Disturbing video surfaces showing security guards humiliating & continuously slapping an apologetic black woman caught stealing food from a supermarket

polc3adcia do rio investiga vc3addeo em que mulher negra c3a9 torturada
polc3adcia do rio investiga vc3addeo em que mulher negra c3a9 torturada


Note from BW of Brazil: It’s sometimes quite shocking to see how the oppressed can be trained to oppress the oppressed. I only became aware of this video a few days ago and it’s quite disturbing and difficult to watch. Brazil is a country, like many others, in which the vast majority of people are powerless against big business, banking and politic interests. Perhaps to make themselves feel that they too can participate in authoritarian ideals, the powerless will often in turn take their feelings of powerlessness out on the only people of whom they can feel they have some power: other powerless people. A security guard? A person who is most likely paid very poorly himself taking out aggression on a helpless black woman and then filming it. The woman was caught stealing food which means she probably doesn’t have the means to feed herself. OK, so she was caught stealing, does that justify such treatment? Considering the lynchings we’ve seen over the past few years, ‘m afraid to hear the response to this question. 

A better question.

Would the same coward dishing out the beating do the same if he had caught one of the many rich, white male political figures who have been robbing Brazil blind in this latest political scandal? If President Michel Temer has his way, this guy will be working until he’s 70 years old, but I’m sure he wouldn’t have the courage to attack him in the same manner even though Temer controls his life in a manner that this black woman cannot.  One thing is for sure, with people like these security guards treating people this way to uphold “justice”, the Brazilian government clearly has nothing to worry about.            

Police in Rio investigate a video in which a black woman is tortured

by Luiza Sansão

 “Respect the fucking security, dammit!” yells one of the attackers, alleged security guards at a supermarket in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro

A video that shows a black woman being tortured by two men, supposedly security guards of a supermarket in Madureira, neighborhood in the North zone of the capital of Rio de Janeiro is being investigated by Rio’s Civil Police.

In video, woman is shown being continuously slapped and verbally humiliated by security guards

The recording was posted on the page of a former Goiânia state deputy on Facebook on Thursday (2/16) with the caption: “Woman is caught stealing food in a supermarket in Madureira/RJ and security guards abuse her in punishment.”

“Young man, I’m sorry!” begs the woman at the beginning of the recording, pushed against a wall.

“Look here!” the man orders, unleashing a string of slaps on the woman’s face. “Are you going to steal from again?” he continued, without interrupting the assaults and holding her arms to prevent the victim from protecting her face. “Eu não vou roubar mais aqui!” (I won’t steal here anymore), she repeated, with each blow, obeying the man, who shouted, “Fucking respect security, dammit!”. He also used an object similar to a wooden paddle to beat her.

While the woman merely apologizes with a crying expression and exhaustively repeats that she wouldn’t steal anymore, the second man, who records the video, psychologically tortures her, directing her to look in the direction of the camera and say, “I stole it and that’s why I’m being beaten.” Then the other holds the victim by the hair and bangs her head against the wall with force, saying: “Don’t come here again, damn it!”.


The blows don’t stop throughout the minute and 33 seconds of recording, which ends with the second man who was filming, passing the apparatus to the first and striking the head of the victim with a flip flop as the woman, who cries, is forced to hold her hands back. “Move your hand!” he repeats, as he attacks her. The two even ask where she lives.

There are no elements that identify the establishment where the incident occurred and the faces of the attackers don’t appear in the video.

The Civil Police said that the 29th Police Station (Madureira) “took notice of the information provided by the press and social networks” and that “police investigation is under way to find out what happened.”

Source: Ponte

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