December 25th! If you believe in Jesus, you must accept a few facts: He was born in Africa and was a black man



Note from BW of Brazil: Here’s wishing that you and yours had a wonderful Christmas day Winter Solstice! With that said, let’s be clear about something here. This writer is not into any sort of religion so this post will have nothing to do with the fictionalized portrait of a man who was thought to have walked the Earth some 2,015 years ago but rather a few words on myth and historical inaccuracies. 

Many years ago, I, like perhaps billions of people around world, believed in the story about this guy named Jesus who I was taught was born on December 25th, raised people from the dead, walked on water, had 12 disciples, died and rose from the dead three days later. Yes, I believed in it although I always found these ideas a bit strange. The fact is, the only way one can truly believe in such things is through a deep process of indoctrination. One example shall suffice to prove my point. 

Many years ago, long after I learned the truth about the origins of Christian myths, I remember having gone to local bookstore with the young daughter of one of my best friends. At 11 years of age, the youngster had become enamored with Greek mythology and knowing that the girl hadn’t been raised in Christian doctrine, and that her father had also come to reject these beliefs, I decided to initiate a dialogue about the story of Jesus Christ that, as I knew from past studies, had many similarities with Greek Mythology as well as those of numerous other cultures. 

After telling me that she didn’t know much of anything about Jesus, I summed up his life story with the brief description that I wrote in the paragraph before the previous one. After listening to the summary, the girl looked at me and asked a question that anyone who hadn’t been indoctrinated with such ideas and frightened into accepting them through threats of an eternal afterlife in inferno: “How could he do that?”

Another intriguing piece of this story has to do with something we touched upon in an earlier post today: whiteness as the sole gatekeeper of knowledge. And as those persons who consider themselves to be white have long plundered, exploited, murdered and subjugated the world’s people of color, and in doing so crowning themselves the world’s most important, most beautiful, intelligent and powerful people on the planet, the words of the first Prime Minister of India seem to ring true: “History is almost always written by the victors.” Or, just as fitting are the words of French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte when he said that “history is a set of lies that people have agreed upon.” Both of these classic quotes can be applied very well to the history of Africa and its people. 

Due to the worldwide system of white supremacy, history would have us believe that Africans have contributed nothing to the history of the world and that its people are the most backward savages in the world. Very few people actually take the time to do their own research and find out if these ideas are actually true or not and the story of the man we’ve come to know as Jesus Christ is perhaps one of the most fabled lies to be ever be accepted as true. No matter how you dissect it, from the numerous god-men who have similar stories as Jesus, or the winter solstice representing the sun’s symbolic three day “death” and return to life or the numerous mythical stories in the Bible that are based on astrology, after analyzing the facts behind the myths, one cannot continue to believe in such creative fairy tales. 


Our mainstream media has also played its role in these great deceptions by continuously portraying one of the world’s greatest ancient civilizations, Egypt, as having been primarily peopled by persons with European features, this despite the works of people such as Gerald Massey, Robert Bauval or Martin Bernal. One way that academics of African descent have attempted to reclaim a hidden and suppressed history of African peoples is through the re-telling of historical events, figures and civilizations and re-casting them as black with this historical revisionism sometimes applying this blackening to the figure known as Jesus Christ. My stance on this ideology has remained the same over the past few decades.

Making Jesus black doesn’t change the fact that his story is a myth.

As such, the post featured today doesn’t represent any sort of co-signing on the historicity of Jesus perspective, but rather a simple assertion that much of history as it is taught in schools is either partially true or outright lies. Not believing in the Jesus story doesn’t diminish the fact that much of what we today call the Middle East, including the Arabian Peninsula, were once parts of Africa and inhabited by black-skinned people. So if people do in fact believe in the fable about JC, they should at least consider some historical aspects of what types of people would have lived in the lands said character is said to have inhabited. And when one does this, one will be forced to either come to some very different conclusions of what they have always believed…or continue living in the world of fantasy. 


Jesus was born in Africa and was black

By Douglas Belchior

The text that I replicate here was also shared in 2012 by my friend Jonathan Marcelino, a doctoral student in Human Geography at USP, a scholar of racial issues and a person   extremely committed to the anti-racist struggle.

When I read it, I remembered immediately a passage from the movie Muhammad Ali, when he fighting with his father, said he didn’t earn his living painting Jesus blond with blue-eyes…

The boy Jesus and his family were born in Africa, hid among blacks by confusing with them … and for those who believe it, there are Biblical sources.


