Carol Agnelo: the beautiful dance instructor featured on one of Brazil’s highest rated weekly TV programs


With a little more than 20 years of age and a sculpted body, Carol Agnelo has attracted all eyes on Dança dos Famosos (Dance of the Famous), an offspring of the Dancing With the Stars series. Professor and partner of the comedian Nelson Freitas, she temporarily left the dance troupe of Globo TV’s Domingão do Faustão, the weekly Sunday evening variety show, to shine in the competition. “We rehearsed two hours per day for the frame. Nelson is a little hard, but he doesn’t delay in making the steps. I die of laughing during our routines.”

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Carol with comedian Nelson Freitas and performing with the comedian on Dança dos Famosos

Together the two performed routines that incorporated various dances steps including disco, lambada, street dance, fox trot, valsa, salsa, tango and of course, samba.


Carol is one of the few black women that one sees on the Domingão do Faustão show. Every Sunday evening on the show, the dancers entertain the crowd and television audience with sophisticated dance routines as a main feature, leading into or out of commercial breaks and backing up featured singers on the show.


A few of the dancers from the Domingão do Faustão variety show

Similar to the one or two black women one would see representing the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders or in Hooters magazine, out of about 25 or so dancers, black women are never more than two of the women featured in Domingão’s famous dance troupe.


Carol’s beautiful legs that stand out on the small screen were sculpted with many dance classes. She was almost born dancing. Currently, she gives classes at an academy and teaches the elderly as well as children to swing in the Vila Olímpica do Mato Alto, in the Western Zone of Rio de Janeiro: “Dance is good for the body and soul.” And it doesn’t hurt that Carol is easy on the eyes.

See Carol in action in the Dança dos Famosos portion of the Domingão show in this clip:

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