How interracial marriages are one of the most glaring symptoms of Brazilian racism

Pagode singer/songwriter Thiaguinho (Thiago André Barbosa) and girlfriend, actress Fernanda Souza
Pagode singer/songwriter Thiaguinho (Thiago André Barbosa) and girlfriend, actress Fernanda Souza

Note from BW of Brazil: Historically, Brazil has always promoted itself as a “racial democracy” where races mixes in harmony without the racial conflict of other multi-racial societies. While it is clear that racism is a strong element in Brazilian society (whether of the blatant or subtle variety), dissecting the relatively high rate of interracial marriage is often used as “proof” that racism is not a problem in Brazil. In reality, the analysis below points out factors that actually show that racism and assumed racial superiority are also a factor in the marriage arena.

According to numbers from the 2010, around 75% of people who define themselves as white are in long-term relationships with other white people. In the case of black men (homens pretos), 26.4% are married to white women, 39.9% are married to black women (pretas) and 32.1% are married to brown women (pardas). In regards to black women (mulheres pretas), 25.5% marry white men (brancos), while 22.9% marry brown men (pardos) and a little more than 50% marry black men. Among persons defining themselves as pardos (brown men and women), about 69% marry other pardos. These numbers can be analyzed in a number of ways. First, the percentage of interracial marriages continues to rise in the country as a whole, with about 31% of all marriages being of the mixed variety. Other interesting facts are that black women are more likely to marry white men (brancos) than brown men (pardos) and that the rate of marriage with whites is 10% higher for black men than for black women.

Social status, social mobility and marriage has been studied within the larger study of race/racism in Brazil for the past 50 years and even outside of academia, everyday Brazilians have pointed out a racial hierarchy in terms of interracial relationships/marriages. This racial hierarchy often places black women (mulheres pretas) at the bottom of the marriage ladder as women in this group spend more of their lives single and are on average older at the time of marriage than members of other demographic groups. It is also a well-known fact that over the past century, there has been an ideology within many black families that encourage their offspring to “whiten” or “improve” the family by marrying persons of lighter/whiter skin. This ideal of embranquecimento (whitening) was actually an acknowledged ideology of white elites in the late 19th century to rid the nation of Afro-Brazilians in the pursuit of a white population. With these facts in mind, one could argue that there is much more going on besides just love when the topic is interracial marriage/relationships.

Below is how one blogger saw it.

Racism, miscegenation and interracial marriages in Brazil (Racismo, miscigenação e casamentos interraciais no Brasil)
by Alex Castro

When I write about racism in Brazil, many readers (in deep denial) argue that we are not racist, citing as evidence our “miscegenation”, our interracial marriages.

A typical email that I get:

Here in the United States, if you are black, you can be famous, rich, which was: When you marry a blonde with blue eyes from Kennebunkport, Maine, NOBODY will think it’s beautiful. In Brazil, if you are black and poor and exactly like Ronaldo Fenômeno (the retired soccer superstar), you are OK. When you become famous and rich (just like Ronaldo), you are OK. If you marry a blonde, her family thinks it’s beautiful! If anyone says that’s a lie, I’m all ears for an explanation. As it is, Brazil is a classist country, placist above all. Now, racism and prejudice exists in the world, it has always existed, it will always exist. There is no place that is 100% racism/prejudice free. But using this as an argument is not seeing the main problem. In the country where Pele dated Xuxa (the whitest woman in Brazil, and according to (singer/songwriter) Chico Buarque, the only white woman) and everyone thought it was beautiful, they say: if Pelé was poor, what would you think? Yeah…

I must really have understood everything wrong. To me, this just proves that, in Brazil, racism is for sale.

Yes, there are many interracial marriages in Brazil, but in most of them (5 in 6 , according to the book Racismo à Brasileira: Uma Nova Perspectiva Sociológica (in English, Race in Another America: The Significance of Skin Color in Brazil) by Edward Telles), the black spouse (in a marriage) has superior socioeconomic status.

The phenomenon has already been studied in other societies as racist as ours, and in English it’s called “status exchange in interracial marriage.”

Basically, according to Telles, individuals of the race considered socially inferior (in our country, blacks) but we are in a position of social, educational or financial superiority, can “exchange” their alleged/perceived “racial inferiority” and “socioeconomic superiority” for the alleged/ perceived “racial superiority” but “socioeconomic inferiority” of poor individuals of the race considered superior (in our country, whites).