By Jonathan Marcelino

Jesus was born in Africa. The Gospels say explicitly that Jesus was born in “Bethlehem of Judea in the days of King Herod” (cf. Mt 2.1. 2, (Lk 2: 4.15), (Jn 7: 40-43).

In ancient times, including the time of Jesus, Bethlehem of Judah was considered a part of Africa. Until the construction of the Suez Canal, Israel was part of Africa. This view was to last until 1859, when the French engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps began to build the Suez Canal. From there, it was separated from Africa not only geographically, but above all historically, culturally and anthropologically of what we now call the Middle East. That ancient extent of Africa now passed to finger into maps as if outside Asia.

Jesus, a man with feet of burned bronze, with skin the color of jasper and carnelian and hair made of lamb’s wool.

Jesus had black presence in his family line. The genealogy of Jesus was mixed with the line of Ham from the captivity in ancient times in Egypt and Babylon. In the ancestors of Jesus through Cam, the feminine side of this mixture, there are five women mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus Christ (Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary) (Matthew 1: 1-16). The first ladies were mentioned were of Cam’s ancestry. Thus, Jesus can be acclaimed by ethnically Semitic peoples and descendants of Cam.

Jesus was from the tribe of Judah, one of the African tribes of Israel. Male ancestors of Jesus come from Sem’s line (miscegenated). However, the genealogy of Jesus was mixed with the line of Ham from the captivity in ancient times in Egypt and Babylon. The ancestor of Jesus through Cam is narrated in Genesis 38: So Tamar, a Canaanite (Black) woman becomes pregnant by Judah, and gives birth to twins Zerah and Perez, forming the Tribe of Judah, ancestors of King David’s and of José e Maria (Joseph and Mary), Jesus’ earthly parents.

If Jesus were white, blond with blue eyes, it would have been difficult for him and his family to hide among the black Egyptians without being noticed.

Jesus hid among Blacks. It was no accident that God sent Mary and Joseph to Egypt in order to hide the baby Jesus from King Herod (Matthew 2:13). He could not have been hidden in North Africa if it were a white boy. Not by military protection since at that time Egypt was a Roman province under Roman control, but because Egypt was still a country inhabited by black people. So Joseph, Mary and Jesus would have been just another black family among blacks, who had fled to Egypt in order to hide Jesus from Herod, who was trying to kill the boy. If Jesus were white, blond with blue eyes, would have been difficult for him and his family to hide among the black Egyptians without being noticed. The Hebrew people was very similar to the Egyptian people, otherwise it would have been difficult to recognize a Hebrew family among Black Egyptians.

It was in Egypt that the people of Israel had its peak of blackness. Seventy Israelites entered Egypt and stayed there for 430 years, thirty years the Israelites were guests, and 400 years captives in Egypt, they and their descendants intermarried with non-Israelites, reaching more than 600,000 men, women and children. They left Egypt a mixed crowd. Ethnically, their ancestors were a combination of afro-asiáticos (Afro-Asians).

Jesus was similar to a stone of jasper and carnelian. In Apocalipse (Revelations) the Bible continues to show the blackness of Jesus. He is called the Lamb of God according to the Bible, with his woolly hair, being compared to sheep’s wool, and feet with the color of burned bronze (Revelations 1:15), with an appearance similar to stone of jasper and sardonyx (Rev. 4: 3), which are usually brownish stones. The colors of jasper and carnelian are not unique and absolute, they are different colors.

Source: Negro Belchior/Carta Capital

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  1. I think you can have an argument for Jesus being “African” but not really n the sense that interests us. in Mathew it is very clear he’s lineage was 100% Jewish/Hebrew and the modern sense of this would definitely not be “black African”. I think this is a false push blacks do not really need, but than again I’m not religious and understand why some people would like to believe it.

    • PTR, if you took a moment to do some research on this subject, you would discover that the ancient Hebrews were Black. You would also discover that the Christ story originated in Kemet (Africa).

      The oldest artistic representations of Christ as a Black man are scattered from a end of Europe to the other. I’m absolutely amazed at how many people say that they love Christ but know absolutely nothing about the origins of Christ.

      Emotional attachment to a lie is not only insane but a form of slavery. Free yourself! Do your own research and the truth will begin to reveal itself to you.

      • Hi H Lee Johnson,

        I did take some time to do some research and what I have discovered is that the majority of scattered evidence that exists point to the fact that first-century Hebrews were middle Easterns (not African Black). This could be a lie too, of course but it’s where the evidence has led me. The European-centric depiction of Jesus is for sure a lie, but that is a different lie altogether. Maybe I looked in the wrong (white washed) sources. I’m not saying that could not be the case.

