Comments about soccer star’s new white girlfriend show that Brazilians also see a problem

Soccer star Vagner Love's new relationship provoked a variety of online comments
Soccer star Vagner Love, a striker for the Russian soccer team, CSKA Moscow, and his new girlfriend provoked a variety of online comments

Note from BW of Brazil:Last year, the BW of Brazil blog posted a series of articles on the topic of interracial relationships, specifically those involving black Brazilian men (particularly those of wealth and fame) and white women. As you may or may not know, Brazil for many decades had defined itself a “racial democracy” where there is no discrimination based on color or race; where races freely mix without any of the complications that accompany such relationships in other multi-racial societies. As a matter of fact, the numerous interracial marriages and relationships in Brazil is one of the very things that those who defend the country against accusations of racism will bring up to support their arguments that Brazil is somehow “different”. After all, doesn’t a high rate of interracial marriage prove the in existence of  any racial problems? Well, it’s not quite that simple.


You see, in a country like Brazil where the dictatorship of whiteness/white supremacy reigns supreme and where its government once implemented a massive immigration program to attract European citizens to whiten the country, there is often more at play in these types of relationship than simply love and mutual attraction. We will explore this more in the coming days, but as Brazilians are quick to make the accusation that racial problems are simply the importation of problems of countries like the US that don’t apply to Brazil, we will take a peek at some of the comments people made about Brazilian soccer star Vagner Love’s new blond girlfriend. Comments are taken from the Yahoo Esporte Interativo and Globo Extra websites.

Before moving on to the comments, we must first reveal that it was not possible to translate all of the comments as there were a total of 246 comments on one of the sites and 36 on the other. The vast majority of the comments fit into a small group of opinions: 1) The black Brazilian man’s/black soccer player’s penchant for blond/white women, 2) Love is love, regardless of color, 3) This is another example of the “Maria Chuteira” (gold digger who seeks rich soccer players), 4) Those who comment on the racial aspect of the union are ridiculous for bringing it up, 5) Black Brazilians often accuse white Brazilians of racism but that black Brazilians are the ones who are actually more racist, against their own people, and a few others that won’t be discussed here. The objective of this post is to highlight the fact that many Brazilians perceive other factors at play in these relationships, including the lack of black identity/pride in these black men, an opinion that has been shared for many years on other websites and social networking sites such as Facebook and Orkut. 

The former star of the Rio de Janeiro-based Flamengo team now plays for a Russian team; he recently spent   a vacation with his new girlfriend, Lucilene Pires
The former star of the Rio de Janeiro-based Flamengo team now plays for a Russian team; he recently spent a vacation with his new girlfriend, Lucilene Pires

Comments translated into English from Portuguese. Original comments at end of English translations at bottom of post. 

Kurt Endel: Not even the black wants black; who is racist?

Nilza: When they are juveniles and juniors the players of the big (soccer) clubs receive only monthly support, they date maids, black girls, secretaries, after they become professionals and earn “rivers” of money they only want blondes; Brazil is a third world country and many Brazilian mentalities are too

Rubens: So it is! If he was a sandwich vendor on the beach she would only throw sand on him like a pretty woman on top of the hill. Afterward they don’t like to be called p…(puta or whore)

Helen Jurisch: Everything that is exotic calls attention my friends!! But the blond here is taking advantage (of him) because the guy is very ugly!! But he had money!

Robson: Nothing like money to clean the soul and the race. As the old Adolph Hitler said

Raimundo Valente: Just like Pelé, he only likes blondes.

Ury: Do you know why a monkey likes a banana so much? Because the banana is white, hahahaha!

Alexandre De Souza: At least he knows that it’s not for love but for money, Neymar also knows and Ronaldo also knows (that) what they like is the green and a lot of green, they even call the guy ugly with a pretty love, etc.

Valdecy Alves: If he was a guy with light (white) skin no one would protest. The disgraceful prejudice of these comments don’t make sense.

Aluisio: So many beautiful black women and this guy thinks this blond loves him (….) I want to see in a little time (when) she asks for a pension (from) this sucker

Aristoteles Almeida Filho: I wanted to see at his side a black wife like him,; rastafari..The majority of them when they get rich immediately get a blond. Isn’t he just like Pelé?

