“You disgusting black!”: Doctor is victim of racism during a treatment at University hospital

Médico é vítima de racismo durante atendimento no hospital Universitário (capa)

Note from BW of Brazil: By now you surely know the routine. 1) Racism in Brazil doesn’t exist. 2) If blacks get an education, are well-dressed and have respected occupations, they will not experience discrimination based on race. If you are a follower of this blog, you know that number one is absolutely absurd and indicative of a deception that still hasn’t been sufficiently put to rest. In reference to number two, there are plenty of black doctors and lawyers who can attest this myth as well. In short, just another day in Brazil’s “racial democracy”. 

Doctor is victim of racism during a medical treatment at University hospital

By Priscilla Peres

Dr. José Ronaldo da Silva was a victim of a racial slur at the university hospital
Dr. José Ronaldo da Silva was a victim of a racial slur at the university hospital

A doctor who was on duty at the University Hospital (Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul or Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul) on the morning of December 6th was a victim of racism by a patient who demanded to be treated, even without symptoms. The case was filed by the Civil Police of Campo Grande (1), as a (racial) injury.

Hospital Universitário de Campo Grande
Hospital Universitário de Campo Grande

According to the boletim de ocorrência (BO or police report), the doctor José Ronaldo da Silva, 38, was called into the hospital lobby to meet a patient who complained of chest pains, and was taken and medicated at the health center of Aero Rancho neighborhood.

However, being attended by the doctor, the patient Altair Arce, 64, didn’t complain of having any serious symptom, but demanded that his records be reopened so he could treated. The doctor said he would tend to him, but at the moment the emergency room was full and there was no bed.

Also according to the BO, the victim was dissatisfied with the response and said “I don’t want your explanations you preto nojento (disgusting black)”. The doctor summoned security to contain the elderly man and then the police arrested him.

The call had been taken by the doctor Vanessa Colman, who came to tend to the senior who fell ill due to high pressure. Both were driven to the police station for appropriate procedures.

Source: Campo Grande News


1. Campo Grande is the capital and largest city of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

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  1. I think the expression “preto nojento” is even stronger than “disgusting black”. It’s more like “filthy nigger”, extremely offensive.

  2. It always amuses me that the only insult these ppl can ever throw out is racial. They can’t find a thing else to say about you so they have to dig for the old standard racial insult in the hopes it is stir up some emotion in you.

    This is the push back for Black people going into positions of authority and influence. Some folks don’t want to see that, they don’t want to be told what to do by a Black person. In his mind this young doctor should have been the porter or maintenance not the doctor to tell him that he will not be receiving treatment in the manner he desire. Black people hold your heads up and keep pushing for the top. The push back will happen, racist losers are getting nervous, they don’t want the status quo to change, but push on to the highest that you can get to. Success is the best revenge. Nothing eats away at the heart of the oppressors than seeing black success and achievement. You always gotta be wise to the program though, and know that every provocation will come your way to see you fail, or fall into their traps.

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