Haitian student called ‘monkey’ and assaulted in Foz do Iguaçu; assailants blame suspended President Dilma for his presence in Brazil

em foz fascistas culpam dilma pela presenc3a7a de haitiano e passam a espancc3a1 lo
em foz fascistas culpam dilma pela presenc3a7a de haitiano e passam a espancc3a1 lo
Em Foz, fascistas culpam Dilma pela presença de haitiano e passam a espancá-lo
Haitian immigrant Getho Mondesir was recently assaulted in southern Brazil

Note from BW of Brazil: Let’s be clear about something. Brazilians DON’T like Haitians  and DON’T like Africans! This latest assault on a black immigrant once again demonstrates the anti-black, anti-African sentiments that have plagued the country since its beginnings. Brazil continues to treat its native born black population as if it were an unwanted element but seems to reserve its most brutal treatment for black immigrants who have recently arrived. Last October, we reported the murder of a Haitian immigrant that happened, like today’s incident, happened in southern Brazil. Xenophobia? Of course. But also racism. For as this blog has pointed out in previous posts, persons of African descent are not the only foreigners living in Brazil.

This writer has met a number of European immigrants living in Brazil over the past several years and never have I seen a report of discrimination or an assault on a white immigrant. Interestingly, I also know a number of black Americans who have lived in the country for months of years and never have I heard of such brutal treatment of these foreigners. Of course their status as visitors from the United States, a country of immense influence in Brazil, plays a role in their more pleasant experiences in the country. On the other hand, negative associations and stereotypes clearly influence the experiences of African and Haitian immigrants. Is there any other way to see this phenomenon?

One other thing worthy of notice here is the political situation. Last week, Brazil’s first female president, Dilma Rousseff was suspended during an impeachment process and replaced by her Vice-President, Michel Temer, as the interim president. As Dilma’s PT party has led the country since 2003, over the past several years, there has been a rising conservative element in the country that resents the social programs implemented under the Dilma and (predecessor) Lula da Silva administrations that have improved the lives of millions of black and poor Brazilians who have been largely shut out of the country’s middle and upper classes since its beginnings.

With the explosion of the economy for most of the past 14 years, large numbers of immigrants have come to the country in search of better opportunities. Now, with the political, economic crisis, the voices of opposition who crave the opportunity to put the ‘have nots’ back ‘in their places’, are rising, pointing the finger and supporting what many see as a golpe, or coup d’etat, to return the country back to the vast social divisions that, while still existing, had decreased in the past decade plus. With such developments and reports of assaults and hostility against Haitians, is there any wonder that many Haitian immigrants in Brazil are now packing up and moving on to Chile?

Haitianos Chile
“To escape from the crisis, Haitians trade Brazil for Chile” – Headline from May 8th Folha newspaper headline

In Foz, fascists blame Dilma for the presence of a Haitian immigrant and start to beat him

Group attacks Haitian student in Foz do Iguaçu

By Rafael Gomes

Em Foz, fascistas culpam Dilma pela presença de haitiano e passam a espancá-lo (2)
Haitian immigrant Getho Mondesir after having been assaulted in southern Brazil

Getho Mondesir was a victim of racism and suffered a beating on Saturday morning, in the downtown Foz do Iguaçu, located in the state of Paraná.

At 5:25 a.m., Getho walked to the motorcycle taxi stop.

His plan was to reach the bus station to take the 6am bus bound for Cascavel, where he would spend the weekend with his eight month old son.

The group of attackers was sitting at a table in a bar, on Avenida Brasil, in the city’s downtown.

Macaco (monkey), you’re only here because of Dilma, but now you’ll have to go back,” were the words of the attackers.

Getho didn’t react and despite little knowledge of Portuguese, he tried to start a dialogue with the group. Their reaction was to call him macaco again and again and attack with a series of blows with beer bottles.

Still on the ground, Getho continued being assaulted. Escaping, he ran to a taxi stop, where he was recognized by one of the taxi drivers. The man applied first aid, called the police and Getho was taken to an Emergency Room in the city.

