During live televised Carnaval coverage, blond host refers to funk singer’s afro wig as a ‘brillo pad’



Note from BW of Brazil: So what else is new? I mean, it’s Brazil, which hopefully our readers know by now is nowhere near the racial democracy it has duped the world into thinking it is. There’s not a whole lot to say about this incident as this type of thing has happened so often in the past, as we have documented. What I will say here is that it simply speaks to Brazil’s hegemonic standard of beauty. The singer Ludmilla often performs wearing wigs of straight blond tresses and this writer believes that the afro wig she wore during Carnaval is actually more attractive on her. Also note her that the white woman’s comment made a direct association between the afro-textured wig and the Bombril brillo pad in the same way that Brazilians regularly belittle natural black hair texture. In the same way that a man can dress his black son as a monkey and still deny any racist intent, this woman’s comment represents more proof that racist sentiments is simply a part of Brazilian culture. Does anyone still want to deny this?

Ludmilla responds to racist comment that Val Marchiori made about her hair: ‘I am proud of my race’

By Ana Júlia Gennari

musa de Salgueiro 2016
Singer Ludmilla as she appeared during Carnaval

“I am very proud of my race and it won’t be any person who will put me down for pure prejudice.”

This was how Ludmilla responded, in a posting on Facebook, to the racist comment that Val Marchiori made on Monday (8) in the backstages of Carnival of RedeTV!.

The socialite said that the hair of singer Ludmilla, who paraded for the Salgueiro samba school looked like Bombril, meaning a steel wool scouring pad. She said on national television:

“The clothes are beautiful, the makeup also. But this hair looks like bombril”

TV host, business woman and socialite Val Marchiori commented on Ludmilla’s costume and hair during live televised Carnaval coverage

In social networks, people made a chorus against the racist comment of the socialite, until it reached the ear of the singer. In response to the comment by Val Marchiori, Ludmilla made a post on Wednesday (10), which read:

“I have consciousness of everything I went through to get here, I came from down low YES, but I fought A LOT to get to where I am and most importantly, with decent and honest work and with the support of all my family and friends I am proud to have them with me forever!”

Ludmilla e Val Marchiori
Singer Ludmilla and TV host, business woman and ex-model Val Marchiori

Ludmilla suffers a racist comment and defends herself on social networks. During the parade, the singer was criticized by Val Marchiori, who compared her voluminous hair to a steel wire sponge

Courtesy of Revista Glamour with info from Extra

After Maju Coutinho, Tais Araújo, Sheron Menezes and Cris Vianna went to social networks to defend themselves against racism, it was Ludmilla’s turn. The muse of the Salgueiro samba school in the 2016 Carnaval, the funkeira (funk singer) countered criticism of Val Marchiori who said the singer’s hair looked like Bombril (steel wool scouring pad)  on a RedeTV! program. The hair in question was a wig that was part of the costume. Read the message from Ludmilla and the apology of Val Marchiori, both posted on Wednesday, 10:

After comments made by Val Marchiori, Ludmilla’s fans and the singer herself responded online

 “After the parade many people sent me a video of a person who hosted a live TV show saying that my hair looked like bombril. I was very sad when I saw the video, but I tranquilly enjoyed the rest of my night yesterday and with a feeling of accomplishment after the parade of my wonderful school that rocked the avenue. Today, traveling to (the state of) Pará to do a show came a reflection on the plane. Who is this person? What have I done to her? What did she do to get where she is? And I saw that it was not worth getting angry at her, or arguing on social networks. I realize all I went through to get here, I came from way down low YES, but I fought A LOT to get where I am and most importantly, with decent and honest work and with the support of all my family and friends I am proud to have them with me forever! I am very proud of my race and will not be anyone who will put me down for pure prejudice, TO BE CHIC is HAVING VALUE AND PRICE. Thanks a lot to all who responded in my defense,” she wrote.

The singer’s mother also responded to the racist gaffe. Silvana, Ludmilla’s mother, didn’t see the comment, but being informed about it by the Extra (news)report she criticized Marchiori’s posture.

“First, she must be misinformed. That was not Ludmilla’s hair. She was wearing a wig, as well as other (samba) school members. Now, regardless of this, and what if it was her hair? It’s unfortunate. Unfortunately, prejudice exists and it is there. We live with it every day,” vented Silvana.

Ludmilla and mother Silvana
Ludmilla with her mother Silvana

In response, Val Marchiori wrote a text on her personal blog, also on Wednesday, 10, apologizing. “Hello! I apologize if I hurt Ludmilla or anyone else with my comment. I wanted to talk about her look for the evening and never the person! She deserves every success and all my respect!” read an excerpt from the note.

Read the text of the abstract:

“I may have exaggerated here, talked a little more there, but it is better to err and move, than going blank without anyone even commenting. If you was to make the right line, which does not say anything and just agrees, certainly RedeTV! I would have called someone else. With me it’s not like this no…

Now, of course live, we may end up talking more or end up being misinterpreted. It happened in the case of Ludmilla. I didn’t even want to speak anymore about this, because the comments I read, made me very upset. But after I saw the interview of her mother, seeing that could have hurt Ludmilla or her family, I thought I’d write. Hello! You can be sure that the last thing I wanted was to have hurt someone. I love the Ludmilla! Whenever I hear her music and whenever it plays at the parties it’s always very successful! And I love her personality, that speaks her mind and doesn’t say right line. I love the way she does and it happens and I would never want to hurt her or offend her in some way. So, I apologize.”

Source: Extra, Brasil Post, Revista Glomour

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  1. The host face looks snatched with all the Botox and over processed blonde hair. She is definitely jealous of the natural beauty of the other woman!

    • Of course this is a valid point. On this blog there are numerous reports that discuss the idea of whitening, racial mixture and interracial relations. As a whole, I don’t see that the majority of black Brazilians see any contradiction in this. From what I’ve seen, Ludmilla’s current boyfriend wouldn’t be considered black either. Go figure…

  2. If you belief being white is all that superior to other colors, why do you feel the need to put others down? Because deep down you know, being white is not the answer. It only works for the mentaly ill who belief in white supremacy. The first human was a black woman, therefore God is a black woman. Many people know this, that’s why they hate black people. You can’t argue with truth.

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