Aparecida Petrowky: Compared to Rhianna, Halle, Beyonce and others, see her gallery of hairstyles from long and straight, to curly, short and afro – Who does she remind you of?

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Actress Aparecida Petrowky became known to most Brazilians through her role on the Globo TV novela Viver a Vida in 2009. Although she made a name for herself playing the role of Sandrinha in that soap opera, her real life before fame had enough drama in it that it could be turned into a soap opera too! Read more about that here.

We previously featured her here when she started rockin’ a more natural looking ‘fro, or what they call “black power” in Brazil. But throughout her life in the spotlight, Aparecida has been known to be adventurous with her hairstyles. Over the years, the Brazilian press has compared her various looks to many well-known black actresses and singers. Take a look at the hair gallery below and see who she’s been compared to. In some of the photos, we here at BWofBrazil make our own comparisons.

Feel free to do the same. Who does Aparecida remind you of in these photos?

The press frequently compares Aparecida to Caribbean princess Rhianna

This pic had the press comparing her look to actress Halle Berry

And they compared this look to 80s Flashdance actress Jennifer Beal

Of course, the Brazilian media always tries to link folks to superstar Beyonce.

See the “Brazilian Beyonces” post here

BWofBrazil thinks Aparecida has a bit of Keri Hilson flavor going on here

 BWofBrazil sees a bit of Mel B. in Aparecida’s look in this pic. What say you?

This ‘do looks like something worn by journalist Robin Roberts

Toni Braxton and Aparecida are only two of the women we’ve seen rock this look!

Hate to backtrack, but we see something Halle-esque in ‘Cida’s look again!

A little fun! This is a wig Aparecida is wore for an acting role; Eddie Murphy’s “Sexual Chocolate” character from the movie Coming to America seemed to be the inspiration!


The Brazilian press compared this look to Brazilian singer Luis Caldas, who got in a bit of trouble for his lyrics about black women’s hair last year

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little of Aparecida’s hair history. To see the natural ‘fro she’s been rockin’ since April, see here

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  1. She is so cute and her husband is cute too. I’ve seen her on YOUTUBE starring in one of her soap episodes. She seem like a pretty good actress. Darn I wish I knew Portuguese.

  2. She looks like every last one of those ladies accept the racist dumbass at the end. Maaaan I would love for that piece of trash to try that shit in America. No worries though because he’ll never be an international sensation. Not here in America at least,

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