This is the way Getho Mondesir’s weekend plans were interrupted.

The student is 33 years old and is in the third semester of Public Administration and Public Policy at UNILA – Universidade Federal da Integração Latinoamericana (Federal University of Latin American Integration).

Getho arrived from Haiti on May 2, 2013 and in 2015 was awarded by UNILA’s Pro-Haiti program. The program provides scholarships for Haitian immigrants.

Source: Vio Mundo

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  1. in the south of brazil is majority white but the north of brazil is majority black brazil was never a black country thanks to european immigration more than 7 million europeans came to brazil during the 1800s to 1940s ww1 and ww2 many europeans came to southern brazil there are more than 91 million white brazilians out of 200 million most in the south 49% of the brazil population is white 91 million brazilians are white brazil has the largest white population in latin america



    • 49% is less than 51%. 51% is greater than 49%. This means that the majority of the country is not white (this doesn’t change, regardless of where the white people have chosen to concentrate themselves)…

      • brazil has the largest white population in all south america still its not majority in brazil by 2% only 2% thats only almost half brazil has the largest italian population in the world there are more italians in brazil than the united states after italy thanks to italian immigration from 1820 to 1934

  2. @Wayne Gio

    “brazil has the largest white population in all south america still its not majority in brazil by 2% only 2% thats only almost half brazil has the largest italian population in the world there are more italians in brazil than the united states after italy thanks to italian immigration from 1820 to 1934”

    …um….who cares(besides you)? Also, you didn’t get the Michaelangelos and Dolci & Gabanas is Brazil. You just got a bunch of restaurant owners, farmers, and child rapists, so these are hardly the Italians you want to brag about… the United States could only accept a certain amount of organized crime syndicate members in Manhattan before screeming “enough is enough! send them all to Brazil!” 😀

  3. Brazil also has the largest Afro-descendant population outside of Nigeria. Also, there are pink dolphins and beautiful trees in Brazil…um….yeah…

    • brazil does not have the largest black population outside nigeria that is a myth and a lie only created by black supremacist the united states has more black people than brazil look at obama the black president of the usa now brazil never had a black president all the presidents of brazil where white in the usa there is more blacks than brazil do you want proof i;m going to send you the link right now

      thank you european immigration from 1820 to 1935 to brazil if it was not for european immigration brazil would just be like haiti or africa hahahaha but thanks to european immigration from 1820 to 1945 more than 7 million european immigrants immigrated to brazil


      • Sorry dude – I grew up in the USA where every 3rd person in white all over the country. The chicks in this video are all rather basic (kinda like all the chicks in certain parts of Germany look like Giselle Bunchen, but often better.), but I support you in your right to find them hot 🙂

  4. Yes, there is s lot of racism going on in Brazil, but as a not at all racist Brazilian, to read your first sentence almost stopped me from reading a quite good text. Less bias, always, please. I’m not defined by others, majorities or minorities as many other Brazilians. I’m married to a Nigerian man with whom I have a beautiful daughter and I’m my social circle back in my area in SP, racism is a far away fact that ignorant people display out of their irrationality. Therefore, Brazil is huge and all kinds of people are there.

  5. It is interesting seeing Haitians on the other side of this. In America, many look down on African Americans as being lazy and don’t want to work. But African Americans are the reason Haitians could get jobs in America. I don’t like violence and I don’t justify it. But African Americans have been the most accepting of immigrants, even though they have had a negative impact on us. Often these immigrants compete for the same type of jobs, but they often settle for a cheaper wage. This is a concern for us as it is for Brazilians and South Africans. But the difference is, we don’t have black American politicians speaking for us. They feel the color coalition of Latinos, Africans and Caribbeans is more important. And our reaction is always keep the peace. It is pretty obvious that we are one of most peacefulness black people around. Look at what Nigerians do to their immigrants. Same thing. And once they get a foot hold of these jobs, guess what they do? They hire their own. THAT’S RIGHT! This is a lesson that so many other black groups understand that many black Americans refuse to see. It must come a time to protect your own turf! SERIOUSLY!!!

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