Former reality show participant and Carnaval dancer Jaqueline Faria discusses diet, silicone and pride in her natural assets in photo layout

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The former participant of the Globo TV reality show Big Brother Brasil 11, Jaqueline Faria, 29, is the kind that is proud of her race. The owner of a voluptuous body and beautiful skin, the muse of the Beija Flor Samba school showed off her beauty, and also her new silicone breast prosthesis, which now has 320ml, 35ml more than before, in a photo session done back in November in honor of the Day of Black Consciousness (which is celebrated every year on November 20th).

“I’m very proud of my skin and my cabelo duro (hard or nappy hair). I was the sixth black woman to pose for Playboy in Brazil and I think that prejudice in general is less with every passing year”, said Jaque.

Born in Irajá and raised in Jacarepaguá (both neighborhoods in the city of Rio de Janeiro), today Jaqueline lives in her own apartment in the Vidigal district (south zone Rio) with her mother, Bel, 65, thanks to the money she earned for posing nude for the men’s magazine right after her participation in the reality show Big Brother Brasil 11.

Jaqueline had surgery to enlarge her breasts on September 15:

“Now they’re beautiful. The previous prosthesis of 285 ml were already taking an ugly shape.”

She ensures that the silicone is the only surgery that she’s ever had on her body. The shapely bumbum (butt), which gives the ex-BBB participant 36-inch hips, is 100% hers, or better, 100% from her family heritage.

“This is my mother’s butt. My guarantee is there at home. Just look at the Ms. Bel,” declares the muse that comments that she would have no problem in saying that she had other procedures done if this were the case.

To keep 143 lbs (64kg) well-distributed on her 5’5″ inch (1,65 m) frame, Jaque works out from Monday to Saturday, for two hours, and watches what she eats. If before she was eating feijoada or at McDonald’s, things that she continues to love, today she gives priority to healthier foods, white cheese, turkey breast and things that are in general lighter:

“It’s no use in working out and then you get home eat a huge plate!”

Jaq also avoids carbs at night and apart from that, she has a special preparation for Sapucaí (1) where she has paraded since the age of 14.

“I love a beer, but a month before Carnival I cut out the alcohol. I also eat 12 egg whites a day a week before parading and, for this, I make a kind of pancake. Six whites in the morning and six at night or in the afternoon, as if it were a snack.”

The former BBB shared her pancake recipe: beat six egg whites in a blender with a banana, a cup of oatmeal and sweetener, and then put circles of the dough in the refrigerator. The muse of Beija Flor says that it works:

“My belly is closer to my back!”

Another of Jaqueline’s tips is drinking gotu kola tea with lemon balm and horsetail (equisetum) three times a day, which helps in the deflating process.


Is someone enjoying all that body? Jaqueline changes the subject.


“I’m not single, nor dating, but I’m happy”, she says with a grin.

See more of Jaqueline in this photo layout


1. The Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí or simply Sambadrome is a parade area located in downtown Rio de Janeiro where samba school competitions occur every year during Rio’s Carnival.

Source: Globo Extra 

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