Fashion student develops photographic project Noivas Negras (Black Brides) to provide references for black women on their special day


capaNote from BW of Brazil: Yes, black brides DO exist! Although one would never know it judging from the media and indeed the difficulty that black women often experience in finding long-lasting relationships that lead to the altar. The truth is, regardless of brides’ magazines predilection for featuring only blond and brunette white women with straight hair, black women also want to make their special day something they will always remember and two important details for such memories are their dresses and the photos. One fashion student from Curitiba, Paraná, in Brazil’s south took these details into consideration when she came up with the idea for a project that would shine the spotlight on Afro-Brazilian brides. An idea that is becoming increasingly common among black women


Curitiba launches photographic project ‘Black Brides’


Photo spread is intended to bring local fashion references to black women who are getting married and are in doubt about how to style themselves

Photos by Melvin Quaresma, Larissa Isis and Fer Cesar


To choose the dress and makeup for weddings, brides look for references. That is, they look for styles that may work for them. The difficulty in identifying themselves with brides they saw in photos in fashion or online catalogs, fashion student Thainá Sagrado developed the photographic project Noivas Negras (Black Brides).

Creator of the project Thainá Sagrado
Creator of the project Thainá Sagrado

The layout is intended to inspire black women that will go up the altar and are in doubt about how to style themselves for the wedding.


“The black woman is not seen represented. When I got married two years ago, the references were minimal and when they appeared they were American or African,” recalls Thainá, who is married with graffiti artist Café.


The photos bring five black models of various body types and ages.


“After the photo spread, they all they felt valued and beautiful. I have already received several messages of thanks and support,” says the producer.


The whole layout, shot by photographers Melvin Quaresma, Larissa Isis and Fer Cesar, can be seen in the blog Themba, which will be released in the coming weeks.


The site will bring information on arts, fashion and black literature. “More than problematizing racism, we need affirmative actions, to liberate the people. The blog will have a healthy discussion about it,” she explains. On Instagram there is a project profile in the air.

Source: Gazeta do Povo

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  1. I love it! So glad I discovered this blog! And as a Black American woman, I’m also at the bottom of the totem pole in my country so I can relate to many of your posts. Thank you.

  2. Afro brazillian women should consider marrying Afro american males. It’s hard out here in the United states for a good man to Find a good woman.

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