Funk singer Mr. Catra dons a wig and women’s clothing for Mother’s Day promotional ad

Famed funk singer Mr. Catra appears in Mother's Day promotion photos dressed in women's clothing.
Famed funk singer Mr. Catra appears in Mother’s Day promotion photos dressed in women’s clothing.

Note from BW of Brazil: HA HA HA! Of course there will those who think this is cute and others who’ll get a laugh and still others who think this is all in fun, but this this promotion featuring a very masculine-looking, dark skinned black man reminds me of a question American comedian Dave Chappelle asked a few years ago: why is that at some time in their career a black man (entertainer) must put on a dress? Following this trend over the past decade or so, it’s far more prevalent among American black male entertainers, but as of late, the trend has been on the rise in Brazil, as we showed in a previous post. Keep your eye on this – there’s always more going on or something a little deeper than it appears! Rest assured, Chappelle isn’t the only one who sees it that way!

Comedian Dave Chappelle on black men wearing dresses

Catra, is that really you? Funkeiro turns into woman in photo session

Courtesy of R7, with contribution from Jonathan Pereirado


Mr. Catra is the star of a Dia das Mães (Mother’s Day) campaign of a department store

Yes, you can believe it. It’s Mr.Catra in these pictures. The funkeiro turned into a woman for the special Mother’s Day campaign of the Casa & Video department store.

Mr. Catra and one of his women
Mr. Catra and one of his women

The funkeiro said he was happy to see the results of the campaign and didn’t mind being laughed at by his partners.

“I loved participating in this work, it’s always very funny. I know I’m gonna get clowned by my partners, only that, besides the cascalho (loot) that came in, it was an honor to a be what I love most in this world: the woman!”

In the promotion, Mr. Catra also becomes a child. The father of 30 children, he does not know where he’ll hide after the advertisement airs.

Catra also appears as a child in the promotional shots
Catra also appears as a child in the promotional shots

“It was not very comfortable being a woman, I would much rather take care of them. But I wish from the heart that Mother’s Day comes with a lot of love. I had two mothers, I had doubled love and it makes me really miss them,” he said.

The funkeiro, known for his frightening, booming voice, also became famous because of his unconventional family: there are 30 children and three women in his family.

Source: R7, Ego

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