Homeless man recalls racist incident captured in photo and shared online

Recyclable material collector Luiz Célio Damásio recalls incident
Recyclable material collector Luiz Célio Damásio recalls incident

Says neo-Nazi aggressor Antônio Donato Baudson Peret was “laughing” during assault

The recyclable material collector Luiz Célio Damásio wants to forget an episode of his life which gained media attention: it was he who appeared in a photo posted on social networks being attacked by self-identified neo-Nazi Antônio Donato Peret. The suspect was arrested on Sunday, April 14, in the city of Americana (in São Paulo state) and is currently being held in the Nelson Hungria Penitentiary in Contagem in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais.

Photo depicting Donato strangling Damásio provoked outrage
Photo depicting Donato strangling Damásio provoked outrage

Beside his woman and his pet, Damásio was wondering through the streets of Belo Horizonte looking for recyclable materials for sustenance. He recalled on the day of the assault saying that he was playing with friends when he was approached by the Peret, who pushed him. Without understanding what was going on, the homeless began argue with him.

“I started arguing with him and by the time I saw him, he already had the chain on my neck, squeezing it and laughing.”

The chain belonged to Damásio, who tried to use it to defend himself but the neo-Nazi was quicker and reversed the situation. Also according to Damasio, Peret only released him when police arrived at the scene and controlled the young man. Asked what he feels about the aggressor, the collector was direct.

“Him there, me here; I don’t hold on to anything (remorse), no, but I don’t want to know any more of this guy.”

Peret and two others involved were arrested and charged with racism and conspiracy.

Source: R7 Notícias

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