Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts

Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts

Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts

Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts
Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts

Funk feud, Re match: Tensions escalate as singers Ludmilla and Anitta continue their beef; Ludmilla again insulted with racist taunts, black Brazilians come to her defense

By Marques Travae with information courtesy of Metropoles, Catraca Livre, Rolling Stone Brasil, Meia Hora and Jovem Pan

When I reported on a “funk feud” between singers Ludmilla and Anitta some time ago, I didn’t imagine I would be reporting on a round two. But here we go again and, whereas I could see how the first beef escalated over a legitimate claim, mainly that Anitta had claimed songwriting credits on a song she didn’t compose, this ish right here is pretty petty. Again, if we are to believe how everything went down, once again, Anitta is the one provoking the situation.

This latest feud between Anitta and Ludmilla started in a video of more than 10 minutes published on IGTV. Ludmilla again referred to the dispute involving the composition of the song “Onda Diferente”, written by her and recorded with Anitta and American rapper Snoop Dogg in 2019.

The video shows the recording of the screen with conversations between the artists during last year’s Rock in Rio concert. Ludmilla celebrated the fact that the song was included on singer Ivete Sangalo’s set list, but complained to Anitta about the fact that fans of the ‘Poderosa’ (Anitta) were accusing her of not citing her as a co-writer. In the video she also shows contradictory conversations with Anitta on various subjects involving Ludmilla’s name.

Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts
Funk feud Re Match

Ludmilla exposes reason for latest beef with Anitta and web raises controversy

The beef between the singers didn’t just start with this latest feud, as we saw in a previous report, but the friction took another turn on June 11, when Anitta commented about Ludmilla on the program “Anitta Dentro da Casinha”, revolting her ex-friend who decided to expose, the very next day, one of the reasons for the bickering between them. On Twitter, Ludmilla’s revelations sparked controversy and placed the beef among the most talked about subjects of the day.

On her program, Anitta made fun of comments about her love life, joked about her relationships and when remembering her affair with dancer Ohana Lefundes, she brought up Ludmilla.

“Ohana? Of course she would be pushing up on a woman too, right? She got the dancer, it must have been to imitate Ludmilla,” said Anitta, referring to Ludmilla having married her dancer, Brunna Gonçalves.

Brunna Gonçalves Ludmilla Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts
Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts

Upon learning of the comment, Ludmilla used the stories function on her Instagram to say she was tired of seeing Anitta talking about her.

“For you who are calling me crazy, thinking that I’m freaking out for nothing… guys, things have been going on for a long time, I’ve been stuck for a long time! Then now to go crazy on the internet, as if nothing had happened?!,” she said clearly irritated.

Ludmilla then placed an audio in stories that she sent to Anitta: “Don’t make me an idiot! All this time, Anitta, you were saying something that was an absurd lie, an extreme lie, and I wasn’t against you! I said: ‘Yeah, that’s right, ok’. Because I know about your ego, I know that you like to be fed with it, because I didn’t want any trouble, I didn’t want a fight anymore, I didn’t want any turmoil. I know my value… ”.

“There’s so much, guys… this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just so you can see that I’m not crazy, okay?! That’s why I don’t want anyone to mention my name,” she said and then wrote on the screen: “She (Anitta) does me a lot of harm, you have no idea. I just want distance”. She further declared, “One day I will be able to speak the whole truth, the mask that will fall before the BANG BANG society.”

As I see it, basically, Ludmilla is telling Anitta to keep her name out out of her mouth.

In the following stories, Ludmilla reposted excerpts from “Anitta Dentro da Casinha” and from a live chat made by Anitta in which the singer said that if she reached 100 thousand in donations, she would talk more about her fight with Ludmilla.

“Don’t put me in your antics anymore, because I’m already been tired of you for a long time. Enough of remaining silent,” wrote Ludmilla, who then explained one of the reasons why he fights with Anitta.

The singer published an audio by Anitta, in which she said that Ludmilla’s song, “Malokera”, was played in a fashion show by Rihanna’s lingerie brand at the end of last year, thanks to the help of a friend of hers. “When her girlfriend tweeted that ‘this is taking funk to the world’, etc., whoever put her song there, at Rihanna’s event, was a friend of mine. I talk to him every day. The reason why there are so many gringos and artists interested in funk… the remixes that they did with (MC Fioti song) ‘Bumbum Tam Tam’, was because I spent four years of my life traveling, failing to make money, while everyone was in Brazil doing shows, or enjoying life, taking time off and vacation… all this time I was traveling to get people to know funk,” claimed Anitta.

