Carnaval participants parade nude as Adam and Eve

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Aime Lopes and Willians Marins as Adam and Eve during Carnaval

by Diego Barreto

After a first day of parades of Series A, in the early hours of Sunday, closing the access division of Rio’s Carnival, nudity was finally showing their faces. And it was Caprichosos de Pilares, the school which is traditionally marked by irreverence. In the second parade float, Mari Morena, 25, made her debut in the Marquês de Sapucaí Carnaval Stadium soon provoking controversy. She arrived painted in all blue, with just a sticker covering her genitals.

Aime Lopes made her debut while Willians Marins made his 15th appearance

“I also came with some little white spots. Those that are left over after all the sweat. The (genitalia) patch is tape. Behind it there’s nothing. It’s very emotional, I’m very nervous, but I gave my best for the (Samba) school. I prepared both physically and psychologically”, said the resident of Vista Alegre (north zone Rio de Janeiro), that affirmed that she’s been going to the gym daily, but without letting go of candy.

Mari spent much of the show trying to fix the codpiece. The duo that represented Adam and Eve were more tranquil on the Caprichosos float. Eve, in truth, was an assurance technique of Aime Lopes, 23, who also had only one piece of tape covering her genitals. However, she wore a large replica of a leaf that didn’t allow much else to be shown. Adam, played by accounting tech Willians Marins, 34, came in lowcut bikini briefs, leaving his buttocks exposed. (See BW of Brazil’s first report of the duo here).

“It’s my 15th year”, said Willians of his participation in Carnaval.

Aime revealed that it was her debut in the Sapucaí:

“I was invited by a member of the school who saw me working out in the gym. I know that when I return to work on Thursday I’ll be the subject of much comment, but it was worth it.

Andreia Martins parades for the Unidos de Padre Miguel Samba school

Model Andreia Martins, the muse of Unidos de Padre Miguel seemed quite comfortable in the  “Flames of Shango” costume which, apart from the head and the splendor in the back consisted of a codpiece and body paint. “The paint took about three hours to get ready. I represent the fire, the flames of Shango. I will burn down the avenue”, Andreia said before the parade.

Source: Globo

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