The marital data revealed by Telles suggest that, due to structural racism in our society, black spouses would have a perceived status so low in the “marriage market” that he would be obliged to pay a high price for advantageous marriages (“marry up”) with lighter partners. In a way very economically real, his color would have a disadvantage so large it needs many other countervailing benefits (higher education, higher income, etc.) in order to compete on an equal footing.

Actor Darlan Cunha, of "Cidade de Deus"/"Cidade dos Homens" fame with girlfriend Marcelle
Actor Darlan Cunha, of “Cidade de Deus”/”Cidade dos Homens” fame with girlfriend Marcelle

A typical white, Brazilian family, of the lower middle class and incorporating all the racist assumptions of our culture, perhaps chase away with a bullet the black waiter who dared approach their youngest daughter, or the black maid wanting to marry the firstborn whitey. On the other hand, a black doctor, a professional liberal black with a car in the garage and a plasma TV, maybe this was not so bad. Maybe.

Financial security and social mobility may offset the perceived taboo of uniting with someone of the race considered “inferior”.

Brazil is a racist country.

When I say this, many readers feel attacked, as if I had called all Brazilians racists, but one thing does not necessarily have to do with the other. Emphasis on necessarily. Social phenomena described above, for example, is extremely racist, but none of the actors could properly be called a racist.

Nobody is obligated to marry anyone. We cannot walk up to a white girl and wave a finger in her face, accusing her of being racist for having preferred the preto (black) doctor to the pardo (brown) carpenter who she dated before. We cannot walk up to the black doctor and wave a finger in his face accusing him of being racist for having married a poor white woman, instead choosing “a woman of his own color”! None of these people are (necessarily) a racist or is scum, or wrong, or deserve reprimands. Observing individual cases does not solve anything. People are free and marry who they want.

Popular singer Seu Jorge and his woman at the 2005 Troféu Raça Negra (Black Race Awards)
Popular singer Seu Jorge and his woman at the 2005 Troféu Raça Negra (Black Race Awards)

However, when we look at the numbers in general, it is impossible not to see in this matrimonial phenomenon one of the most glaring symptoms of Brazilian racism.

Only the fact that Brazil has many interracial marriages doesn’t prove that the country is not racist. But, on the contrary, the dynamics of marriages prove, once again, the overvaluation of whites and the stigmatization of blacks in our racist culture.

According to Telles, the weakest link in the chain are black women, victims of twofold prejudice: because they are women and because they are black.

As there are more women than men, there already exists a greater statistical probability of the women remaining single more than men.

Brancas (white women) overcome the deficit of white men by marrying pardos (brown men); pardas (brown women) with black men and so on across the spectrum of colors, until, obviously, there is a lack of black men for black women – who literally have no one “below” them.

Or at least that’s what research by sociologist Edward Telles suggests on the dynamics of interracial marriages in Brazil. The number of brancas marrying pardos is much higher than the number of brancos (white men) marrying pardas, and so on.

Popular singer/musician Ed Motta and wife Edna Lopes
Popular singer/musician Ed Motta and wife Edna Lopes

More data extracted from Racismo à Brasileira: Uma Nova Perspectiva Sociológica: White women spend on average 65% of their lives married, compared with 50% of (the lives of) black women, 51% of black men are married to people of other races (brancas and pardas), against only 40% of black women.

In Brazil, because of the perverse sexual and racial hierarchy, who ends up remaining in the marital musical chairs are black women.

Of course, we are not saying that all people want to get married or that marriage is the measure of success of a human being, but only that Telles’ data indicates, once again, that of all the players in the marriage market in Brazil, black women are having fewer options, are marrying less and are spending less time married.

Actress Juliana Alves and boyfriend Guilherme Duarte
Actress Juliana Alves and boyfriend Guilherme Duarte

Brazil likes to think of itself as living in a racial democracy. It loves to beat its chest and cite that our miscegenation and interracial marriages prove that we are not racist.

But even the very dynamics of these interracial marriages only prove how sexist as well as racist the structures of Brazilian society are. It’s always the black who ends up dying sooner, being more imprisoned and earning less. It’s always the women who end up working harder, earning less and suffering more violence.

And when we look at the numbers of interracial marriages in Brazil, whose marriage market happens in a deeply sexist and racist context, black women are the doubly subaltern, who suffer the most.

