“Enough of the dictatorship of straight hair”: actress Carolina Bezerra gives tips on how to impress with your curls

Actress Carolina Bezerra
Actress Carolina Bezerra

Note from BW of Brazil: Brazilian television doesn’t feature many black actresses, but the ones they do present are always pretty. In this short piece, check out a few hair accessory tips from one of Globo TVs ever-popular novelas (soap operas). Don’t know about you, but in the photos below, the actress strikes a subtle resemblance to a certain African-American actress. Not to say they’re twins, but if you look at a few these photos, she’s sure to remind you of someone. What do you think? 

The actress who plays Dora on Saramandaia invests in hair care with creams and accessories to further enhance the volume of her locks

On the air as of Dora on the novela, Saramandaia, Carolina Bezerra displays beautiful curls on TV. “Enough of the dictatorship of straight hair. The business is leaving your hair free with plenty of volume. I love full hair, I think it’s beautiful,” says the actress. Like any self-respecting Brazilian, she is descended from blacks, whites and Indians and proclaims that she is very proud of their genetic inheritance. The owner of curly/kinky locks, Carol straightens her roots applies a perm to give her hair the wavy effect. She also uses curl activating creams activators right after bathing.

But it doesn’t stop there! The actress invests in accessories to enhance her look even more. “When my mother passed the care of my hair to me, I began to invent,” she says. There are barrettes, flowers, scarves and even turbans! All to enhance the curls and volume of the actress’s tresses. Check out Carolina Bezerra’s tips.


She loves to enhance her looks with scarves
She loves to enhance her looks with scarves

The actress makes use of many scarves to spice up her look. “I find it very practical and it shows your face well. I got up, tied a scarf in my hair and I feel ready to face the day,” says Carol.

In the photo at left, the actress who portrays Dora on Saramandaia ties a knot in the middle of the loop and then ties it back. In the photo to the right, she makes a loop on the side without a knot.


Flowers are beautiful and brighten up the look
Flowers are beautiful and brighten up the look

Carol also loves to invest in accessories like flowers. At left, she dared to wear a brooch that she got as a present as a hairclip. “I like to invent,” she explains. At right, the actress displays a clip in the shape of flower stems that she herself made. “The trick is to use brightly colored and patterned fabrics. The makeup has to be light, matching the tone of the ornament. I like everything very colorful,” she says. Carol also says using large earrings makes the look even more stylish.

Turbans with scarves

Cloths can be turned into turbans
Cloths can be turned into turbans

According to the actress, it is possible to play around in various ways, turning scarves into turbans. On the left, Carol folded cloth, twisting the top and tying it behind her ear. But there are also other ways to create turbans with the fabric: it’s possible to leave some hair out or put it all forward, tying the cloth underneath (as pictured right), which leaves no strands showing. For her, ethnic earrings and patterns accentuate the look divinely.

Source: TVG Globo

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  1. Her face is so pretty, and her natural hair is so cute, very cute. I am so proud of her using her status as a tv star to encourage more Black women & girls to embrace their lovely natural hair. Black women’s natural hair is so wonderful and versatile, you can do so many cute, interesting styles with it! Black women & girls of the world, be like Carolina! Embrace your beautiful natural hair! Obrigado to you Carolinita!

    Her pretty little face DOES look kind of familiar, but I cannot place it right now, who did you have in mind?

    • OK, well…She doesn’t look exactly like her by any means. But in at least two of the photos she bears a slight resemblance to Sanaa Lathan. In one of the photos she also reminds me of Kimberly Elise. You may not see it but….Oh well….Just a thought…

      • Lol, you are correct! Now that you mentioned it, I DO see how she resembles both Sanaa & Kimberly, two very beautiful African-American Black women! It
        is so nice to be able to have a place to celebrate the beauty of Black women worldwide and have fun while doing it!

  2. OMG cognifive dissonance and self-loathing are something! Her hair IS NOT naturally curly, look at the edges! This lady has kinky/ nappy hair that she chimically curls but she claims to be very proud of her genetic inheritance SMH.
    Black woman when will you embrace your natural beauty hum?

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