Criminal lawyer is shot dead in her home

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Isabel Cristina Machado

This year it is estimated that over 850,000 tourist have flocked to Rio de Janeiro to participate in this year’s Carnaval! But alas, amongst all of the celebrating, the arrival of Carnaval also came with sadness and questions of “why”. On the eve of the start of Carnaval, a prominent lawyer was assassinated in her home in cold blood. Below is an interpretation of how Inter TV of Rio de Janeiro and the website Mamapress is reporting the incident. We will update this situation as the investigation continues. 

Criminallawyer is shot dead in her home in Cabo Frio*
Isabel Cristina Machado was home with herboyfriend when she was surprised by two armed men.
RJ’s INTER TV 2nd Edition

A criminal lawyer was shot dead in her home on Fridayafternoon (19) in Cabo Frio. The crime occurred in the neighborhood Guarani.

Isabel Cristina Machado, 44, was home with herboyfriend when she was surprised by two armed men. The robbers found thebackyard gate open, entered and forced the couple to sit on the sofa. The victimwas killed next to her companion who was not injured.

Machado, standing, second from the left

The murder of Machado, a criminal attorney and President of the OAB-RJ (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil/Brazilian Bar Association, Rio de Janeiro branch) on the eve of Brazil’s yearly Carnaval caused an uproar in the legal, social, black and women’s movement in Brazil and abroad. According to neighbors, five shots were fired.Isabel died instantly and the two men fled. An investigation has begun, but atthe moment there are no clues about the killers, their whereabouts or a clear motive for the crime. 

According to the website, MamapressMachado, was involved in the struggle for human rights and was herself taken away in a cruel way that that has been repeated in the statistics of violence and the slow and systematic genocide of the black Brazilian woman.

*- City in the state of Rio de Janeiro

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