Ludmilla then posted a printout of Anitta’s response to an Internet user on Instagram. “When are you going to explain that story about telling Ludmilla that her music played at Rihanna’s show because you asked DJ Pedro Cavalieri?,” asked the user of the social network. “Hey sweetie. I never said that to anyone and I don’t know this DJ, but I wish everyone success, including his fake Instagram profile. Kisses of Light,” replied Anitta, according to the print.

So far, Anitta has not commented on the case, but amid the controversy announced in her stories, the release of a new song on the 26th.

On the internet, the fight between the two generated controversy about sorority. Some accusing Anitta for acting without empathy for Ludmilla and vice versa.

In the comments on the latest dust up between the two, some fans weighed in on who they thought was a better artist, while another commented that the success of one doesn’t annul the success of the other. According to this opinion, both having come from poor origins, and making it to the top, they should both be celebrated.

Still others lamented the beef, the competition and lack of sisterhood between the two, with one questioning the fans throwing out verbal insults and offenses.

Two other comments read as follows:

Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts
Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts

“Anitta believes a black woman can’t take funk to the world? Ego and arrogance is what this girl is not lacking! Ludmilla never had to attack several women to feel on top, nor humiliate. And this being who calls herself a feminist has no sorority.” – 🌵 Luc 🌵 #ArraiaDaVeveta (@IILucll) June 12, 2020

“It’s so much text that I read against female rivalry, but they’re all nullified when the bullshit is Ludmilla x Anitta, right? Public and sometimes the parties feed an unnecessary female rivalry. In those hours they stick sorority down the drain.” – Maria Diniz (@ContaMaria_) June 12, 2020

Similar to what happened when the beef between the singers first went public, Ludmilla again received a wave of racist attacks from Anitta’s fans. It’s funny how Anitta’s fans always sink to racial insults against Ludmilla, even though, as one commenter on the situation wrote, “Anitta não é branca”, meaning Anitta isn’t white. Although Anitta has been consistently put on blast for never publicly identifying herself as black, but appropriating facets of black culture in her appearance and vídeo images, she seems to get a certain racial “pass”, something Ludmilla, who is clearly black, doesn’t get.

As Brazil is a country in which there is a clear racial hierarchy and pigmentocracy that grants certain privileges to African descendents with less clearly black features, a privilege that Anitta clearly seems to take advantage of, Ludmilla’s fans and many in the black community continue to come to her defense.

Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts
Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts

“Ludmilla: a black woman who came out of nowhere and has worked since she was 16 to be in the position she’s in for her own effort. For her talent of singing, composing and producing. And not because she has received favors from white women who think they are the white savior of black people! Lud deserves respect.”

In a vídeo in which Ludmilla posted to show the abuse she’s received, numerous racist and homophobic comments against the singer can be seen, including people calling her a “macaca” (monkey) and “buce** preta” (black p*ssy). According to the clip, Anitta herself called the singer “Alcione’s little project”, in reference to the veteran samba singer. In response to the insults, Ludmilla posted in a text in which she denounced the racism she has again been victimized by and affirmed her resistance in the artistic world.

“It won’t be the first and, unfortunately, nor the last time that I will have to deal with racist comments and respond to them. And, for those who insist on attacking me in this way, I have only one thing to say: I won’t hide. I will continue to speak and denounce, seeking justice for the guilty.”

She continued: “If you keep silent in the face of injustice, you are also sympathizing with it For every racist offense, I meet incredible people along the way who inspire me in our struggle. And that’s why I will continue to use my voice to denounce, to demand justice, to move forward and with my head held high.”

After her post, black artists like IZA, Preta Gil and Alcione supported and defended Ludmilla. Also weighing in on the controversy was profile ‘Potências Negras’, meaning Black Powers’, that made a post talking about the power that Ludmilla has and her importance for the female and black community of the country.