For everywhere we look, whether for the numbers of interracial marriages, for the racial composition of the college students or the statistics of victims of violence, all the numbers only prove our racism and our sexism.

Some Brazilians like to fool themselves saying:

“If we were really racists we would not be miscigenados (mixed). Racists are the Americans that don’t mix.”

Not true. Racists are both.

In Brazil, the existence of the “mulato” racial category is both a cause and consequence of the ideology of miscegenation/embranquecimento (whitening), and not an automatic result of the mixing of races. Miscegenation by itself, does not create “miscigenados (admixed) or “mestiços (mixed race)” or “mulato” or whatever is the term invented for classifying people who are products of the union of individuals of different races.

In the United States, for most of them that exist, are simply classified as “negros (blacks)” , period. As such, President Obama doesn’t allow me to lie.

There is no contradiction between being a “país mestiço (mixed-race country)” and being a racist country. Both Brazil and the United States are countries deeply mestiço and deeply racist.

The only thing that changes is how each culture chose to call mixed race people: the Americans call “black” whoever has a drop of black blood; Brazilians invented numerous terms for all shades of color.

Racism is the same.

When I published an original version of this text, many years ago, many readers could not comment. After some time, I discovered the reason: To prevent comment spam, the system had a long list of words used by spammers and any comments with some of them were not published.

Suddenly I noted the flaw and went to check the list. There it was: “interracial”. That is, any reader who tried to write a comment with this word (the actual topic of the article!) could not comment.

Spammers use that word a lot in their ads because there are many porn sites about this. And there are many porn sites about this (and entire sections in American sex shops of only interracial porn movies) because this is a recurring and very strong theme in racist American culture.

In other words, the very presence of the word “interracial” on the blacklist would not be a coincidence: in fact, it illustrates the very subject of the article.

According to racist stereotypes in vogue in the United States (and also in Brazil), the black man would always be bestial and sexual, desired and feared, he is well-endowed negão (big, black man or the insatiable negona (explicitly/truly black woman).

Not coincidentally, racist American culture at the same time that it more fetishizes interracial sex than Brazil, it also has much far fewer interracial marriages.

Naturally, the more the black person is fetishized as a sexual object, the less this person is considered a possible spouse.

It is not surprising that all these racist prejudices of Brazilian and American societies make it so that in these countries, black people (especially women) spend more time unmarried and have a harder time getting married.

All data came from this text:

Telles, Edward E. Racismo à Brasileira: uma Nova Perspectiva Sociológica. Rio de Janeiro: Relume Dumará, 2003. [Translation of Race in Another America: The Significance of Skin Color in Brazil. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2004]

One of the best books I’ve ever read about race: basically an overview of numbers, statistics and experiments whose aim is to combat the “anedotism” of discussions on the subject and, above all, to give arguments to those who want to debate or convince the sincerely confused. But, truth be told, it has no data there that an observing person already could not have deducted alone, only by living in Brazil and not being in a state of deep denial.

It is worth remembering that the book is from 2003 and, of course, does not take into account the data of the 2010 census. The situation is always changing, sometimes even for the better.

Finally, the aim of this paper is only to present some original survey data and the findings from Telles on interracial marriage in Brazil. If you have objections to such data, or as to the conclusions that can be drawn from them, I recommend reading the book or getting directly in touch with the author:

[ + ] Larissa Santiago published a series of three articles on the topic in Blogueiras Negras (Black Women Bloggers) – Relações inter raciais: I. Isso não é sobre amor (Interracial relations: I. This is not about love); II. A Negação (The Denial); III. O Desejo Construído (Constructed Desire).

[+] Racismo, a cor da relação (Racism: the color of the relationship). An article by Flávia Duarte published by the Correio Braziliense newspaper about the difficulties that black women face in romantic relationships.

Alex Castro is a straight white male (and feminist, liberal, atheist, practitioner of bdsm (Bondage e Disciplina, Dominação e Submissão or Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission) and polyamor), that is conscious of the privileged place he occupies in our racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, elitist society, tries to use these privileges to better search, reflect and promote agendas such as feminism, social struggles, consumerism, Movimento Negro (black movement), narcissism, slavery and domestic work. Site: and Facebook. 

