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  1. Nice looking, too bad most Afro-Americans can’t rub two nickles together and even if they can, they are so hung up on Afro-American women that they never consider Black women in other countries and rather complain.

    Seems to be an American trait these days to complain and not do anything about your problem.

    • Hmmm…Im not sure what you mean by that comment. Im Afro-Cuban, and I don’t find anything wrong with Afro(non-latino)Americans.

      In fact the more I learn about the struggle of non-latino Blacks in comparison, I see just how much White American and White Latin American’s influence, holds many Blacks of any country, back.

      I have many colleagues whom are African American, and Afro-Latino. And a common trait both have, is we tend to fight each other,instead of work together. We point figures,but so much goes into who’s causing the problem, then who’s willing to start coming up with a solution.

      This is not to stick you out,Im just wondering where your comment is coming from.

  2. Beautiful lady, Black Brazilian women are so extremely beautiful. If only their mental awareness of their beauty could be understood and then be matched with the understanding of the racist forces stacked against them in a racist, economic discriminating , jealous society. Separate whats good and real from what is propaganda to further maintain a racist system.

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