Potências Negras - Ludmilla
Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts

Ludmilla Oliveira da Silva, 25 years old

Black female singer most followed in Brazil and seventh most followed in the world, with more than 22 million followers in Instagram. Diva of Brazilian pop. Awarded worldwide. Placed 14 singles in the Billboard top 100

Ludmilla began her musical career by taking the name of MC Beyoncé. And no wonder she became this Brazilian pop phenomenon, very well inspired by the great diva Bey. When Ludmilla releases a song, her legion of fans are already sure that she will be another “música-chiclete”, because this woman, besides being extremely talented, has a restlessness that makes success her biggest surname. Despite all her credentials, this black woman of excellence is still the target of cruel racism. A racism that does everything to demoralize black people in prominent positions. But, Ludmilla, know that the black people are with you. You’re a pride to us. And they that struggle.

The singer made a point of commenting on the publication and replied saying that “the black people are conscious and resistance”, stating that they will continue in the fight against racial prejudice.

In the post, the anti-racist page published: “Despite all the credentials, this black woman of excellence is still the target of cruel racism.

A racism that does everything to demoralize black people in prominent positions. But, Ludmilla, know that the black people are with you. You are a pride for us. And they must fight.”

Ludmilla thanked them for the note of solidarity and replied: “Criminal racism is an attempt to take away our humanity. But we won’t be silent and won’t lower our heads. I am proud and conscious of the place I occupy. When I speak, it’s not just for me, but for all of us, that we suffer daily from racism. In addition to continuing to denounce, I will continue to do my job as I have been doing. Because, accept. There will be black woman in a prominent position, yes!”.

Here, once again, we see a black woman speaking on how Brazilian society treats black women and black men who ascend socially. In numerous past posts, we’ve seen a prevailing attitude within a certain parcel of the Brazilian population that Afro-Brazilians belong in the favela slum and are “out of place” when they find success.

The same thing happened with singer MC Rebecca back in December. After becoming the first black woman to reach the top of Spotify Brasil in 2019, with the song “Combatchy”, also featuring Anitta as well as artists Lexa and Luisa Sonza, Rebecca also suffered racist attacks online.

MC Rebecca capa7
After her success on Spotify, sinhger MC Rebecca was also the target of racist comments last December; Ludmilla was one of the artists that came to her defense at the time

Ludmilla’s wife, dancer Brunna Gonçalves, also spoke about the attacks on the partnership, and shared the publication by ‘Potências Negras’.

“Just because we are women, we are already excluded and discriminated against. Imagine being a woman, BLACK and GAY! I made a point of writing these words in capital letters so you can see that there is no shame in that. I am very proud of this black woman, my wife,”she wrote.

Finally, Anitta also commented on the case and condemned the criminal attitudes of her followers.  Even as Anitta decided to speak out, criticizing any and all racist attacks on her behalf, she didn’t mention her rival’s name at any time.

Anitta on racism - capa
Anitta checked those who attacked Ludmilla with racist comments but never mentioned her rival by name

“Cowardly criminals who claim to be my fans spreading messages of racism and racial injury on social media. I already said and I repeat: this is abominable and inadmissible!”, she said on her Instagram and Twitter. She further stated that “Racism is a crime!”

On June 15, the racist attacks on Ludmilla continued when someone wrote:

“Disgusting neguinha (little nigger). You need a beautiful lashing,” wrote one of the attackers.

Lud replied firmly: “I’m going to stick the whip in your a**, racist”.

I’m not a funk fan, at least not of the 21st century Brazilian variety, but these incidents DO show me something about Anitta as a person. Maybe I shouldn’t judge, but besides yet another public beef with Ludmilla because of things she’s done or said, Anitta has also taken quite a bit of heat for, as mentioned above, her “black when convenient” approach to her identity, her limited political knowledge and resistance to positioning herself on certain important issues.

Anitta - political miseducation

Anitta and the Brazilian political miseducation: Singer Anitta has responded publicly, in her social networks, to the criticism she has been receiving, in these same networks, for having assumed her relative ignorance in the field of Political Science. The artist’s reasoning could not have been more precise, and an honest synthesis of it is: “I don’t know today about politics because before they didn’t teach me; now I ask because I want to learn to decide my vote better later on; mocking this desire to learn hinders the process of political maturity that Brazil needs to go through.”

On top of all of this, the singer Latino also came forward and shared an incident he experienced in dealing with Anitta.

Latino on Anitta
Singer Latino also shared a humiliating experience he went through with Anitta

A leaked audio from Latino reveals that the singer suffered humiliations from Anitta during a party at her house where international rappers were among the guests. In front of the singer, the funkeira referred to him, in English, as “old” and “broke”. Latino, who said he left the party and cried at home, confirmed the veracity of the audios on a Brazilian news site.

