Garbage collector killed after police mistake his Bible for a gun

 Antônio Marcos dos Santos was killed for carrying a bible
Antônio Marcos dos Santos was shot in the neck by a chief of the Polícia Militar (PM or Military Police). The PM chief mistook the bible that the worker was carrying for a gun in his pocket.

A 42-year-old garbage collector died late on Wednesday (26) after being shot in the neck by the Military Police. According to information from the Polícia Civil (Civil Police), the garbage collector was walking down Felix Fagundes street in Avaré (state of São Paulo), when he was approached by Military Police.

Upon approach, he raised his arms, demonstrating that he was not armed. The chief of the PM, however, had seen a bible in the man’s pocket, and mistook for a gun and shot the man. The public employee was shot in the neck. He was then taken by the police to the emergency room in the city, but didn’t survive and died the same night.

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José Valdecir Corrêa, brother of victim
The garbage man was buried in the Municipal Cemetery of Avaré at 9am this Friday (28). The chief of the Military Police was arrested and sent to Romão Gomes military prison, in São Paulo, where he will remain until the conclusion of investigations.

After MP chief mistook a bible with a gun and killed the garbage collector, his brother seeks justice. The family of Antônio Marcos dos Santos is outraged. José Valdecir Corrêa, brother of the garbage collector, requested or measures to be taken. “We want whoever is responsible for the death of my brother to pay for what he did. We want justice,” he said.

“My brother never did anything wrong. He went to work every day at 4:30 and returned at lunchtime. When he could, he would always go to church,” the brother explained during the funeral, on Thursday.

Source: Pragmatismo Político
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