Source: Folha, Exame, Blogueiras Feministas,

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  1. Almost the same thing is happening here in France: Successful Black men leave their Black girlfriends to marry gold digging white women. Ghetto Black men only want trashy bi-racial or white women. Black women only want to breed with white men in order to have the “most beautiful kids and save the world from racism like in Brazil” SMH. Black men complain about Black women being too materialistic, loud and fake (wig/ weave and bleached skin) while Black women keep complaining about Black men being unfaithful, controling and violent.

    Of course not all Black people think this way, but this is the current trend.

    • Overall that is the trend but it happens be mostly true and its worse in the United State. I have been to France and not as bad as the US where women have mostly turned against Black Men for being criminals, shiftless and lazy.

      Of course these women then procreate with these men who do exist and create out of wedlock children, who then grow up to be hyper masculine, saggy pants wearing, wannabe thugs.

      Just last night on Tommy Sotomayor’s show (found on YouTube Live, UStream and Livestream Tues and Fri) his guess was the woman, not sure if you know who left her children in the car while she attended a Lil Wayne concert. She’s also an “Urban Model” dressing up with almost nothing on, showing her big booty.

      Did I mention she has three children from three different men?

      Sorry but this is the majority of BW out there, while a good half of the so-called educated BW are either unattractive (by anybody’s measure), overweight or entitled.

      The vast majority of BW are single, 80+% of them have children out of wedlock.

      White men don’t want them either (3%), but overwhelmingly Black men and Black women want to marry each other (over 90%).

      Do you see the disconnect?

      For myself, I don’t live in huge black enclaves of the Southeastern US, I live and a native of California and coming from a middle class background, besides my relatives I associate with Blacks selectively. Most BW say I am corny, so what are my choices?

      White women; They don’t think I’m corny, very supportive and come from good families. I don’t date trailer trash White women just as I wouldn’t date ghetto/hood Black women.

      Its fine for Brazilian Black Women to stand up and say “What about us” I guess but as I said before around here, when I move to Brazil, I will find intelligent Black men from America that will marry them since the vast majority want to marry Black women.

      My boy Stephen did just that….

      • I second that. The vast majority of black people in marry other black. In fact compared to other races in America we are rather exclusive. Also as far as BW not marrying as much as BM? Look at the stats for other races….

    • The media has so much distorted the word “RACE” there is but only one human race ethnicity groups should rather be better words of describing Black, White, Brown, Red people.

  2. Have you ever looked at it from the opposite lens? Lighter completion women/men are trying to darken their offspring? You can only successfully date who appeals to you, and darker hue people appeal to ligher just as much as the opposite. Black and White still equals Black.

    • Occasionally I do see Light Skin BW with Darker Skin BM but I think that’s a numbers game more than anything. The vast majority of BP are medium to dark brown, while some are very dark, almost Black usually from Africa and Light skin, almost White and quite a few Biracial Light Skin women could past for White women.

      But as I said BP when they do marry in the States they marry each other more often than not.

      Updated to 2013 (according to Pew Research) about 8-9% of BM are married to White women, while about 5-6% of BW are married to White men. About 4% of BM are married to Asian or Latin Women.

      The BM b*tchin and moaning about BW in the States I will encourage them to come to Brazil to find their bride.

  3. I always think this kind of news difficult and polemical, but I think it is important to reflect. I don’t think we will have a right answer.

    What is the problem of mixing?

    Why is a problem if mixing?

    Would we want to live in a society where everyone marries their same ‘race’?

    Or would we like to live in a place where love could be free?

    If argue that I am being colour blind. Would I?

    People in the poor areas of brazil have been mixing for centuries. We don’t understand this black artist marrying black artist only. White artists marry white artists.

    Who is really being racist? Segregating?

    I have few friends as I who are African descendants. In fact none of us date African descendants. I took the freedom to ask why they thought that.

    They reply to me: the reason they end up dating no black people was it is really rare to meet black people
    In the places we go. They are right. Most of people are whiter or Japanese. So we end up dating no black.

    I always think if it is accurate those discourses.

    I don’t think we will have a truth. We have as well lots of famous black who dates black people.

    • I hardly meet Black People were I go. I have to go out of my way to be in a crowd of Blacks. The things that interest me reflect my background, like I said I grew up middle class while the majority of BP are working poor.