        There is very little in the Bible about the appearance of Jesus, so the only guide one can use is really how the Jews from that time look like. Personally, I find far more likely they were semitic people resembling how they still look like today. Here I’m taking also into account how Jews mixing with other Jews is and always have been in the order of the day for them. All their ancient documents point to this. How this very selective mixture of blacks mixing with blacks for thousands of years could have led to people who are so genetically different from Africans is very hard to understand to me (such a change should take considerable more time from a evolutionary point of view).

    • That she stop being ignorant saying their is little on his appearance. The bible tell his description their wasn’t and have not been no damn white man or women with that description. He tell you enough. We look for to much wen he say he tell us clear as day.and he was born in Africa over the years the land has broken apart all over the world.most continents where together at one point.the ground shift and they broke apart. Face the fact.we are the supreme being from wen the world was dark and we are the chosen ones.

      • Chosen ones???? Ok be the chosen one in all you say an do. But your grammar and diction is terrible so start working in that first.

  2. A few facts in here, but no more factual than the historical truths in the Christian Holy Bible. I suppose that Judaism and the Torah are also myths, according to this writer. When it comes to faith in anything, it boils down to one’s choice on what they care to believe. This is one persons research and doctrine, no different than the mulitude of others out there.There is one very important piece missing, and that is the spiritual and supernatural encounters with God, through Jesus the Christ. This cannot be taught, nor argued. Millions have found truth in the so called almost 2000 year myth, based on far more than indoctrination. Obviously those who have not had these supernatural experiences, would doubt them. I am sad for them, but will continue to be a devout follower of the teachings of Jesus, accept him as the Savior and King that he is, as well as spread the good news that he so well represents.

  3. PTR like many lack the information and the understanding.The area named”Middleeast” by whitefolks was all part of Africa.Who do you think were the original occupants and builders even of Jerusalem.I’m teaching you now…The Jebusites were the original people and they come from the lineage of Ham-father of the Africans.Nimrod was the founder of Babylon now Iraq and what do you think he was? A cushite or east African. Its exasperating how misinformed people are!

    • Paul,

      I’m not disputing that region being part of Africa. What I’m trying to understand is who was living there (which ethnic group). Let’s assume there were mostly African blacks living there. OK, I can accept that. That means blacks have written the Talmud, Torah and are also the founders of Judaism. OK, let’s also assume that is true too. Since this was only 2000 years ago, where did the modern so-called “ethnic Jews” come from? At some point that ethnic group needs to enter the equation somehow. Even if we attribute all these foundations to blacks (as it is actually the case e.g. with most of the sciences), in this particular case it’s necessary to explain how “ethnic Jews” came into existence. Since you seem to be much better informed that I am, I would very much like to hear your theory.

  4. I don’t know why black folks are following an Abrahamic religion/faith that wasn’t originated in Africa! It was originated in the middle east better known as West Asia! If (a big if) Abrahamic Religions was in Africa it was corrupt and bastardized by outsiders! This is why I say we (as an West African descendants) need a new belief system that is different and unique to us! And nobody shall try to undermine it, if so we will have spiritual guards that will guard our new belief system!

    • (KEMET) Africa is the cradle of mankind. Visit Turkana’s Koobi Fora and get to see the oldest human kind remains. Older than the story of Adam or possibly Them.
      Then revisit your map and see the geographic location of The Garden of Eden.
      Then revisit the story of Abraham’s calling and take note of where the moon rises. It rises in the west and Abraham’s ancestry was from moon worshippers, the Asians.
      The land of the black was inhabited, it’s people worshipped God, very powerful God till the European version came to twist everything. They only make Africans’ history begin at slave trade while they took our documented history and hid it underground in the Roman Empire.

      Maybe knowing too much never helped but i keep asking do all those of different believes from The European god all go to hell? Judgment lies between your time of dying and death. You don’t know the true version till you die!

    • That statement is just ignorant an you are a waste of space. Find something constructive to bring to the conversation like an intelligent person.

  5. One Thing Is Sure, JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD! We need no other argument, it is enough that JESUS died to save mankind from sin!! The greatest ignorance is not knowing JESUS CHRIST AS PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOUR!!! It is not yet late for you, accept JESUS CHRIST AS THE SAVIOUR TODAY!!!!

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