Journalist Joyce Ribeiro becomes the first black woman to host a daily news journal solo in prime time


Note from BW of Brazil: There was no way this successful black woman would remain out of the spotlight for very long! The last time we presented journalist Joyce Ribeiro, it was under the unfortunate circumstance of her being released from her slot as a host over at SBT-TV a little over a year ago. As black faces in Brazil’s news media are still pretty rare, her loss took away one of the few faces of color that was seen on a regular basis in an anchor role. It’s good to see she’s back and this time rolling solo and during prime time! Welcome back Joyce! It’s good to see you again!


Journalist Joyce Ribeiro becomes the first black woman to take on her own a daily News journal in prime time

By Silvia Nascimento

There is still a lack of blacks in the world of live news journals stand, but the TV Cultura is giving us something to celebrate: Joyce Ribeiro on the bench of Jornal da Cultura. She becomes the first black woman to take on the bench of a daily news jornal solo and in prime time among all broadcasters of the free channels.

Joyce was born on April 23, 1979 in São Paulo, graduated in journalism from the FIAM (Faculdades Integradas Alcântara Machado), with her postgrad in economics and political journalism from the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) of São Paulo. In 1998, she began her career in television as a producer and reporter on Boa Vontade TV of the LBV. She then had her first experience as a newscaster on RIT.

In 2002, Joyce went to Rede Record TV, where she served as a reporter and host of Fala Brasil (talk Brazil). Soon after, she presented a newscast for Record International. In 2005 she went to the SBT, hosting the morning edition of Jornal do SBT until March 2006, hosting the weather forecast of the defunct SBT São Paulo.

The journalist also hosted Aqui e Agora (Here and Now) in 2008, the Boletim de Ocorrências (Bulletin of Occurrences) program, in 2011. She covered SBT Folia, then the new version of SBT São Paulo. In 2012 she returned to SBT Manhã. In 2016, Joyce began to command the Primeiro Impacto (first impact) new television news of the channel. The journalist even covered the US elections at Jornal do SBT in November.

In 2017 she was transferred to SBT Noticias in a relay with five other hosts in the news programming of more than six hours of duration. That same year, after 12 years in the station the journalist left to touch her personal projects in cinema and the book Chica da Silva.

The beginning of 2018 marks the launch of her second book Deixa Enrolar: a história do cacho (Let It Roll: The Story of the Curl) along with Karina Hollo.

Karina Hollo and Joyce Ribeiro (Foto: Laura Fernandez)


The program will air on TV Cultura, Monday to Saturday, at 9:15 pm on YouTube, Facebook and the Cultura Digital application.

Source: Mundo Negro

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  1. Nice to read this lady is back and making her mark through journalism. Hopefully, Ms. Joyce Ribeiro will be such a great influence on young Afro-Brazilians as she continues her success.

  2. Equal access to opportunity has been a Right Denied from Afro-Brazilian citizens by a corrupt xenophobic/ethnocentric racist minority pop., government that control the: Means of Production, Education, Political and all Systems in the Social Order.

    African Americans in America although US citizens were similarly denied equal access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of unfettered opportunity by the US government for over 200 years. Then, after historic Civil Rights Legislation was enacted, after the struggle for Civil Rights culminated in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., , the US government at a “Snail’s Pace” began to allow for AA to assimilate into the divisions of labor and other opportunities: Education, etc. Hitherto, AA were not allowed to vote, go to college, hold political office, have prominent roles in film, play major sports, and anything else that white Americans freely done.

    So, by the end of 1969 we in America, got our 1st black mayor in Gary, Indiana, then, in Cleveland, Detroit. A black man was admitted to college in the racist South. Denying blacks from eating in restaurants or staying in hotels was disallowed. So changes were slow.

    The same thing in Brazil. There should be as many black news reporters with shows as white Brazilians. The country acts as if they are doing Afro-Brazilians a favor by letting this women have a opportunity…she’s the first-1st. She is the first because the Brazil government illegally denied Afro-Brazilians to compete equally for opportunities in their own country.

  3. “The same thing in Brazil. There should be as many black news reporters with shows as white Brazilians.”

    Actually. There should be more black news reporters than white.

    I would also like to know whom this woman is married to if she is married: odds are her husband is white.

  4. The Right Wing Fascist are in power in Brazil. I see where the government and political judicial system has sentenced former Brazil president to 12 years in Prison on bogus charges. He reports to prison today, 4/7/2018. The Right Wing Fascist are in power in the USA and, in other parts of Europe. This is why European governments are expelling foreigners that are Muslim and or from the continent of Africa and Carribean and Mexico etc. Stay Strong.

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