Imperial Klans of America Brasil: Group inspired by KKK hang posters threatening blacks, Communists, gays and Muslims in the city of Niterói in Rio de Janeiro state

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Note from BW of Brazil: In reference to a phrase uttered by a Brazilian woman about a week ago, are you sure Brazilians aren’t like this? In past posts, we’ve covered a number of acts of vandalism, racist graffiti and attacks on the black community on the part of neo-Nazi and Skinhead groups in the past years. It’s actually quite intriguing considering Brazil’s carefully developed image of itself as a country free of racism where all races freely mix in one huge stew of ‘racial democracy’. Such manifestations shouldn’t be ignored but rather force the society to hold a mirror up to itself. It should also serve as more evidence to those who believe that, in Brazil, there is only a sort of subtle type of racism. Researchers have shown that these sorts of displays and groups that support the messages have grown exponentially in recent years. But here, we must also introduce something that some might consider to be conspiratorial in nature.

Fine, so be it, but here goes…

Would it be outrageous to also point out the possibility that this whole thing is staged or set up by certain intelligence groups or even well-funded would be ‘revolutionaries’ whose sole purpose is to actually create and promote havoc, conflict and social unrest? Anyone who has followed certain world news grabbing events over the past several years and seen through the fraud would be quick to see the possibility. I won’t get too deep into this, but consider the string of so-called ‘lone gunmen’ nuts supposedly shooting up certain cities in the United States. Consider the so-called ‘uprisings’ in the past few years in numerous countries, one of which was Brazil in 2013. Ask yourself, what was the outcome of the whole ‘Brazilians have waken up’ protests two years ago? The protests dried up almost as quickly as they arose and state governments in several Brazilian states eventually hiked the price of public transportation more than the initial hikes that set off the protests. Coincidence, right?

Now this isn’t deny the possibility of KKK-inspired groups in Brazil. Of course it could be. I think we’ve proved beyond a shadow of doubt how Brazilians tend to think about black people. But we must also think outside of the box and look toward the less obvious theories. It this turns out to be the case, remember you read it here first! With that said, the story…

Posters by group inspired by the Ku Klux Klan threaten homosexuals and Muslims in Niterói

Messages of racial, religious and sexual intolerance were glued in Caminho Niemeyer square in the city’s downtown

By Gabriel Cariello

On the poster, Rodrigo Mondego commented:

Note from BW of Brazil: In the photo above, commenting on the poster, Rodrigo Mondego wrote: “The ultra-right, Nazism and Fascism are growing in a vertiginous way in Brazil. The discourse of hate preached daily on the part of the media and on the pages of Facebook such as Revoltados Online are starting to show their effects. It’s disturbing and we must act as soon as possible….”

In Praça Juscelino Kubitschek (Juscelino Kubitschek Square), located on Caminho Niemeyer, located in downtown Niterói, the sun rose on Saturday the 19th with messages of racial, religious and sexual intolerance pasted onto its posts. The posters, that made threats to Muslims, homosexuals and Jews, among other groups, were signed by an organization that is called “Imperial Klans of America Brasil”. Together, they are illustrations of members of the Ku Klux Klan, the US organization known for discourses of racial supremacy.

“Communist, gay, Jewish, Muslim, black, anti-facists, drug dealer, pedophile, anarchist. We are watching you,” said one of the posters.

“The posters appeared in the square on Saturday morning. It’s not known whether they were glued on Friday night or on that very Saturday. The location is very close to the Plaza Shopping and the ferry station. It belongs to the Caminho Niemeyer,” explains lawyer Rodrigo Mondego, of the Commission on Human Rights of the OAB (Brazilian Bar Association), who posted one of the pictures on Facebook.

In another message, the group says it has “operado nas sombras” (operated in the shadows) and signs like “Soldados e Cavaleiros Invisíveis United Klans of America Brazil” (Invisible Soldiers and Knights United Klans of America Brazil):

“You are being put on notice and that any act of aggression on Brazilian soil will be met with aggression against you. United Klans of America Brasil will not buy this racial rhetoric that is being spread all over the country intending to divide the people. We will hunt down anyone who wishes bad things for our country and its citizens. We have operated in the shadows more than you, so do not underestimate what you do not understand. We would suggest that all white brothers unite against the common enemy. And that we all take an oath to defend (sic).”

In recent years, other manifestations of intolerance occurred in Niterói. In the 2013 Carnavan a neo-Nazi group was arrested after assaulting a northeastern downtown, near the boat station. The site is a few meters from Praça Juscelino Kubitschek. In 2014, the headquarters of Grupo Diversidade Niterói (GDN or Diversity Group of Niterói), which campaigns against homophobia, was attacked. At the time, swastikas were painted on the wall.

One cannot assign every episode to the same group, but with the internet, we notice an increase in these demonstrations. Some graffiti is appearing, principally in the north zone. This demonstrates a greater organization of this group, as a cell,” says Renato Almada, former deputy secretary of Direitos Difusos de Niterói and now aide to Congressman Wadih Damous (PT).

Source: Vio Mundo

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    • This is the silliest comment I’ve seen today… As if people can’t talk about both… Not talking about it is part of the reason why racism is so ingrained and widespread… smh

    • We’re not gonna just stop talking about racism in Brazil. It’s an issue that still needs to be resolved. We’re not going to ignore it!

  1. This has to be fake. Shame on you the writer of this blog. Check the facts first. The guy in the draw, a politician named Jair . He maybe a racist, but there’s no proof nor demonstrations coming from him. Just to let you know. I think the blacks in Brazil will never succeed and gain ‘power’ because of shit like that. There are plenty of real cases of racism to display , no need to make up …

  2. Im ashamed once again and disgusted by this blog. It’s not empowerment. This PT party is destroying the country..

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