How bling is done in Brazil: “Ostentation Funk” videos

Backdi and io G3
Backdi and Bio G3

If you read the previous post “Music to bling to hits Brazil“, you may be interested in seeing some of the videos from which the images in that post were taken. Some of you may like these songs, some of you may think they all sound the same, some of you will like them. Whatever the case, “Ostentation Funk” has exploded in Brazil and there are countless videos of the genre that can be viewed on YouTube. Just to get a taste, below are just a few hits. Just one question: if you turned the sound down on these videos and just watched the images, where would you think they were from? Just curious…


MC Guime – Na Pista Eu Arraso

MC Guime – Plaque de 100 (Clipe Oficial – HD)

MC Nego do Borel – Os Caras do Momento

MC Danado – Daquele Jeito

MC Felipinho part MC Tchesco Baba ele todinho

MC G7 As 4 Coisas

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