Girl who waited 8 hours for surgery after being shot in head by stray bullet dies and is buried in Rio

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Adrielly Vieira dos Santos
Following up on our story from December 27th, Adrielly dos Santos Vieira, who was hit by a stray bullet and went several hours without care because the neurosurgeon on call did not report to work, has died. The 10-year old girl was shot in the head on Christmas Eve.

10-year old Adrielly dos Santos Vieira died last Friday afternoon, January 4th, at the Municipal Souza Aguiar in downtown Rio. The information was confirmed by the Municipal Secretary of Health.

After having been shot in the head on Christman Eve, Adrielly Vieira dos Santos had been in serious condition in the ICU of the Municipal Souza Aguiar Hospital, downtown after being transferred from Salgado Filho, in Méier, where she waited eight hours for surgery.

The neurosurgeon Adão Crespo Gonçalves, who was supposed to have been on duty at the time, did not show up for work. Gonçalves claimed that he had terminated his employment at the hospital which is why he didn’t report to work on the night in question. Adrielly had been confirmed brain dead on Sunday (30).
Adrielly’s body is layed to rest
Adrielly’s mother passes out before reaching the burial of her daughter and is supported by friends and family

The body of 10-year old girl Adrielly dos Santos Vieira was buried on Saturday afternoon in the Inhaúma cemetery of Rio’s north zone. In a state of shock, her mother, Adriana Santos, passed out at the wake, in Capela Santa Cássia (Santa Cássia Chapel), and could not attend the funeral. About 60 people attended the ceremony, among them family and friends. Very emotional, the girl’s father, Marco Antônio Vieira, fainted a few times during the burial and was supported by friends. He blamed public authorities, the hospital administration and neurosurgeon Adam Orlando Crespo Guimarães. Adrielly died eleven days later.

“I know the feeling of the doctor today, knowing that he ended the joy of a child and destroyed the lives of our family”, vented the father, who said he will fight so that he doctor and the state are punished.

The victim’s cousin, Anderson Silva, says he hopes Adrielly’s case doesn’t happen again with other families. “Adrielly was a cheerful and communicative child. The authorities need to find a way so that this problem (of a stray bullet) does not repeat itself”, said Silva.

Members of the movement “Rio de Paz (Peace River)” made a peaceful protest during the burial, raising three plates of cardboard, about a meter each, representing the stray bullets that hit three victims in December. Other movements, such as “Gabriela, Sou da Paz (I Am Peace)” and the families of the victims of the school tragedy in Realengo (in Rio in April 2011), also attended the funeral to stand in solidarity with the family.

“We have many weapons in the state of Rio. It’s an act of monstrosity feeding this trade through the trafficking of ammunition,” said Antônio Carlos Costa, founder of Rio de Paz, reiterating the responsibility of public authorities:

“The state erred twice: not providing security for a child, and not providing adequate medical care for her. We from the movement expect that authorities understand that it behooves them to give full support to this family.”

The funeral, expected to start at 2pm, was delayed a few hours due to the delay in releasing the body from the Instituto Médico-Legal (Medical-Legal Institute or IML).

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