      The focus on Black Men marrying non-Black Women is always a thorny issue in the Black Diaspora. While Black women have been concubines of men of European descent for centuries, I don’t see a bunch of Black men holler’in…

  4. If poverty or financial disadvantage were eliminated, I believe that you would not have interracial marriages as much. People would be content with who they are and marry their own. But, people would not view interracial marriage with curiosity or suspicion either. Is it the sex? Is it the money? Is it really love? Money removes some barriers in communication and brings some understanding. A “mark of poverty” on someone will either cause them to strive to be different or fall into the same traps that kept their parents and grandparents with the same financial disadvantages. If that means marrying someone of means, that is what people will continue to do.

    • Nora,

      Have you ever been in a slum in brazil? The poorer their are the mixed they are.

      Those pics are from artisits and sporty people. Go to the private schools in São Paulo and to the slum in São Paulo.

      You will see the richer less mixed ….the poorer the mixed….

    • Why would you believe that? In America we have 150+ years of economic disparity, a fissure that was never filled. When it started to be filled by the improving economics of BP, it has been widen again by the current economic crisis.

      Yet again according to PEW, rates of interracial marriage continue to up with BW seeing a similar spike in marriages which haven’t been seen since the 1970’s. Its been Black men making dramatic increases in comparison since 1970.

      So that would suggest if you did eliminate economic disadvantages (which would happen in a technologically evolved resource based economy, check out the Zeitgeist Movement) IR might still be on the rise.

      I challenge that notion because its clear that BM aren’t (and men historically do not) marry women for financial reasons. Women on the other hand have historically married “up” to escape poverty.

      There is a bit of a disparity between how many BM are married to BW (39%) compared to how many BW are married to BM (50%).

      Again I say these types of post are showing that BW are alarmist and I wouldn’t be too shocked if BW in Africa were logging the same complaints that too many BM are marrying other women.

      In the UK White women are involved with Black men (married or long term relationship/dating) at a 39% clip, either the papers in the UK aren’t covering this or is it that there’s parity in the UK, IE an non-issue as almost just as many BW are married or involved with WM in the UK, hmmm.

  5. wrong, in rio, when you saw the invasion of the favelas, the higher they went the darker it got…

    this is definitly an over intellectualised, pseudo psycho analysis, smelling of the college campus look at interracial relationships in brazil…and i dont trust it…i dont trust the white guys analysis, i think the gist of this thread is more like america than brazil in terms of psycho sexual bable

    you bet there is racism in brazil, interracial relationships wont cure it, some people might marry to get up in the world, but, the absurdity that anyone can just pscycho analise what millions of couples sre thinking or why and how they got together, is ridiculous, its ridiculous in the states, and its ridiculous to do it in brazil. leave interracial relationships out of political and race issues discusions…interracial relationships have nothing to do with racism and the absence of them will not affect racism one iota

    • Slum in rio and in Salvador is not slum in whole brazil. Brazil is continental….your experience of gaze one slum in a tv or doing tourism ….doesn’t show the reality of brazil as a country. It is like if I take Los Angeles as a representation of whole USA. Man they are very different things.

      • As a person born and raised in the UK. People do complain it just not as loud due to the culture. The British are in denial of their racism and due to there being significantly less black people in comparison.

        We had all the discussions you guys have had in the states over here to light skin v. dark sin etc…

        Remember where did the Anglo-American descend from. Europeans aka white people as a group have a similar mindset = white supremacy. #Fact

        It is an issue, and you are less likely to see BW with a WM than the other way round. FYI BM WW relationships are not necessarily long-term either, but most produce the mixed race child.

        We are just less vocal numbers coupled with many other things…..

      • I am familiar with the issues in the UK, I have been to London actually in the last seven years and remember the riots a few years ago.

        BM/WW fail because of societal pressure and because in all places where Black people are not the dominate population we make less money and have less wealth than the default members of society.

        I think its universal money issues in a modern context will always cause friction in a relationship especially when not on the same page which should have been known before getting married.

        But I also think the woman’s extended family or the man’s family (usually in Anglo countries) also put unneeded pressure on these couples. It doesn’t work, my friend step mother who is White divorced his father and is dating long term another Black man….

        Just saying divorce numbers are high for mixed couples is not always the complete story.

  6. i mean , what is next ? fio dental bikinis on the beach are sexualy exploitive , and makes women sex objects?

    people take statistics and start maiking generalised psycho analysis…psycho analysis is not a hard science…and you need at least some consultations before one makes a diagnosis…not just see statistics and made psycho analysis of millions of people…

    i dont think political agendas have any business in the sex lives of two consenting adults

    • Well…you don’t like to analyse datas…. We live in a world of white westerns patriarchal supremacist discourse. To have this conclusion we must analyse facts, things….

