Emily and Rebecca case: Bullet fragments are found in the body of one of the cousins killed in Rio

Military Police claim the bullets that took the lives of the cousins were not fired by them
Emily, 4, and Rebecca, 7, were killed last week by gunfire in front of their home

Note from BBT: This is the latest on the shooting deaths of the two black girls, Rebecca and Emily, 7 and 4, who were killed by stray bullets over a week ago. The big question at this moment is determining where the bullets came from and who fired the fatal shots. The familiy of the girls say they are absolutely certain that police in the region fired the shots and, as usual, the police deny having taken shots, as usual, blaming the gunfire on the criminal element in the neighborhood.

What we’ve seen time and time again is that the police, who are always supposedly at war with drug trafficking in poor neighborhoods rarely, if ever, take responsibility for causing deaths with their “come in shooting” tactics. In the ongoing genocide against the black Brazilian population it’s quite revealing that, even though we know a sizable percentage of the favela slum population where these tragdies consistently happen is white (or something close to white), it always seems that black children and black people in general are ones who usually end up dying by gunfire. Add this to the fact that police NEVER enter primarily white, middle-class regions with guns blaring and a policy of sacrifice of the black population becomes apparent.

A recent finding of one of the stray bullets could lead to more proof of the culprit of the shot that killed the girls, but in the back of mind, I have a very depressing thought that, somehow, it’s not gonna matter. But I’ll hold out on my reaction to see what happens.

Military Police claim the bullets that took the lives of the cousins were not fired by them

Bullet fragments are found in the body of one of the cousins killed in Rio

Material will be sent for the investigation and, with it, it is expected to define the type of projectile that hit Emily, 4 years old, and Rebeca, 7

By Juliana Barbosa

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro found fragments of a bullet in the body of one of the girls killed at the doorstep of their home in Duque de Caxias. The material will be sent to the expertise and, with it, it is expected to define the type of projectile that struck the children. The weapons of the Military Police – five rifles and five pistols – had been seized for examination of ballistic confrontation.

Emily Victoria, 4, and Rebeca Beatriz, 7, were killed last Friday (12/4) while playing on the sidewalk at home. One was hit in the abdomen, while the other was hit in the head by the same projectile.

Rodrigo Mondego, the family’s lawyer, said that witnesses and the position of the police at the time the two girls were hit can help clarify the case.

“With this fragment, you can tell which type of weapon was used. Because of the impact on the child, it’s suspected to be a rifle shot. The position of the officers is an important clue in confirming the firing path. One problem is that there was no location expertise. The police could have found other bullet fragments, as witnesses heard 4 to 6 shots in the region,” said the lawyer to the portal Uol.

Twenty-two children were shot in Rio this year. Em 4 de dezembro: Rebeca Beatriz Rodrigues dos Santos, 7, morta ao lado da prima de 4 anos, que também morreu, na porta de casa, em Duque de Caxias (RJ)Reprodução/Arquivo Pessoal

According to the PC informed, the agents who were at the location have already given their testimony on the case. The PM reported that the crew denied firing the shots.

Lídia da Silva Moreira Santos, Rebeca’s grandmother and Emily’s aunt, denied the Military Police’s version of the story and said she saw the policemen shoot from their vehicle towards the street. She also states that there was no confrontation with criminals in the region.

“It’s revolting to see the MP [Military Police] say that they didn’t shoot. If it were a criminal, I would state what happened. The police stopped and fired. Thosw who they had to protect, they killed. I know what I saw. Usually on my street, which is the main one, these things don’t happen. If there was a shot, they wouldn’t leave them on the street. We are looking forward to justice,” said Lídia to reporters.

Source: Metropoles

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