Érika Moura, Carnaval’s Globeleza girl, says her dream came true: “I always wanted to be famous”


Note from BW of Brazil: Once again, Brazil’s Carnaval season has come and gone. But the spotlight will continue shine for the new girl who was chosen to be the “Globeleza” girl of Globo TV, Brazil’s top TV network. In a controversial move a few months ago, the paulista Érika Moura replaced the previous woman Nayara Justino as one of the most representative figures of the arrival of the Carnaval season. Many women within the black community well disgusted with the way that Justino was summarily removed from a post she won by a popular vote in a reality show style competition broadcast on Globo in the fall of 2013. But even though people sympathized with Nayara for what they saw as a clear standard of colorism at Globo, they also wanted to be clear that their outrage with the handling of situation was not a means of throwing shade on Érika’s shine. The position of Globeleza is a post that is sort of bittersweet for black Brazilian women and as such, even rejecting the image of stereotypically naked, dancing black woman, Érika also needs support. Below is brief write-up about her that appeared just before Carnaval started. 

Érika Moura, the Globeleza girl, says her dream came true: “I always wanted to be famous”

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Whoever sees Érika Moura shining as the Globeleza on TV can’t imagine that in her day-to-day, she’s a tomboy who puts the high heels away and uses little makeup. “I’d rather wear tennis (gym shoes) than get tired in the middle of the party and go barefoot,” she jokes. But that doesn’t mean she’s not vain. Even for photos she makes an issue of wearing perfume, and gave herself two shots of spray before the camera clicks for “Retratos da Vida” (Portraits of Life).


At 22, she saw her life change. On Instagram, the number of followers jumped from 600 to 8,000, in addition to receiving harassment on the streets; and the girl is loving it. “I dreamed of being a dancer a singer, I always wanted to be famous.”


But fame did not cause her to start frequenting only exquisite and expensive places. Last week, the paulista (São Paulo native) went to Rua 25 de Março (street), the traditional popular shopping point of São Paulo, to buy school supplies, as she will start a Physical Education course.


In Rio for the parades of the samba schools, Érika Moura was listening to the sambas of the associations of the Grupo Especial (Special Group) when she met the team: “I want to be with everyone at the tip of the tongue.” She posed for a postcard of the city and showed that she’s having fun with the post. “I love being photographed, I just don’t know how to make a face. I prefer to smile. “

Moura with boyfriend Gabriel Henrique: a romance that started because of dance
Moura with boyfriend Gabriel Henrique: a romance that started because of dance

Her boyfriend, Gabriel Henrique, stayed in São Paulo, since the (samba) schools are parading there. And he guarantees that he feels no jealousy of his beloved. Together the two are going to a stiletto class, and Érika remembers she got an earful from Gabriel. “I asked if he was going to wear heels, which is a requirement of the rhythm, and he asked if I was another thinking that a man can’t,” she says.


Production: Rita Moreno

Beauty: Carla Ashton.

Érika Moura’s clothes: Atelier Atelier Sônia Izidoro, Fiszpan, Super Bonita Acessórios, Ferni and Sonho dos Pés.

Acknowledgement: Acústica Perfeita

Source: Extra

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