conquer Africans and brainwash Africans into Islam, which resulted in them invading Europe and sleeping with white women.

      • Many black people are only now beginning to realize these historic facts. People also need to know that one of the reasons Ancient BLACK Egypt fell to Asian/Arab/European domination was amalgamation. It seems black folks never learn from this history!

      • Check your timeline in terms of what the “semitic” people currently called “arabs” are comprised of. 6-800 years in europe – who did those original Moors sleep with and what peoples are the product of that today?

        2. The Arab Slave Trade consisted mainly of African women being sold/traded to Arabs. Who exactly sold/traded those African women? I will suggest it was the same African males who captured and sold the Africans who are now Afro Brazilians, African Americans, Afro Cubans, etc.

  3. Yes those kind of people don’t mind us if we can do something great for their country like Rafaela Silva did in the Judo first Gold for Brazil in RIO 2016 Olympics.


  4. Kudos to all the woke Black Brazilians who remain empowered by taking blatant racism to task each time it happens! 2 or 3 years ago, we would have been reading about how nothing happened in the face of such a racist statement. I am so happy to see the media reporting these events – even when the racist tries to run and hide. I am happy to see that AT LEAST they are being publicly humiliated and forced to try to justify such statements , and that Blacks refuse to accept such justifications. It shows that the country is still moving in the right direction on this issue – however slowly it may be…

  5. On why racist attitudes exist in Brazil and how it is condoned–some Black Brazilians still cling to the notion that white is better! The achievements of Afro-Brazilians during the Olympics is a step forward in shedding the false self-image they were fed.

  6. His wife/friends must feel pretty stupid, but that’s what you get when you don’t thoroughly VET the person you’re dating. That being said, black people dating non-black people, especially whites is like a Jew dating a German. Stockholm syndrome reigns supreme among black folks, it’s a tragedy.

  7. His wife is not even considered black in brazil. Brazillians don’t go by the one drop rule. He is only calling her black to deflect from the criticisms.

  8. All I have to ask is what the hell is going on in that country? Is this 2016? And here we have people wasting time talking about patterns in inter-racial marriage. What is staring you all in the face is that Brazilian Blacks lack political power. Organize to change that and there will be no more racist condescension on ANYONE’S part. Political and economic is what I should have said. Feira Preta is what all Blacks

  9. neanderthals/ albinoids are genetically recessive, inferior in simplest terms. They’re the most destructive race on this planet, there’s no-where on earth they havent destroyed nature, commited genocide worldwide. troglodytes are the most disgusting race that came out of the mountains.
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    • I always suspect that people who write this sort of stuff by Killuminati are “agents provocateurs”. That sort of unscientific nonsense has no place on a forum like this.

  10. Someone said “The Arab Slave Trade consisted mainly of African women being sold/traded to Arabs.” This is crazy and shows how much we need to know about African history. For starters, google the Baghdad Slave revolt. Find out about the Arab slave raids in East Africa which the British had to put an end to. Read up on the castration of African slaves by Arabs.

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