“I don’t want this black to touch me”: Video captures belligerent woman verbally abusing black woman on Rio subway; clip seen 3 million times in two hours

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Note from BW of BrazilWhen I see stories such as the one presented below, a few questions and observations come to mind. One, where does this deep hatred of black people come from? For some five centuries it was the European that attempted to completely dehumanize persons of African descent and not the other way around.

Two, there are still millions of people who can claim that this sort of incident has never happened to them and thus not see the severity of such racist hatred. On this topic, I contend that these sentiments are shared by more people than we imagine, it’s just that many of us have never been in scenarios in which it comes out. Of the thousands of people we may see everyday in the streets, we may never suspect that this sort of attitude lurks in many everyday citizens.

Three, I ask again, as it has been proven time and again in numerous nations, wouldn’t it be better if different groups had their own lands, their own social structures, governments, economies, etc.? In societies such as Brazil, people continue to demonstrate their resentment of the very existence of black people and reject actions to bring more racial equality to the nation. Why continue to force an impossible goal?

Four, we’ve seen this type of aggressive, ugly behavior in a number of other incidents posted on this blog (see here, here and here). These types of incidents should make us all stop and reflect on the type of indoctrination Brazil has subjected its citizens to. It has provoked a severe superiority complex in white people and an inferiority complex in blacks that has only been really acknowledged by the people in recent decades.


Video shows case of racism on the subway: “I don’t want this black to touch me”

The episode that went down in Rio de Janeiro, near the Botafogo station, reverberated on Facebook and had more than 3 million views in a few hours

Courtesy of Último Segundo

“This woman touched me, this woman touched my hand. She’s doing it on purpose,” shouted the attacker, who was responsible for the racist verbal assault.

Users of the Rio subway were outraged with an episode of racism against a black passenger seated in the subway car. The case, recorded last Thursday (29) and released on social networks, happened at around 3 pm and generated many criticisms of the behavior of the offender, who was eventually taken off the subway by security guards at the Botafogo station in the south of Rio.

The video shows a woman standing complaining about being touched by a black woman passenger, the victim of the racist incident. “I don’t want her touching me. I don’t want this preta (black woman) touching me,” shouted the offender. “This woman touched me, this woman touched my hand. She’s doing it on purpose,” he continued.

The passenger continued to offend the black woman, while the other people on the subway car tried to appease the situation and make her stop screaming. In the background, it is possible to hear that some of the passengers called her “racist”; others insisted that she leave the train.

From a certain moment of the video, the aggressor begins to say nonsense sentences. This prompted some web users to believe that the woman might be experiencing a psychotic outbreak – which, in any case, wouldn’t justify the offenses. “Today is my mother’s birthday, and this is not my mother. I’m not related to her!”, the passenger shouted.

In the video, it’s also possible to hear another woman, who was carrying a yellow suitcase, saying she was calling for the assailant’s arrest. According to the Rio newspaper Extra, however, the MetrôRio press office informed the victim that he didn’t register an incident at a police station and continued on her way.

When the train doors opened, the subway guards were called by the other passengers. The person responsible for the episode of racism was removed from the scene to avoid further disorder.

Repercussion of the case of racism

The video of the episode went to Facebook and soon went viral. The person responsible for the posting of the video, Beatriz Andrade, 22, explained that she decided to record what happened because it would be her only way to help.

“I don’t want to encourage hatred, really because the oppressive woman was probably not in her mental faculties, but this is not a justification for mitigating the damage she did,” Beatriz said. The posting on the racism case on the subway received about 67,000 shares and surpassed 3.3 million views by the time this report was published.

Source: Último Segundo

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