From Spain to France and back to Brazil, singer Lívia Lucas offers an eclectic brew of Samba, Jazz and Latin rhythms


Note from BW of Brazil: Like a great number of other Brazilian born and raised artists over the years, singer Lívia Lucas traveled outside of her native country to find success in Europe. Originally from the southeastern state of Minas Gerais, she has since worked with musicians from all over the world, discovering the sounds of lands such as Morocco and India. Her music is an eclectic mixture of Samba, naturally her first musical influence, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, Jazz and Latin.

CD cover for "Canto de casa"
CD cover for “Canto de casa”

After two and a half years between France and Spain, Lívia released her first CD Canto de Casa, received positive reviews from the famed cultural critic Nélson Motta, and returned to live in Rio de Janeiro. She would then release a second CD, Férias de Mim, which came out of collaboration with guitar player Pedro Bastos João. With foundations in Jazz, the CD carries a clear presence of Samba and Latin rhythms which are the very essence of her music.

Below check out an interview with the artist and hear a few of her songs.


Nêga Lucas: Voice from Minas Gerais in Spanish nights

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Blending Jazz and Samba, while passing through Latin rhythms, the singer of Brazilian music makes a big cauldron

From the city of Juiz de Fora in Minas Gerais, with a degree in journalism, singer Lívia Lucas, 29, known in artistic circles as Nêga Lucas (1), wins over stages in Barcelona and Paris and conquers an audience that values ​​what is most important to her: music authorship and of quality.

Livia Lucas 1

This achievement came after years of on the road in bars and venues of Juiz de Fora, Belo Horizonte (capital of Minas Gerais) and Rio de Janeiro, on a journey that Lívia began at age 13, singing in choir, and consolidated at 19, in her professional phase.

She sang a lot of black music, led the musical spectacular “Música Mulata Brasileira (Brazilian Mulata Music),” which ran between 2005 and 2006 in the Minas Gerais cities and Rio de Janeiro, and recorded his first CD in 2009. Promising a more elastic sound and approaching other rhythms like Jazz, Afro and Latin, the CD Canto de Casa makes a balance of good samba. “There are many singing through my voice. There are my beloved composers who believed in this work.”

After the release of the video “Conselheiro”, a work that has a special participation, along with the Quinteto São do Mato, Nêga Lucas invests in the divulging of this project and not abandoning the Brazilian public.


Pleased – What is the differential of Lívia the singer?

Nêga Lucas – Naturalness. Singing, playing and improvising; trying to achieve my truth, my essence and moving people through it. Daring, leaving the commonplace whenever possible, making music a constant surprise.

How did the opportunity to perform in Europe come about?

A trip to Barcelona was an adventure. There I came across a market of Brazilian music to be explored. Opportunities took me to Paris three months after my arrival, and it was there that it all began. I had the help of journalist, broadcaster and DJ Rèmy Koupa Kopul and Candice Layerè. There in Barcelona, ​​the process was slower, starting with concerts in jam sessions with of known or unknown artists, bars and cultural centers. I feel at home. I make my sound and have a very nice public that follows me.

What balance did you make of this experiment outside of Brazil?

Following Barcelona and visiting my little town from time to time. Living “outside of home”, traveling to other countries and continents and other cultures gives me the opportunity to grow, learn, change the way of seeing the world and adapting to various worlds I get to know. Aggregating them into my world and reinvent myself as a person and as an artist.

Do you have pretensions of new work in Brazil?

I’m currently residing in Barcelona. I feel good here. About the future, it is difficult to know. I want to keep doing these seasons in Brazil, because it is my homeland, where my roots are. But I also want to travel, step into new places and learn from other cultures. In fact, I intend to keep doing my music wherever I am.

How was your participation in the video “Conselheiro”?

The partnership initially came up with Victor Guelber, who introduced me to the music of (Bahian Samba singer) Batatinha in a fun night in Ibitipoca (State Park in Lima Duarte, Minas Gerais). At the same time, I was doing shows in partnership with the Quinteto São do Mato. In a manifestation in Halfeld Park, I met Gian Martins, Coletivo Sem Paredes (meaning ‘No Walls Collective’), and from this meeting, came about the proposal to play Batatinha with the Quinteto in Arraiá do Bambuzá. Relying on the disposition of many people, the indispensable collaboration of Nina Zamapi, João Paulo Oliveira and Marcelo Castro, we completed this video.

Is there already a new project in the works? Can we look forward to anything?

There is a CD coming! We are in the process of production and conception. We have a lot of work ahead. My songs are in partnership with Pedro Bastos. For the first time I recorded my compositions. I’m super satisfied!

See more at the artist’s website here.

Quinteto São do Mato + Nêga Lucas – Conselheiro (Batatinha)

Nêga Lucas – Férias de mim en Sonoralia presenta

NÊGA LUCAS – Samba de Castigo – Album: Canto de Casa (Samba Jazz)

NÊGA LUCAS – A todos os Pretos – Album: Canto de Casa (Samba Jazz)

Source: Pleased, Cláudia Figueiredo, Nêga Lucas


1. Nêga, meaning negra, is often used affectionately to refer to black women, but it also depends on the tone of voice and context of situation as it can also be used in a pejorative manner. For more on racial terms and classifications see here and here.

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