“Black devil”, “possessed”, “Satan”: Evangelical teacher denounced for racism and religious prejudice against black child

Padre Chiquinho school in Porto Velho, Rondônia
Padre Chiquinho school in Porto Velho, Rondônia

Note from BW of Brazil: This story actually happened about a month ago (reported on November 26th) but it simply serves as another example of the often times fanaticism of the Evangelical community, especially in regards to the black community. The report is yet another incident in the ongoing association of Afro-Brazilians with the “worship of the devil” in connection with the practice of the Candomblé religion and subsequent persecution. As you read the piece, keep in mind that nowhere is it written that the child professed to being a follower of the Afro-Brazilian religion.

Evangelical teacher denounced for racism and religious prejudice against black child

Courtesy of Rondoniaovivo

The crime denounced by the mother of an 8-year old student happened various times in a classroom in the Padre Chiquinho school in Porto Velho located on Avenida Campos Sales in the downtown region where a girl of only 8 years of age suffered racial prejudice, discrimination and was humiliated by a teacher.

State of Rondônia (in red)

According to boletim de ocorrência (police report) number 14E1003006967 the teacher called the child “preta do diabo” (black of the devil), endemoniada” (possessed by the devil), satanás” (satan) and other insults because of the fact that the child said she was from a Catholic family and the teacher was an Evangelical from the Universal church.

The child also said that the the teacher obliged all the students to follow her religion. In some moments the accused ordered the students to get together and put their hands on the girl’s head to, according to her, expulse a possible demon that the child possessed, causing great embarrassment to her.

When she learned of these facts, the minor’s mother went to the school and met the teacher in the directory where she was met with screams and curse words. The teacher said to the woman that she could seek whoever she wished because it wouldn’t result in anything.

After being verbally assaulted the student’s mother said that the school principal said that she would seek another classroom in which to put the student, however the mother expressed her fear that something worse would happen to her child not being accepted, she should remove her child from the institution and filed the report. The case will be investigated by the police chief responsible for the district.

Source: Rondoniaovivo

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