      We are animals social constructed…some tribes in Africa like big saggy boobs….some tribes in pacific like big fat ladies…. Why on earth do you think fio dental bikinis are something sexual to start with?

      As many feminist said….the problem is not only the exploiting of the feminine body but the inequality of exploitation between both genders…..

      Tell me how many old fat ladies had married a hot sexy young man?
      We can tell lots of old fat men married to hot sexy young women….

      These is social constructed…I agree the article is not that great….but a critique to the social constructions are very important….we call it social analysis…

    • Unfortunatelly the government is fully involved in the sex lives of people…in the usa a man or woman pay less taxes while married with kids, abortions are kept legal to reduce or slow down the growth of the AA population, by denying these facts you are being naive.

  7. your psycho bable is exactly the problem…if people start thinking too hard about what could be wrong or right , in some social construct, with fio dentals , their uptight brains are working overtime…these uptight brains wont be able to understand the great need for sensuality in all our lives, and wont admit the women are admiring the men on the beach, just as much…how do you know there arnt an abundance of older women with younger men? I bet, in the relationships, where the woman sustains the man, the men could be better looking..

    This overanalysis of which poc white people sleep with is wrong…it wont affect racism one bit…its bs

  8. That is the problem, that some people, living a long way from Brazil, graduate from college , with all their degrees in social analysis , and activist dogma,and, are going to think they can analise a culture they know nothing about, which may actualy have advanced concepts about sensuality , and what women feel comfortable about wearing…

    Same thing about how their people chose who they want to have sex with…maybe its hard to grasp millions of black women in Brazil can chose to have sex with a white man , and not associete him with the white slave master…they just dont have that filter…now, I dare anyone to say the Brazilian black woman is any less aware of racism around her than black women anywhere

  9. Maybe social analisis sometimes sticker its nose into places it has no business being in….like sex between two consenting adults

  10. I am not saying this was directed at me or anybody else but I am not damming all BW in America and for sure not BW in Brazil or elsewhere in Latin America or Asia.

    There societies while f’ked up and racial intolerant in many cases; the woman have not been co-op’ed into a wider Women’s movement that hasn’t hit their countries yet; and likely will not before it matters to any of us.

    But the facts remain, if BP make up only 13% of the overall population, only 11% and falling where I live in Los Angeles County as many flee the increasing cost of living for cheaper locales like the Southeastern US a sort of reverse “Great Migration”. Especially those seeking to become apart of the upwardly mobile Black Middle Class in places like Atlanta and Charlotte.

    80% of Black women have a child out of wedlock, you can blame hypermasculine BM as equally as low self-esteem BW, both have equal access to each other and similar economic backgrounds; I am not making this up and I wish people would stop saying BW are being driven into the ground by critiques coming from BM.

    Also the article is raising alarm bells I deem unnecessary, BW in Brazil are still 13 basis points ahead of White women in terms of who Black men are marrying. The question should be why BW are on the shelf longer?

    In America that’s easily explained starting with that 80% data point. 60% of those women have a second child with a different man. When you remove the BBW’s from the equation and those who just aren’t that attractive that leaves an extremely small number of BW to pick from, far fewer than BM available to date them.

    This elevates their self-worth and sense of entitlement. These are the same women that complain that BM aren’t measuring up, going to jail at alarming rates and above all are homosexual. They also use the term “Gay” when you disagree with them. Seems Black folk overall (not sure about Brazil) are preoccupied by homosexual behavior and use it as slur to attack those who speak the truth about their “rachet” behavior.

    I find it interesting that some are in-favor of eliminating the “White Race” or at least its social construct though I know many mean it literally, the fact is they are a dwindling population on the world stage as a whole. I would be willing to bet that fewer pure White children are being born in Brazil than children of color. I mean there’s a post on here that explains the extraordinary births by Black women in challenging circumstances. I’m pretty sure even lower class “Whites” aren’t subjected to the same abuses in state run facilities, maybe they are? ]

    Afterall poverty doesn’t pick colors or sides.

    My point is they are being outnumbered by people of color at every turn and by the middle of this century apart of a diminishing elite as well, as they are quite found of marrying each other, which doesn’t encourage bio-diversity and they’ll die sooner anyway.

