Bullets used in execution of Marielle Franco were sold to Military Police in 2006; same bullets used in police bloodbath resulting in 23 death hit in 2015

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Note from BW of Brazil: Brazil is still reeling from the brutal murder of Rio councilwoman Marielle Franco and her driver last Wednesday. But along with their murders come some difficult questions. What are the details? What type of bullets were used? Did security cameras catch anything? Many of these details have been coming out in recent days that answer these questions. 1) Security cameras have been released that show the moment that Marielle left an event called “Jovens Negras Movendo Estruturas” or young black women moving structures, and got into the car that was to take her home. 2) The assailants tailed the car driven by her driver, Anderson Gomes, for two and a half miles. 3) The bullets used in the murders have now been identified and are another source of controversy as the investigation continues.

In a recent post, I voiced the idea that this was no regular homicide and many Brazilians already have ideas as to who pulled off such a crime with such precision. The videos below are news reports in Portuguese, but if you watch them with my desciption above, they will still make sense to you. 

Bullets used in the largest SP slaughter are from the same batch under investigation in the Marielle case

Courtesy of Jornal Floripa

expert collects
Expert seizes items next to car where councilwoman was murdered

Ammunition used in São Paulo’s worst bloodbath is of the same batch of bullets that were used in the murder of councilwoman Marielle Franco (PSOL) and driver Anderson Gomes last Wednesday in Rio de Janeiro. According to the case file, bullets used in the crime of August 2015, when 23 people were shot dead, are from batch UZZ-18, missing from the Federal Police. The corporation said on Friday it was investigating whether ammunition from that batch was used to kill Marielle and Anderson.

According to information from TV Globo, 9 mm caliber bullets found next to the bodies in the central region of Rio are from plot UZZ-18, sold to the Polícia Militar (PM or Military Police) in Brasília in 2006. A source linked to the investigation confirmed the fact to UOL (news).

Marielle was hit four times in the head, in an intentional homicide (with intention to kill), on the night of Wednesday (14).


“In fact, this batch was sold to Brasília Military Police, if I am not mistaken, between the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007,” said a São Paulo police chief, who asked not to be identified on the grounds that the case of from Greater São Paulo was “a nightmare” in his life.

The prosecutor Marcelo de Oliveira, who served on the jury of the biggest slaughter in São Paulo, said that during the witness testimony, a retired Army captain even mentioned that a sergeant was fired because he had misplaced ammunition on the way to Rio.

Marcelino Fernandes said that despite the finding of the same batch, this does not mean that security forces were responsible for the death of Marielle and her driver, Anderson Gomes.

“What you have with the lost batch … It’s just a clue that it may be regular forces. I’ve had a situation where the executioner shot with the revolver 38. He then left at the scene of the crime .40 capsules, of the MP, but he didn’t expect that this was being recorded by a camera from an ink shop,” he exemplified.


Marielle and Anderson were killed with 9mm caliber ammunition, which cannot be sold to the population. Ammunition can only be legally acquired by collectors, sport shooters and security forces, but is sold with few restrictions in Paraguay and enters Brazil illegally.

In a statement, the PF said that in addition to the investigation conducted by the Civil Police for the crime of murder, an investigation was opened in the PF to determine the origin of the ammunition and the circumstances surrounding the capsules found at the scene of the crime.

“The Federal Police in the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Civil Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro reiterate their commitment to work together to elucidate all the facts surrounding the homicides of councilwoman Marielle Franco and driver Anderson Gomes, last Wednesday night, in Rio de Janeiro,” he said.

vitimas_osasco-750x440 (2015)
In August of 2015, a death squad composed of Military Police, Civil Guard and others murdered 23 people in Greater São Paulo

The greatest SP slaughter

In all, 23 people were killed on 8 and 13 August 2015 in the cities of Osasco, Barueri, Itapevi and Carapicuíba, in Greater São Paulo. According to the prosecution and the Civil Police, the crimes occurred in retaliation for the deaths of a Military Police officer and a municipal guard.

According to a report by the TJM (Military Court of Justice), the accused were part of a paramilitary militia. On August 8 of that year, six people were shot dead. Five days later, another 17 were murdered in the same region.

In all, eight people were indicted on suspicion of involvement in the crimes: seven MPs and one civilian guard. In September last year, the Military Police officers Fabrício Eleutério and Thiago Henklain were sentenced to more than 600 years in prison, in addition to the municipal guard Sérgio Manhanhã.

In March 2018, another PM, Victor Cristilder, was sentenced to more than 119 years in prison. The defense of the four convicts has always claimed that their clients were innocent both in their effective participation in the killings and in the strategy/facilitation of crimes.

Source: Jornal Floripa

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