Clad in lingerie, dancer/model/actress Quitéria Chagas struts through the Rio neighborhood of Madureira

Afro Brazilian women
The Rio de Janeiro of Madureira smiled and paused to see Quitéria Chagas sashay through the streets with all her beauty on full display. Since returning to her post in front of the drums of the Império Serrano samba school, she became the darling of the whole community of Madureira, where the samba school is located. “The least I can do is reciprocate that affection,” said the mulata.

Quitéria began the photo session a little timid (“I had never been in lingerie in front of so many people!”), but she began to open up after so many manifestations of affection: “They shouted beautiful and sexy at me, of course, but everyone respected me a lot.” The Queen of Império stopped traffic, the walkway in front of the school and had the focus of van drivers. The only thing she didn’t do with her presence was shut down the stores. 

See more of Quitéria’s appearance in the streets of Madureira here

Source: Extra
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  1. She is a very beautiful sister, i can't deny it. I have never seen anything like this before. Has Rainha's done this before?

  2. And the purpose for this stupid and ridiculous display is what exactly? It's time for this women to have some 'dignity' and know that they don't have to put their bodies on display like this. What message do they send to the 'youth' of their country (a positive message I mean, besides the obvious one), when they do stuff like this?? Grownups behaving badly.

  3. I agree with preta4. it is a very ridiculous display of a woman.What is the point of reducing yourself and yor image for what? it's not proving anything for black women except showing how to demoralize yourself just to gain the eye of men, not to mention the young girls who have to grow up thinking that this is how a woman is suppose to carry herself. What a sad display of a woman, her parents must be proud…

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