Drawing comparisons to Nicki Minaj and M.I.A, the eclectic style of rapper Karol Conká wins her Best New Artist at Multishow Awards

Rapper Karol Conká was recently named Best New Artist at the Prêmio Multishow
Rapper Karol Conká was recently named Best New Artist at the Prêmio Multishow

Note from BW of Brazil: BW of Brazil has been wanting to do a piece on rapper Karol Conká since discovering her song and video for the song “Gandaia”. Today’s feature on the eclectic artist is only an introduction as she will be featured in a more in-depth post in the future. For those who are familiar with names from the Hip Hop world, Karol is sure to remind folks of someone, either because of her look or her style. Who do you see/hear? Anyway, check out this short piece, some great pics and a few videos that will introduce you to her work. Check her out!


Original article entitled: A mistura de batuques e rimas de Karol Conká

By Catarina Cicarelli

It was a great surprise when Karol Conká was called to receive the artista revelação (Best New Artist Award) award at the Prêmio Multishow (Multishow Awards) (1) in early September. Even the rapper was shocked to win over names such as Anitta and Clarice Falcão, artists with more recognition.


“I definitely didn’t expect it. It’s a thing that is still sinking in for me,” said Karol, in an interview. From the city of Curitiba (2), she confesses that the difficulty of not living in the Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo axis has imposed some difficulties on her career.

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“In rap, it’s a rare thing to see [someone outside this axis]. It’s a space that we’re acquiring gradually,” she reflects.

Karol at the Prêmio Multishow 2013
Karol at the Prêmio Multishow 2013 where she surprised many and beat Anitta for Best New Artist of the year

The rapper started in the genre at age 17, because she “hung out with skater kids and liked that language.” The rap she does, however, gets a new face with the addition of references to African rhythms, Samba and even MPB (Música Popular Brasileira or Brazilian Popular Music).


“I’ve always been more eclectic, to know the language of the people,” she says, citing influences from (MBP artist) Jorge Ben Jor and (Rio-based rapper) MV Bill. Whoever has listened to her recent debut album, Batuk Freak, may be reminded of Nicki Minaj and M.I.A listening to frantic tracks like “Corre, Corre Erê” (see video below).

Cover of CD "Batuk Freak"
Cover of CD “Batuk Freak”

“I think it’s natural making the comparison. It’s a minority that does these experiments,” she says. Karol Conká is planning a tour of Europe, although there’s still no date. She also expects more recognition and “maybe win other awards.”

Gandaia – Karol Conka – Video-Clipe Oficial – Toddy Ivon – Nave Beatz

Boa Noite – Karol Conka

Karol Conka – Corre, Corre Erê

Karol Conka em “Sandália” no Estúdio Showlivre 2013

Source: Destak Jornal


1. The Prêmio Multishow de Música Brasileira is a musical award show featured on Multishow channel, whose first edition took place in 1994 with the aim of rewarding the best of the year in Brazilian music through a vote of its audience and (since 2011) a specialized jury composed of journalists and technicians of the music industry. In 1994, was it was called the TVZ Award and became known as the Prêmio Multishow only in 1998. Until 2008 the award was held at the Municipal Theater of Rio. Currently the award is held at Arena Multiuso (HSBC), in Rio de Janeiro. Source

2. Curitiba is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Paraná. The city’s population numbers approximately 1,760,500 people as of 2010, making it the eighth most populous city in the country, and the largest in Brazil’s South Region. Source

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