‘Guilhermina and Candelário’ is the first cartoon to feature a majority of black characters on Brazilian television


Note from BW of Brazil: Brazil’s media has long had a problem with showing the diversity of its population in the mainstream. And in a society in which skin color, hair texture and other racial characteristics play an important role in the way people will be seen and treated and ultimately influence their success in life, black children have very few reflections in which to identify themselves and thus not internalize negative stereotypes about the group to which they belong. The under-representation of black people can be noted in the ever popular TV novelas (soap operas), the movies, news programs and even the cartoons. But recently, new ground was broken in regards to children’s cartoons as a new series with a cast of black characters was recently released in the nation’s capital city. Judging from the comments of some of the children, it was quite refreshing to see characters that reminded them of themselves. Hopefully, this is not the only series that portrays the black population. After all, decades of invisibility cannot be erased with only one series, but it IS a start. 

Cartoon that appreciates black culture will appear in TV

It deals with one of the first cartoons of its kind with black protagonists on Brazilian television. In honor of Dia das Crianças (Children’s Day), TV Brasil shows four episodes in sequence, at 9:45 am and 1pm

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The siblings Guilhermina and Candelário are laughing and very imaginative. They are black and live on the shores of a beach in their grandparents’ house. They spend the day playing, making discoveries and inventing things. The siblings Guilhermina and Candelário make up a black family, much like millions of Brazilian families, currently underrepresented in the media.


It is one of the first cartoons of its kind with black protagonists to appear on free Brazilian TV.

And starting on the 12th, they will delight the audience with the integration of the programming of Hora da Criança (Children’s Hour) on TV Brasil. In honor of Hora da Criança, four episodes will be shown in sequence, at 9:45 am and 1pm.

As of Tuesday, the 13th, the cartoon will air from Monday to Saturday during Hora da Criança.

Children comment on the debut of Guilhermina e Candelário, a new cartoon on TV Brasil

By Adriana Franzin


Siblings Guilhermina and Candelário are part of a black family, much like millions of Brazilian families, currently underrepresented in the Brazilian media, especially in children’s cartoons. But starting on the 12th, it will be every morning on TV Brasil. The Colombian animation (1) joins the Hora da Criança (Children’s Hour), which airs on Monday to Saturday morning on TV Brasil. Check out the show times.


Friday, 10, in Brasilia, an event the cartoon’s release was held.

Many children attended the showing of the new cartoon
Many children attended the showing of the new cartoon

Children in the audience gave their opinion of the debut of a “different” cartoon because it shows black children on the screen.


“I thought it was cool because it has black characters and Brazilian television has more white people,” opined David da Costa.


“And that means that everyday black society is taking another step,” added Pedro de Souza.


In the video on the release of the Guilhermina e Candelário cartoon in Brasilia, the children share their opinion. The series, of 20 episodes of 12 minutes is a co-production of Señal Colombia with Fosfenos Media.

Guilhermina e Candelário: Meet the characters design

By TV Brasil

In their adventures they are always creating creative solutions to the problems that arise, giving wings to the unlimited child ingenuity. They experience quite ordinary situations to the everyday reality of Brazilian children.

Guilhermina - A menina tem 8 anos

GUILHERMINA – An 8-year old girl, she’s very outgoing, affectionate, and loves to make new friends. For being the darling of her grandfather Faustino, she takes advantage of the situation to create some mischief. She is also very curious and has a fertile imagination. She always asks questions about situations around her. She spends most of her time with her older brother, Candelario, who helps her feel more secure in new situations. She has a big dream: to be the captain of a big ship.

Candelário- É um menino de 8 anos, muito inteligente e criativo

CANDELÁRIO- An 8-year old boy, he’s very intelligent and creative. He has a great sense of humor, which  sometimes makes him a naughty boy that takes advantage because of being the big brother to play pranks on his younger sister, Guillermina. He attends the third grade in school, his favorite subject is math. He dreams of being a great engineer to make big constructions. The little boy is a perfectionist and sometimes gets frustrated by not achieving his goals.


AVÔ FAUSTINO (GRANDPA FAUSTINO) – He is an experienced fisherman of 70 years. Very calm, he is a good storyteller. He usually like to share his exciting marine and coastal experiences with his grandchildren, Guilhermina and Candelario. He’s a great musician and supporter of cultural traditions of his people. He knows the outskirts of the beach like the back of his hand, besides being a great connoisseur of the sea, in which he faced large storms, hurricanes and even sharks. On many occasions he is very permissive with his grandchildren, what costs him placing limits on the desires of the little ones. He always seeks to give advice to his grandchildren, sharing his vast experience of life.


AVÓ FRANCISCA (Grandma Francisa) is a woman of 58 years, full of life, cheerful and affectionate with her grandchildren. She enjoys the tranquility of the beach, the friendship of her neighbors and the company of Grandpa Faustino who respects and supports her decisions. She’s a great cook of typical dishes of the region, and this passion for cooking was passed to her grandson Candelario, who when he has the opportunity to help his grandmother prepare a dish. She is also a great artisan, works with natural fibers, creating hats, baskets and furniture, awakening this taste in her granddaughter Guilhermina. His great passion is taking care of her grandchildren.


AURORA – Nice, observant and thoughtful. Candelario’s classmate. Just like him he is very studious, having much affinity for the social sciences. Her big dream is to become a nurse as an adult. Greatest fears: the beach, animals and typical insects of the region where she lives.


CAMILO – Restless and mischievous. For being too stubborn, he is learning to deal with the consequences of his actions. She has a little dog, Luna, that he considers a family member. He dreams of being a great carpenter like his father, Ismael. In his spare time, he likes to play with his friends, Guilhermina and Candelario.


ISMAEL – Father of Aurora and Camilo, he is passionate about his work – carpentry, an art he inherited from his family. Ismael is a demanding father, so his relationship with his kids is reserved. By working from home, he likes to share his free time with his family. His greatest dream is to see them grow up happy and keep the family together.


ROSITA – Very hardworking, kind and caring; a devoted mother who worries about her children, Aurora and Camilo. For her, the beach is the ideal place to raise children. In her free time, she is dedicated to gardening. She has a good relationship with Grandma Francisca, that welcomes her with great affection.


LUNA – An affectionate and playful puppy. An inseparable friend of Camille. Always in search of new adventures, seeks to hide bones in neighborhood gardens and running after beach animals.

Source: EBC, Revista Forum


  1. Intriguing how the program is yet another foreign production. While TV Brasil should be given credit for adding the cartoon to its programming, it continues a pattern on Brazilian television. Most TV programs that Brazilians see that feature a majority black cast are foreign productions, the vast majority coming from the United States. For examples, see here and here.
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