"The Power of the Black Woman" is the theme of the 11th edition of Feira Preta, Latin America’s largest black cultural event

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Participants of Feira Preta 2011
Flyer for Feira Preta 2012: “The Power of the Black Woman”

Feira Preta: The biggest expo of black fashion, hair, arts and crafts in Latin America

The 11th edition of Feira Preta (Brazil’s Black Expo) carries the theme “The Power of the Black Woman” and takes place in the Casa das Caldeiras, in São Paulo, November 11-17 (except for the 14th), with various attractions such as dance, cuisine, cinema, theater, seminars and shows (check out the clip below and at bottom of page featuring highlights of Feira Preta 2011).

 Besides culture, the event will dedicate the first day to social action, with a part of the entrance fee being a Christmas  Kit, which will be delivered to the victims of four favelas (shantytowns) destroyed by fire in the city in recent months. Another novelty of Feira will be the theme Afro Tourism.

Feira Preta 2010

Since 2002, the expo has brought together 400 artists, 500 exhibitors and circulated more than R$2 million (about US$1 million). This year, the 12 thousand  will be expected daily visitors will discover the work of about 50 exhibitors from the capital and other regions, including artists, artisans, chefs and musicians.

This year’s event will honor the black woman for her influence in the struggle against racial and social discrimination and the construction of Brazilian society.

The largest expo of Black Culture in Latin America has become a Cultural Circuit of one week, with cultural activities, seminars and workshops. Within the program, two days will be devoted to the Seminar on Good Practices in Black Cultural Production from the perspective of the Creative Economy.


Music will also have space, and each day will be devoted to one genre, including Hip Hop, with artists like Emicida, and the country’s most popular musical style, Samba, with the group Samba da Vela. 

The event will also have spaces dedicated to children, such as “Brinquedoteca”, which will feature playful and interactive activities.

According to its creator, Adriana Barbosa, much more than a cultural event, the Feira Preta is the result of a set of collaborative, collective and inclusive initiatives, in an atmosphere of the meeting and appreciation of the culture and market potential of this segment.

The Feira Preta Institute still realizes other activities throughout the year, such as Pílulas de Cultura, encounters of artists and exhibitors who work with the Afro-Brazilian themes, and Preta Qualifica, which prepares and empowers microentrepreneurs of ethnic businesses and prospective entrepreneurs to attend the event.

Feira Preta is sponsored by Santander Bank and co-sponsored by Petrobras (1) and the Federal Government.

1. Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. or Petrobras is a Brazilian multinational energy corporation headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is the largest company in the Southern Hemisphere by market capitalization and the largest in Latin America measured by 2011 revenues. Source: Wikipedia
Source: Brasil de Fato

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