Faces of Afro Brazil 29: Actress Stefanie Durval


Today, in number 29 of our ongoing series, Faces of Afro Brazil, we bring you promising actress Stefanie Durval from Serrinha, Rio de Janeiro. The actress has a career in theater, has participated in advertising campaigns and appeared in films such as Trinta – A história de Joãozinho Trintaand O Peregrino: A Melhor História de Paulo Coelho. Durval also had a part in the 2014 Malhação – Sonhos novela and is a part of the Walcyr Carrasco piece, Estrelas Tortas playing the character Ayra who is a friend of the protagonist, Marcella. The piece is directed by Rhommel Bezerra.

Commercial: Hora de Cuidar – Corrida

Below are some great photos of the actress and some of her career highlights. For more on Stefanie, visit here website Stefanie Durval. We hope to see great things from Stefanie in the future!


Photo credits

Foto: Rogério Berlorio

Make: Thaty Abrahim

Stylist: André Alcantara

StefanieDurval (27)

Courses and workshops

Nossa Senhora do Teatro. Preparation Course and Actor Development (Project of actress Fernanda Montenegro)

Martins Pena – theater course

Rei Ator – training course for actors for theater, television and cinema

Actors Workshop (TV, theater and film)

StefanieDurval (30)

Workshop with Helena Varvack (casting preparer of Globo TV)

Yuri Graneiro Theatre Course

CN ARTS – TV Course (Cininha Paula)

Workshop with model Gisele Bündchen for the contest TOP CUFA BRASIL


Participation in TOP MODEL O REALITY – Record TV reality Show

Cia. Teatro da Estrutura – Rio de Janeiro

Workshop – Camilla Amado

Martins Pena Technical School

Pangeia Cia de Teatro


2013/2014 Works:

Espetáculo Apocalipse – Cia teatro da estrutura (Director: Marcio Zatta) 2014

Espetáculo Bafo de Onça – Grandes Autores – Cia Nossa Senhora do Teatro (Director: Ricardo Andrade Vissílievitch) 2013

Feature length – O Peregrino – A melhor Historia de Paulo Coelho (Screenplay: Carolina Kotscho/Director: Daniel Augusto/Production: CUATRO DAMAS FILMS LTD) 2013/2014

StefanieDurval (16)

Advertising Film – A vida é blue (Producer: Pax Films LTD Production/Direction and Screenplay: Paul Pons/Cast production: Daniel Vieira) 2013

Video: “Arena Brasileira” with Seu Jorge (Director: Spike Lee/Production: Ruy Britto/ Casting: Callia|Y2 Propaganda e Marketing LTDA) 2014

Advertising Film – Hora de cuidar – Ministry of Health – Saúde e bem estar (Production: Cinebras Cinerama Brasilis Cinematografia LTDA/ Director: Bruno Duarte) 2014

StefanieDurval (18)

Duólogo Theatre – Mariana Crioula (Director: Ricardo Andrade Vissílievitch)

Minimalist theatrical montage – Espetáculo Noah – O menino autista (Director: Ricardo Andrade Vissílievitch)

StefanieDurval (52)

Theatre Montage – Graves encontros

Advertising campaign: “Oi Eu tô na copa 2014” with Hélio De La Pena (Director: Clovis Mello/ producer: CINE cinematografia LTDA)

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