Bruno: The guy earns money and the first thing that he does is get a whiter and younger girlfriend…For the black guy, a blond is a trophy!

Lisa: My grandmother always said “for a black man a blond is a trophy!” I thought that this was mainly my grandmother’s prejudice…later I grew up noticing the reality and I can’t tell you how right she was! (Note: This comment received 20 “thumbs up”)

Mario: Eheheheh, is he black? Is he a soccer player, artist or celebrity? Full of money? He becomes handsome! Sexy, desired and interesting…He becomes a reverse racist! He only goes after blondes! A band of whores, a band of exploiters and look who has each pretty little black girl that stops traffic – I think, why do they prefer blondes??? Who’s qualified to respond?? Could Freud explain (this)???

DJ Adilson Oliveira: And afterward (it’s) the white man that is racist! See if he gets one of his color, see if Pelé gets one of his color! (It’s) only the white man that is racist!!

Francisco: Pure racism. Theirs. Every black player, including Pelé, never date black girls. Only white girls. Preference, blondes. Is this or is it not racism?

Paparapakowsky: Things that are very difficult to see:  The head of a codfish and a black man with another black (woman)!

Bibianna: It’s stupidity or low self-esteem.

Cissa: Another guy that denies his own race. I don’t understand, so many pretty black women in our country and these guys thinking that a white woman will give them more status, many of them quite surrounded by them.

Dina: It’s funny, if he’s poor a mulata is good enough, if he is rich it has to be a beautiful blond, for me, this is what’s called prejudice.

Borbanan: They are the first to have shame in themselves

Borbanan: “They” speak so much of pride, but they don’t have any pride…(Note: this comment received 34 “thumbs up”)

Meno: The black man loves a blond, she likes his cache (wallet/pockets)

Meno: Ugly white girl! There are black women that are more beautiful that this tribufu (ugly chick)

Rono: The black man likes a blond and a blond likes money. It’s the perfect couple.

Sandoval: Every black man…when he gets rich gets a blond. Who is (it that is) prejudiced? (Note: this comment received 77 “thumbs up”)

Micky: A black man when he is poor gets a black girl to date. When he gets rich, he gets a blond! Racists!!! (Note: This comment received 69 “thumbs up”)

Odeiotudo: One says so much about racism in this country but I don’t have any doubts in affirming that 90% of blacks with humble origins, at finding themselves swimming in money will soon look for an opportunistic blond to marry…Never they stay with their black girlfriends from their time in the community!!!!

George: Why is it when the black man improves in life, he denies his people? (Note: This comment received 65 “thumbs up”)

Indignaoeuto: This business of the blond with the black man, it’s the older that walking forward, this speaking of Pelé and his ex Assiria. The issue is that in these configurations of couples, the black man is never poor. The prejudice is on their part, when they attain money and prestige, instead of a beautiful black woman, they run after the blondes.

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  1. There is no greater sexual freedom than between Black men and the “ideal” white women. The culture represents white blond women as the ultimate unatainable aesthetic of beauty. The culture also represents Black men as the ultinate aesthetic of virility, strength, masculinity, and a much hotter sexual flame. They are forbidden fruit from each other. Naturally there is a burning desire on both sides to get together and taste the “Forbidden Fruit”. The only prohibition is to the white woman by the white man. “Once you go black, you can’t go back”. The threat is that once a white women has had sex with a black man, no self respecting white man will ever want to have her, so she will be socially shunned by white culture. This is the essence of the race problem. If it were medically impossible for black men to have sex with white women, there would be very little problem with Race.

    • A stupid comment. Many other races of men are just as intelligent and sexually satisfying than black men. No one is trying to keep white women and black men separate. I say you two deserve each other.

  2. BW can date out also. Do not sit and wait for any man, especially a bm. If bm are that stupid then you go out and get yourself another culture man. Other races of men appreciate bw women.

  3. That guy is not even close to ugly. They would make a nice couple without the money issue. Whoever says he’s ugly needs a higher standard of beauty and some self esteem.

  4. white people are neanderthals. Do black people in brazil not have fucking computers to respond to these hairy Portuguese barbarians?

    White people are racist by nature because their 97% human.

    How come they always leave those comments and nobody responds to it?

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