“Go back to your slave quarters!”: Woman arrested after racist act in supermarket in the South Zone of Rio

mulher c3a9 presa suspeita de injc3baria racial em supermercado do rio de janeiro
mulher c3a9 presa suspeita de injc3baria racial em supermercado do rio de janeiro
Mulher é presa suspeita de injúria racial em supermercado do Rio de Janeiro
Maria Francisca Alves de Souza, 58, was accused of a racial slur in a Rio supermarket

Note from BW of Brazil: Nothing really profound to report here. Just another example of everyday Brazil where ‘racism doesn’t exist’ or where people admit that it exists but rarely admit to harboring such sentiments. Of course, people will never confess to racist feelings even caught in the act. But in this case, one has to ask, how does this woman not think that telling someone to ‘go back to the slave quarters’ in a country with a 350 year history of slavery is not racist? Especially when Brazilian society continues to associate Afro-Brazilians to having so many negative attributes. Lady, just admit what you did! Brazil teaches its citizens to think this way!

Woman arrested after racist act in supermarket in Rio’s South Zone

Courtesy of Jornal do Brasil

A woman, 58, was arrested on Saturday night (28) for na injúria racial (racial injury/ slur) against the manager of a supermarket in Leblon, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, on Rua Dias Ferreira. Witnesses reported that she insulted the employee with racista words, like “Volta para sua senzala” (Go back to your slave quarters) and “quilombo” (fugitive slave/maroon society). The attitude came about after the employee refused to get a product for her, while she was waiting in the checkout line.

Mulher é presa suspeita de injúria racial em supermercado do Rio de Janeiro.witness
Witnesses confirm hearing woman telling employee to go back to the ‘slave quarters’ and the ‘quilombo’

The employee called the police. The woman also tried to defend herself by saying that “quilombo” and “senzala” were exaltations for  blacks.

Those presente chanted cries of “racista” (racista) until Leblon’s Battalion officers arrived on the scene. Those involved and other witnesses testified.

The Civil Police classified the crime as injúria racial and arrested the aggressor. The crime is unbailable, but she did not pay and was taken to the penitentiary complex of Bangu in Rio’s West zone, on Sunday morning (29). The hearing in Court takes place on Monday (30). The perpetrator has a criminal record for libel.

Complaints of actions or behaviors that show racial prejudice or discrimination in Rio can be made made by phone (21) 2334-5587/5577/5553/5591, or at ouvidoria@social.rj.gov.br email.

Source: Jornal do Brasil

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  1. I was shocked by the rampant and blatant discrimination against blacks in Brazil. Discovering your website has been interesting, as a Nigerian-British (full Nigerian) citizen, I assumed since South-America is a “brown” or people of colour continent that it would better for blacks. America is often said to be the most racist country in the world : people acknowledge it and attempt to fight it but seem like in Brazil they deny racism even exists.
    White Supremacy is world wide system, even in Africa, White people are the top of the “ladder” while blacks are at the bottom.
    In Nigeria, White expatriates are often chosen for jobs that equally qualified Nigerians can do because of the belief that ‘the Whiteman’s ice is colder’ and overpaid (expat salaries are ridiculously high.)
    I don’t how we can improve the state of African diaspora.

    • I am happy to see that an arrest was made in this woman’s case. Each time it happens, it helps Brazilians to define “what racism is” since many of the white ones don’t seem to know!

      @Wulfharder – also some interesting commentary on Nigeria and the African diaspora. I would say that they first thing we can do to improve our lots in life is to stop overvaluing white people. Just as Brazilians are waking up to their Blackness, I had to go through a process of waking up to how much I unconsciously valued white people. In going through this process, I realized that: 1) they lack spiritual connection to living things and often have to ransack the spiritual practices of black, brown, red, and yellow people to even be able to have a connection to God/dess and “all that is” 2) they are deeply insecure as a bunch and will never feel that they have enough 3) they are generally unhappy people. We should not let the masks they wear for society fool us. EVERY white person that I have ever known has a lot of dark secrets and skeletons in the closet that they don’t dare look at. 4) Because they are so spiritually weak and fragile, they break very easily. That’s why so many white folks kill themselves or overdose on drugs when they feel that life is difficult, rather than going to church or discussing it with friends. 5) In general, they lack empathy – even for other white people. When you go to white dominated spaces, you see a bunch of frowning, cold people who are afraid to touch each other, smile, or make direct eye contact! 6) They are always late to “discover” things (but they will always give themselves credit). 7) All storylines in tv shows and movies that feature white people are all the same. 8) They are emotionally cut off and would rather disown a child than accept them if they are different in the eyes of white society. 9) They cannot naturally communicate at a deep level, due to their natural lack of empathy and spirituality.

      It is important that Black and Brown people remember who we are and see with conscious eyes who they are (not just the fairytales they show us on tv). I do not hate them, but my eyes are wide open to how broken and lost they are without us.

    • Wulfhoarder,

      Although there are brown and black folks in South America, many of the countries in the region were colonized by white Europeans, who maintain economic, social, and political control.

      The legacy of racism against indigenous and black peoples continues to this day. In most of Latin America, whites are on the top of social and economic hierarchy. Racism and colorism play a large part of social dynamics in horrible ways.

  2. what a shame racist should be banned we are all equal in the eyes of god racism is not good we need to come together and prevent these things from happening in our society

  3. I wonder what really happened with this woman afterwards. She refused to pay bail and was conducted to Bangu, from all places. It’s simply unheard of that a “rich” middle aged white woman had this treatment. I would think the police would not even have the courage to give her equal treatment and throw her in a dirty cell with criminals – something they would not even blink in doing with a black woman. My bet is that she cried her ass when got there and was released with a “don’t do this anymore ‘k?” I hope to be wrong, of course.

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