“Disgusting black”: woman accuses neighbor of racism and of releasing dog on her

Note from BBT: What kind of sh** is this? When this story came across my time line I wondered for a minute if this was the 1960s south in United States or 21st century Brazil. There seems to be no limit on how people express theur disdain for black people. Siccing a dog on someone? And again, this coming from a country that swears up and down its citizens treat each other with love and respect with no regard for race. I’m kinda curious about what provoked this act.

One clue could be the neighborhood where it happened. Recreio dos Bandeirantes is a considered a bairro nobre, or upper crust neighborhood in Rio’s West Zone and I’ve noticed a sort of “what are you doing here?” type attitude toward black people when they live in areas that many believe is/should be reserved for only white people (see here, here or here). Don’t have any other clues here, but calling someone a “disgusting black woman” really leaves little else to consider.

Izabele Santiago was called a “disgusting black woman” by a neighbor

Disgusting black”: woman accuses neighbor of racism and of releasing dog on her

Educator Izabele Santiago had leg injuries caused by the animal’s attack and will move out of the condominium where she lives

By Juliana Barbosa

A 36-year-old teacher reported having been a victim of racism and physical aggression in the condominium where she lives, in the Recreio dos Bandeirantes district of Rio de Janeiro. Izabele Santiago said that a neighbor called her a “preta nojenta” (disgusting black) and unleashed her dog on her, causing injuries to the teachers’s leg.

On social media, the teacher said she was waiting for the elevator when the resident left with a medium-sized dog, without using a muzzle. The animal advanced on her and, according to her account, the owner said the dog would get angrier if she screamed more.

It was at that moment that the woman said, according to Izabele: “If you say anything else, I will sick him on you, you disgusting black woman”. Izabele suffered injuries to her right leg and is taking medications.

The teacher said that the case was formalized in the book of occurrences of the administration of the condominium and that the property manager has given her full support.

She suffered injuries to her right leg after the woman’s dog attacked her

“The emotional burden is very great and I confess that I am scared too. So far, she hasn’t even made an apology. The human being is very disoriented. I only saw the images today, it looks like a horror movie. She comes back running to sick the dog on me,” recalled Izabele.

“It is open hate, the feeling I have is of impunity, sadness and reflection. Knowing where we as a society we are going wrong. She was a young girl, she must have been 25 years old at the most, that is, she should be more articulate in understanding situations, but no, she was a bad person,” she continued.


Izabele said that she left the condo after posting it on her social networks for fear that something might happen to her.

“There is no way to stay here, I don’t feel safe. Nobody in the condo was talking about it, but now everyone is talking. We don’t know the evil that is in the person’s heart. We are not in the heart of the next person, times are bad. A person who attacks you inside the elevator, with a camera, with everything. She kept walking her dog as if nothing has happened,” she explained.

The Civil Police said, in a note, that, “according to the 42nd Police Precinct (Recreio dos Bandeirantes), the fact was registered at the unit. The police will hear the victim, the perpetrator and witnesses. Images from cameras that can prove the aggression have been collected and the investigation is ongoing.” The case was registered as racial injury and bodily injury.

Source: Metropoles

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