Divas of Hip-Hop show! Ladies rockin’ the mic Brazilian style: see the whole show

Estúdio Showlivre - Divas Do Hip-Hop

Note from BW of Brazil: Hip Hop in Brazil caught the imagination of young people a few years after emerging from the underground of US black and Latino ghettos in the late 1970s. And like its American counterpart, Hip Hop in Brazil has gone through various stages and continues to evolve, sometimes in ways that the movement’s fans and hardcore activists don’t support. But fortunately, there are still a number of rappers that continue to bring the real flavor of Hip Hop. A recent all-star slam that was streamed live last week is just a sample of this. Check out the Divas of Hip Hop show and see how a  few of Brazil’s female rappers get down. 

Divas of Hip-Hop show from the Showlivre Studio

On Nov. 16, Showlivre released the recording of which was the invasion of Divas of Hip-Hop in its Estúdio Showlivre (Showlivre Studio). Tássia Reis, Yzalú, Pamelloza, Karol de Souza, Stefanie, Cris SNJ, Livia Cruz and Amanda Negra Sim, staged the largest invasion of women rappers in Estúdio Showlivre.

Stills from "Divas do Hip Hop" show at Estúdio Showlivre
Stills from “Divas do Hip Hop” show at Estúdio Showlivre

But the ‘girl power’ was not only in the presence of rappers, but also the band that accompanied them. The band was formed by all women, wonderful musicians that almost brought the studio down.

Estúdio Showlivre - Divas Do Hip-Hop (2)

And make no mistake, do not expect glamour and carões from our DIVAS OF HIP-HOP, although they use the term “diva”, the girls have ‘swaga (swag), ‘swing’, and plenty of attitude to spare on the ‘mic’.

Check out the full performance of the Divas of Hip Hop that was streamed live on January 16th.

Source: Rolling Soul Brasil

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