At 26 years, 2 months and 26 days, Guilherme Lopes, from the state of Piaui, has thesis approved, becomes Brazil’s youngest doctor in the area of biotechnology

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piauiense tem tese aprovada crc3a9dito moisc3a9s lopes 3

Piauiense tem tese aprovada (Crédito - Moisés Lopes) 3

Note from BW of Brazil: Gotta love stories like this! And this young man’s success is all about one thing: Opportunity! This is one of the main reasons why I have always said that Brazil does itself a huge disservice when it doesn’t do all it can to make equal access to opportunities possible for its entire population rather than just those who come from well-to-do, middle/upper class, predominately white backgrounds. As most Brazilians know, the Michel Temer Administration has come at extreme costs to the nation’s citizens, and one of the programs that was terminated by the government is the Ciência sem Fronteiras (Science Without Borders) program that helped produced this young man by financing his studies overseas. The government’s Ministry of Education claims that there is no more money and that the program that took 93 thousand young Brazilians to other countries to further their studies was creating debt. Yeah….I’m sure. I’m also certain that some devious minds are plotting was to end the affirmative action programs as well because we know it’s been a controversial topic for nearly two decades now and people don’t like seeing certain people have access to higher learning. It’s a shame because without making investments in its future, Brazil stifles its creativity and the bright minds that it will lead it forward. Hmmmm…maybe that’s the intent!

Piauiense tem tese aprovada (Crédito - Moisés Lopes)

Piauiense has thesis approved and becomes the country’s youngest doctor

From the city of Piripiri-PI, he is an example of effort and dedication

By Victor Melo; photos by Moisés Lopes

Guilherme Lopes became last Friday (9), the youngest doctor in Brazil. He had his doctoral thesis in biotechnology approved at the UFPI, in Paranaíba. The youngest doctor is only 26 years old, two months and 26 days old. The theme of his thesis is “Bioprospecção da bergenina isolada de Peltophorum dubium, com ênfase nas propriedades antioxidantes e anti-anti-inflamatórias: aporte para o desenvolvimento de novos fitomedicamentos” (Bioprospecting of bergenina isolated from Peltophorum dubium, with emphasis on antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties: contribution to the development of new phytomedicines)”.

Last year, a woman from Ceará was officially recognized as the country’s youngest doctor, with 26 years, nine months and five days.

Piauiense tem tese aprovada (Crédito - Moisés Lopes) 2

The son of a seamstress and bricklayer, residents of the Prado neighborhood, in Piripiri-PI, Guilherme spent 1 year in Spain, perfecting his research in the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Sevilla, through a grant from the Ciência sem Fronteiras (Science without Frontiers) program of the Federal Government.

The young man was from the country’s public-school network. Using ENEM’s note in PROUNI, he was a scholarship recipient of the Biomedicine course at the Biomedicina na Faculdade Maurício de Nassau (Mauricio de Nassau Department) in Teresina.

“Today, I was able to look in the rearview mirror of life and saw that I came here because I never came alone. I threw myself into the new, experienced the unexpected, tasted the sweet and bitter, but all the time the Todo Poderoso (Almighty) took care of me,” said Guilherme.

He is currently a professor at Faculdade Chrisfapi, where he teaches courses in Pharmacy and Nursing.

Source: Meio Norte

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  1. Fantastic news but do not wait for the government. With all the wealth and resources Blacks in Brazil have, they should come together and donate money to send young men and women like this to school. This is how change comes. People like Temer hate young Blacks like this. They will destroy all forms of affirmative action.

    • That was spot on! I hope this young man becomes an inspiration to other black Brazilians. I feel the same way about how we support one another here in America. It has been said that blacks have a trillion dollar spending power annually but we don’t own many fortune 500 companies. Truth be told we might make it to CEO but that is short lived because black people are not given enough leg room to make errors as our white counterparts. Lastly, we have a serious bad habit of not supporting one another that has got to change not just here in America but in Brazil which has a very large black population outside of the continent of Africa. We could get it together financially from North America to South America. I believe we will get it together very soon.

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