Carnaval dancer Janaína Azevedo receives an ‘indecent proposal’ from event organizer and fires back: ‘Don’t mistake entertainment with prostitution’



Note from BW of Brazil: Let’s just be real about this subject. In an atmosphere in which women show a lot of flesh and there’s a lot of money exchanging hands, this type of thing can be expected. Not to say that it should be expected, but, unfortunately, it just sort of comes with the territory. Imagine, if this can happen to women who have advanced college degrees and work as legal advisers, it must certainly happen with women who work in ‘men’s entertainment’ all too often. This situation (working in ‘men’s entertainment’) is a sort of catch-22 for a lot of women.

On the one hand, there are women who earn good money in this industry for a variety of services they may provide, from just dancing to more direct relationships that exchange sex for money. There are women who gladly accept that they can earn money living up to certain fantasies and are happy that the possibility even exists. On the other hand, you have women who see other women who participate in such activities as making it more difficult for women as a whole to be accepted in spaces in other genres in which women are generally not expected to occupy. In a city like Rio de Janeiro, one can expect that the sort of ‘proposals’ offered in the story below probably happen hundreds of times per week. The story below provides just a glimpse into world of dance, money and indecent proposals. 

Passista Janaína Azevedo is one of Rio’s most popular dancers

Carnaval dancer receives an ‘indecent proposal’ and fires back: ‘Don’t mistake entertainment with prostitution’

Courtesy of Sambarazzo

One of Rio’s most sought after beauties for samba shows, that has on her resume presentations abroad, the ‘mulata’ Janaína Azevedo (1) woke up on Thursday (the 18th) with an indecent proposal that she received via WhatsApp. After two months negotiating with a man through the application, participating in an event in the city of Macaé, a coastal city in northern Rio de Janeiro, located 180km from the capital, the passista (Carnaval dancer) was surprised by the question about the value that she would charge for the night with the subject, who had presented himself as the event organizer.

Janaína Azevedo, who recently put athlete Usain Bolt on to samba in an Olympic event, received an indecent proposal from a man who passed himself off as a show contractor

Janaína wasted no time and published on her Facebook profile the exchange of messages through “zap” (WhatsApp), noting that it is not the first time that she’s gone through this type of situation:

Then, in the same post, the passista published some “prints” of the messages exchanged with the “possible contractor”, including the moment when he asks how much she would charge to fazer um programa (turn a trick):

The conversation between Janaína and the alleged event organizer carried on for a few days until the indecent proposal came. After that, the girl blocked him and exposed the case on social networks

“It happens to anyone who performs has any kind of dance,” said Janaína

Janaina, who has been a dance professional for 20 years, with a registration at the Ministry of Labor, lived 10 years in Italy and said that abroad this kind of proposal also happens frequently.

“The difference is that the foreigner is more subtle, more educated in approach, but unfortunately they also mix things up. Previously, I was furious, cursing, going off. Things like that spoiled my day. Today, with the experience of life, I no longer waste my time. And it’s not only those who work in samba that receive this kind of proposal. It happens to anyone who performs any kind of dance – reveals Janaína, who has a full schedule of shows since the days leading up to Rio 2016 and performed in a whirlwind that was attended by the current most famous runner Usain Bolt, Olympic medalist in London and Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Janaína Azevedo says that such proposals are common in the universe of dance

Last year, a group of dancers interviewed by Sambarazzo (website) reported cases of sexual harassment and proposals like that Janaína exposed on the social network. The professionals, who also have resumes marked by concerts around the world, reported embarrassing situations that they experienced in and outside of Brazil.

The sambista expressed herself on a social network

Janaína Azevedo on Thursday

“So you wake up very happy, but there’s always something tiring  to try to ruin your day!!!

Don’t mistake ENTERTAINMENT with PROSTITUTION, the guy is in contact with me for more than two months, requesting my schedule, according to he who was organizing an event in Macaé, and would like for my VIP presence, so today he woke up with HIGH TESTOSTERONE, and came out with this INDECENT PROPOSAL …

Sincerely, it no longer bothers these proposals or innuendo, after so many years working with the ass out, I’ve learned to sift through and this is good, IT WILL NOT SPOIL MY DAY!



Event organizer: VIP presence in a party. How much do you charge?

Janaína Azevedo: It depends. What kind of party?

A post graduation party. So the idea is having passista type girls to liven up the night

I understand. But it’s not better logo a samba show.

There will be. But it’s not a famous (samba) school.The only celebrity would be you (lol). It depends on the purse, clearly.

LOL. I think that around R$500 is good.

With accommodations and and food included?

LOL. On your account, right?

I thought that there was a house here. You had…

No no.

But anyway it can be also

What’s the date?

August 25th. The people are between funk and escola de samba (samba school). Do you participate in funk or can recommend someone?

I think that we can make a deal for R$600 and I do everything. Food, accommodations        and transportation.

It could be. I will inform the people. Jana, can I ask you a question? You have the right to accept it or not.

Umm, speak.

If after the party someone wants to invite you to a private party would you go? I am asking because this has already happened in another recent party. Everything in absolute confidentiality, of course.

No dear. Thank you but I don’t do these extra services.

Very well. I like your educated response.

Relax. I’ve already gone through (this type of) interview before.

I’m insecure in asking, it’s better looking in your eyes.


Good morning, Jana. When will you be in Macaé?

Hi. I don’t know. What? Why?

I have a proposal for you.


I will be direct.


Excuse me ate a indelicadeza. How much do I have to pay for a night with you?

Dude, sincerely, I’ll block you.

Source: Sambarazzo


  1. Just for clarity purposes it must be pointed out that black women activists of Brazil soundly reject the usage of the term ‘mulata’ in reference to women of visible African ancestry, particularly as the stereotype of the sexually available black woman remains so prevalent in Brazil. But in the Carnaval industry, where women are judged according their physical beauty, the term is widely used and often apples to the profession of ‘mulata’ as the beautiful, dancing woman, usually of African descent but sometimes not necessarily. See for example a recent controversial case involving actress Grazi Massafera.
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  1. This is sick. It’s 2016 and Brazil is still promoting the image of ALL Black Brazilian women being prostitutes and sexually promiscuous. I wish the whole world knew that this is what Brazil really thinks of its Black women. I know that this nothing new and that Brazil has been promoting Black women like this for CENTURIES but it really needs to stop. And unfortunately, there alot of American men who believe these lies about Brazilian women and try the same thing that was attempted with this women all the time. Ultimately though,i blame the White Supremacist in Brazil for perpetuating these stereotypes about Black Brazilians.

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