The case came to light after Ludmilla video revealing the behind the scenes of her fight with Anitta, referring to her as “devious” and acting with “cynicism.”

The audios begin with Latino saying that he met Anitta through Kamilla Fialho, the artist’s former manager. After Anitta sang at Latino’s birthday at the invitation of Kamilla, the singer introduced her to famous colleagues. “I let her sing. Man, she was never grateful. She never said ‘thank you’,” says Latino in the audio messages.

In 2012, years after this first situation, funk singer Nego do Borel invited Latino to a party at Anitta’s house, which he only accepted after much insistence from his friend. “I got there, she was with some gringos (foreigners), some hip hop guys, some fat guys, they are famous abroad, I don’t remember the names of the guys now. I started kickin’ it with the guys, I speak English very well, I lived abroad for many years,”commented Latino in the audios.

“(…) She was talking to another guy and she didn’t see that I was talking to the fat guys, the famous ones. I didn’t even know who it was, I was chatting in English, but I wasn’t talking about my career, who I was, nothing like that, I was simply paying attention to the guys. Then she arrives, wants to steal the show, in that flashy way, she started talking. I let her speak, I was quiet.”

“[Anitta] She said ‘hi’, very cold. Then the guys immediately asked her: ‘Who is this nice guy?’. Then Anitta said: ‘He’s old school, he was already very successful back then, but today he’s broke, he’s broken’,”reported Latino in the audio. The singer said he decided to leave the party, but was shaken up by the situation.

“(…) Why did she say that I was old school, that I was old, that I had already been successful? She said that I was from her mother’s generation, and that today I no longer do shows, that I’m a guy whose time has passed. She used these terms in English for the guys,” lamented the artist.

Latino also added that he found the situation “cruel on her part”, “dirty” and “ugly”. “I got home, I stayed in the room crying, I was wondering why is the human being capable of doing that? What makes the human being want to belittle the other in order to grow and feel superior? This thing about her having to disregarding others to feel powerful is so ugly. From that point on, I never wanted anything to do with her again. If she’s on my side, I’ll leave and go to another corner, because that was one of the biggest disappointments in the artistic world for me,” he said.

With all of this coming out, one has to wonder if Ludmilla would react in other ways. Well, with the release of her vídeo for the song, “Cobra venenosa”, meaning ‘poisonous snake’, it almost seems as if Ludmilla is going at Anitta in her own way. At least that’s what fans think.

cobra video still
Funk feud Re Match: Ludmilla Again Insulted With Racist Taunts

Released on Friday, July 3, by singer Ludmilla, the vídeo became one of the most commented on subjects on Twitter. And not just for the song, but because a supposed double of the singer Anitta participated in the video.

The girl in question is Luiza Martini, a student who has more than 38,000 followers on Instagram. She went viral on social media because she bear a striking resemblance Ludmilla’s rival. In the comments on Luiza’s photos, comments on the resemblance between the two multiplied.

Fans believe that Ludmilla featuring an Anitta look-a-like (left) in her video was her way of throwing shade at her viral

The double in question is Luiza Martini, a Rio native with more than 37 thousand followers on Instagram, started to go viral on social networks because of her resemblance to the singer.

In the end, what I see is a rising tone of solidarity within the Afro-Brazilian population that is increasingly standing behind their symbols of success. In the case of Anitta, I don’t know this woman personally, but if everything that is being said about her antics is true, I would advise that she check herself. Youth, success, fame and fortune don’t always last. The first is only temporary while the other three are not guaranteed. Besides getting a political education, she may want to consider also taking a course in humility. She may be flying high today, but if that success should come to end, the descent back down earth may be quick and sudden.

Source: Rolling Stone Brasil, Metropoles, Catraca Livre, Meia Hora, Jovem Pan

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  1. There is so much that can be said here….Afro Brasileiros must continue their fight for sure. But even Ludmilla was checked by the culture for changing her appearance…doing the nose job. I am Amerian, but have been a Funk fan going to to before the Mulher Frutas era, Mc Creu, Catra of course….back when Valeska was relatively unkown. The newer stuff borrows so slightly from trap rap from the states to a degree…especially the Funk in Sao Paulo. But I do believe that this is a veru contextual discussion and Anitta is doing what THEY do…..using that privilege. She thinks it will garner her more access both home and abroad especially.

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