Dionne Warwick honored in the Rio community of Vidigal

The singer received a certificate for her collaboration in a cultural event

Warwick watches a performance by the group Nós do Morro

Dionne Warwick, who is in Brazil for a series of concerts, was honored on Wednesday afternoon (29). The singer was greeted with affection and honor at an event in the community of Vidigal, in the south zone of Rio and watched a percussion performance by the group Nós do Morro.

Black women Brazil
Warwick poses for photos with the group

After closely watching the performance of the young group, Dionne received a certificate from the State Department of Social Welfare and Human Rights for her role as a collaborator in the event Arrastão Cultural Sustentável (Sustainable Cultural Network) back in June of this year in Rio.The singer affectionately said a few words at the mic and even posed for pictures with some members of the group.

Source: O Fuxico
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  1. Hello from London England….could someone please tell me the title of the Brazilian-flavored CD/LP Miss Warwick made a few years back, please?

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