Confusion at Rio’s Black Beauty contest: Contestants paid fees, organizer cancels on day of event; blames it on economic crisis. Was it a scam?

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Note from BW of Brazil: As in past events, the objective of holding black beauty events is to shine the light on black women whose representation is always either non-existent or extremely under-represented in other contests that are supposed to represent ALL Brazilian women. Even in states in which black women are the majority of the population. Need we remind you once again, that in more than 60 years of Miss Brasil contests, a black woman has won only onceThus, we looked forward with great anticipation to the latest in Rio’s Miss Black Beauty Brazil competition. What ended up happening was a shame. In the first report, this is how the finale scheduled for yesterday was reported last week. 

Finale of Miss Black Beauty Brazil contest takes place this Sunday in Rio

Thirty-two finalists vying for the title of the contest. Singer Xande Pilares will enliven the event with samba.

Courtesy of G1


The final selection of Miss Black Beauty Brazil happens on Saturday (2) (Celso Clapp) with the finale of taking place next Sunday (10)

Sunday (10) will be the finale of the Miss Black Beauty Brazil contest at Shopping Nova América, in Del Castilho, in the suburb of Rio. Thirty-two finalists will compete for the title of the contest.

MBNB 2016

Singer Xande de Pilares will be responsible for livening up the event with samba, which will include the participation of other musical groups such as the AfroReggae, Makala and bacteria (drum choir) show of Caprichosos de Pilares. The opening of the festival is because of the Baile de Charme do Viaduto de Madureira (Charm Dance at Viaduto de Madureira)

2 E
The field of competitors was narrowed down to 32 in elimination rounds


Event: Finale of the Black Beauty Brazil contest

Location: Shopping Nova América

Address: Avenida Pastor Martin Luther King Júnior, 126 – Del Castilho.

Date: Sunday, January 10th, starting at 4pm

Classification: 16 years of age

Note from BW of Brazil: And the following report sums up what ended up happening yesterday…

Miss Black Beauty Brazil Contest be taken to police

Candidates paid in addition to the registration, room and board, which should have been paid by organizers (Photo: Márcio Alves)

By Rafaella Barros

About 20 contestants of the Miss Black Beauty Brazil went to the 44th DP (precinct) in Inhaúma Sunday to register complaints against the organizers of the event. The final selection, with 32 candidates, was to take place at the samba school of the Caprichosos de Pilares in Rio, but was postponed to the 31st, according to information of the event on Facebook.

The young women say they have been victims of a setback because each paid R$400 enrollment and finale fee of the contest, which, originally scheduled for November, had been postponed several times.

“Today was the last straw because they canceled it at the last minute. Everyone was already in the hotel and found out on Facebook,” reported the student Camila Portugal, 21.

Ricardo Madruga, (right) event organizer

According to competitors, Ricardo Madruga, the event organizer, told the candidates that he couldn’t afford to give the money back and not to put on the finale, due to the economic crisis.

In addition to the registration, the candidates had to pay for food and lodging, which should have been paid by the organization, according to the regulation. Many came from other cities to attend the event.

Candidates in front of the hotel that they had to pay for (Photo: Márcio Alves)

“I’m from Barra Mansa. I even spent R$90 for transportation and bought twelve R$30 tickets for friends and family,” said dressmaker Karine Priscila de Souza, 33, who fainted at finding that only one of the three days at the hotel had been paid.

The competition was attended by participants from around the country, including from other states, such as Amazonas, Bahia and Santa Catarina. The candidate Esther Ponciano, 17, came out of Guarujá, in São Paulo, with her mother, who had to pay for three days at the hotel at a cost of R$129 per day.

“Ricardo also said he would help us climb the career ladder. I’m very upset. There were promises on promises,” she vented. The young woman also reported that on Friday, when they arrived at the hotel, a cocktail was planned, but only water was served. In addition, one of the event organizers said “they had no resistration” to one of the sites that had also been scheduled for the event, the Monte Líbano club at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas in Rio’s South Zone.

Ricardo testified yesterday at the 44th Precinct. Police said the case will be submitted today to the 24th precinct (in Piedade), that will carry out the investigation. Journalists weren’t able to reach Ricardo. On the Facebook page, the organization attributed the incident to the economic crisis.

Check out the full statement posted on the organization’s Facebook page:

“Rio de Janeiro, January 10, 2016.

To whom it may concern,

The Miss Black Beauty contest has taken place for 25 years and revealed to the country muses representing Brazilian natural beauty. From its conception and production in the Carioca City (Rio) the event was the contribution of associated companies and personalities who supported the movement of dissemination of culture.

The elimination rounds, culminating in the selection of 32 high level candidates gathered, in various regions, those interested and admirers. The fact reflected in favor of the success of the agreements that guaranteed the financial security of the event, but the withdrawal of one the quotas, because of setbacks of the current crisis, upended strategies and for the purpose of the insurance everyone involved, scheduled the production to the postponement of the grand finale parade.

In this registration we cover all employees and especially the candidates that made this festival of beauty something big. We thank the press which published and covered the crucial moments of the project. And the public who supported us earns our affection and gratitude. Attention to the public who have already purchased tickets that the production is available for clarification and appropriate actions. Soon we will contact you for more information on developments of the project.

That is all for the moment,

We sign, with regards”

Note from BW of Brazil: So, what do you think? Was it a scam? Needless to say, the result of the contest sounds suspicious and didn’t need to happen. Several questions need to answered here.

1) If there was a financial problem, I’m sure the organizer of the event knew before the day of the event. The proof of this is the fact that it had been postponed several times already. Why did he choose to wait until the last minute to cancel?

2) Knowing the event wouldn’t happen, why didn’t he contact all of the participants personally rather posting something so impersonal on Facebook where the actual contestants found out at the same time and in the same way as everyone else?

3) He claims not to have the money, but will he seek a way to re-reimburse the funds the ladies invested in the contest? If not, hopefully they take him court.

The ladies didn’t deserve to be treated like this and we can only hope for an outcome that is fair for their investment, be it complete financial reimbursement or re-scheduling of the event with full expenses paid for! 

Source: G1, Extra, R7

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  1. That is horrible! This so called organizer should be charged for false advertisement and stealing. Let’s see the final round was down to 32 contestants – this doesn’t include everyone that registered:

    400*32=12,800 alone + each contestant had to pay for their hotels! Insane!

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