    As I keep asking why are BW always being alarmist about BM’s marriage habits?

  11. nonsense,

    everything that occurs betweeen humn beings is up for social analysis.

    including sex. stop trying to stifle debate.

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  14. umbeleivable bs , i have to take a bath after reading it…right off, the blog owners statistics are skewed , whites are clumped together but pardos and blacks are seperated, as much race differance there is in brazil that poll is about as valid as the election polls saying clinton would win…no nuance whatsoever…a sham..

    and the horrable article, so much generalisation, stigmatation..

    i sure dont deny racism in brazil or colorisation, self esteem issues…still , to translate that into interracial union as a given , is unbeleivable..there is a gamet of reasons for interracial unions..

    all the social issues, self esteem issues, marying up class issues exist in intra racial dynamics as well….

    of course there are attitudes of the past , but , while elites might have discussed whitening up brazil, while there might have been some pushing for it, i dont see any wide spread proof of a huge campain pursuading people to have interracial unions, one painting doesnt do it…this is a blown out of purportion notion of something that might have existed in wishes and desires of elites, provide actual huge amounts of documents pushing for for this…if there was a huge campain , there has to be huge evidence, not just a painting…

    but , there is a huge amount of ignorance on these discusions of actual interracial unions…people know very little about, have casual or no experiance of intrracial union…its bogus bs

    the notion of trying to eliminate the black race, is just like the white kkk types worried about the diluting of the white race, you all should hold hands and are full of crap…the race realists have their scientific reasons and bs too…all that university learning only produces fact manipulating shams and ridiculous political agendas and psyhc out unprofesional psychoanalysis by true amateurs , from a not hard science anyway, that i woudnt trust as far as i could throw a bus to define my sexuality and interracial union

    anyone who really knows interracial union and children produced , knows a light skin woman can marry a black skinned man and produce a dark skin baby…an interracial couple can produce the range of color of children and some could be dark, and the light skin child , could just as much marry a darker person later and produce dark children…the logic being shilled here is bogus …

    amazing that political agendas reguarding interracial unions and mixed children are built on stigmatizations and stereotypes, what a weak house of cards…

    hey novato blog owner, i wonder how much time in brazil you can add up from your one or two visits a year since 2000? two years? and you think you can take brazilians who fit with what you think like, even if some might be in their own little world , filled with the university haze, bogus statistics skewed to their liking , with bs psycho analasis , and then ingest your own hang ups about too much exposed skin, shaking hips and anti interracial union hangups…

    you address so many important issues, many times on point , but, having this weak pillar in your makeup really makes you the gringo coming down superimposing your hangups and weak bluprint over the black brazilian struggle..

    its not surprising you can find lots of activist groups in brazil to hook up with and pour your poison into…and, activism standing up for the black brazilian woman is very much needed…not poison agendas…

    you should go back to your drawing board and rethink your anti interracial union political stance, and, your hang up about showing too much skin and shaking hips of passistas…it would make your other important messages and unions more powerful

    • You know what. Your comments sound suspiciously equal to those of another guy who was arguing from the very same perspective some time ago. Very trollish behavior.

      I’ve told you before to NEVER make assumptions. Who told you that I don’t live in Brazil? Who told you that I haven’t lived in Brazil for a number of years? Or did you just ASSUME that?

      Also, who said that a painting influenced the black population to marry and procreate outside of their race? There is NOWHERE on this blog where that is written. Which is yet another reason why I can’t take your comments seriously.

      From the comments you make it appears that you know very little about how social engineering works because if you did you would be able to point out numerous examples that promote IRs throughout Brazil.

      Again, I’m not here to argue with someone who believes what he/she wants to believe and will probably NEVER open the mind to see the complexity of the agenda. Social engineering agendas are not always obvious for those who don’t know how to identify them. Much too deep for me to go into with you. I would suggest you do some research on social engineering/intelligence agencies and how they work to manipulate society without the citizens even knowing that it exists.

      I will ask two questions. If you answer correctly, perhaps we can continue this discussion. If you don’t, you will have proven my point.

      1. How did it become fashionable for women to start smoking cigarettes?
      2. Why did Germany lose World War I when they had been winning that war for the first few years?

      Hint: There is the story promoted in mainstream History books and then there is the truth.

      Do you have any idea?

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