Futebol team in Bahia releases a “black Wonder Woman” mascot in the midst of racial controversies on the soccer pitch

Bahia lança mascote negra, a Lindona da Bahêa, para fortalecer a luta contra o racismo no futebol


Note from BW of Brazil: With the debate over racism consistently in the media as of late, the futebol team in Bahia recently attempted to address the issue in a creative way, indirectly making a statement on the consistent controversies on the futebol field, both in Brazil and around the world. And in a state like Bahia, which is recognized as having one of the largest Afro-Brazilian populations, but also where white supremacy remains very strong, the statement goes beyond the futebol field. 

Bahia launches black mascot launches, Lindona of Bahêa to strengthen the fight against racism in futebol

Courtesy of Brasil Post

Bahia launched on Friday (August 29), their new mascot, which will accompany Super-Homen (Superman), the traditional character that symbolizes the soteropolitano (1) club. She represents a black Mulher-Maravilha (Wonder Woman), dubbed the Lindona da Bahêa.

Created by the artist Nei Costa, the “mascot” will, according to Priscila Andrade Ulbrich, marketing manager of the club, strengthen the fight against racism in futebol, which again came to the fore with the incident at the Grêmio Arena in August.

“The mascot was already ready, but we expected to launch it at an opportune moment. We think this was the moment. Just as we have (done) other things, we need to know the best time to have the quickest return. In spite of being a sad fact, we believe that actions like these can contribute in some way,” said Priscilla to GloboEsporte.com.

Check out the official note from Bahia about the launch of “Lindona da Bahêa”:

“In times of (unfortunately still) fighting against racism, the Esquadrão (Squadron) launches its official “mascot”. Nicknamed Lindona da Bahêa, Wonder Woman, the traditional partner of the tricolor Superman, brought to life in the strokes of the artist Nei Costa. Salvador is the city with the most blacks outside of África. And we’re proud of it. Let’s go Bahêa, My People!”


1. The term soteropolitano refers to a person born in Bahia’s capital city of Salvador.

Source: Brasil Post

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