Brazilian sends letter of support to Nazi party in Germany; receives response “We don’t accept Latinos”

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Note from BW of Brazil: This story is interesting on so many levels! And it says so much about racial identity in Brazil. As you know, historically, Brazil has always defined itself as a country where racial problems don’t exist, the land of “racial democracy”. Of course we all know this is a widespread fabrication that attempts daily occurrences of racism, racial discrimination and racial insults, but there’s still more to this to consider. First, the report

Brazilian resident of Santa Catarina sent a letter of support to German Nazi and obtained an unpleasant response

The police are investigating the case of a Nazi pool in Santa Catarina and found letters of support sent to the Nazi organization in Germany. The famous owner of the letter is a history teacher. And the response? This must have stung.

“We don’t accept Latinos, you are all birds of a feather…a bunch of black favelados (slum dwellers)”

Supporting Nazism is therefore supporting prejudice to your own people.

The case of the pool with the swastika

Aerial view of swimming pool in Santa Catarina
Aerial view of swimming pool in Santa Catarina

Disclosure of an image made by a Civil Police helicopter pilot caused controversy in the southern state of Santa Catarina. The photo shows a swastika – known worldwide as a Nazi symbol – stamped on the bottom of the pool of a residence on the border between Rio dos Cedros and Pomerode. According to the law, it’s a crime, punishable by two to five years in prison, “manufacturing, marketing, distributing or displaying symbols, emblems, ornaments, badges or advertising that uses the swastika or gamada cross, for purposes of disclosure of Nazism”

According to the Civil Police press office of Santa Catarina, the director of Deic, Commissioner Laurito Akira Sato, determined that “the police station in Pomerode should receive information and prosecute him.”

We sought the residence but there was no response.

Note from BW of Brazil: So what’s so interesting about this story? A lot! First, for those who don’t know, Brzil has its own history with Nazism dating all the way back to the 1930s (when it had the largest branch of the Nazi party outside of Germany) and still now, as research has shown, that allegiance to the ideology continues to grow and spread throughout the country today and occasionally flares up in open displays or aggression. Although Brazil is thought to have a more subtle brand of racism (also a lie), there are those who openly profess their racist sentiments. One of the country’s most well-known writers once professed that he wished Brazilians were bold enough to start their own branch of the KKK

This brings us racial ideology, identity and classification. Brazil has long promoted itself as not only a “racial democracy”, but also the world’s greatest melting pot of mestiços (persons of mixed-race). The promotion of a mestiço identity combined with blatant institutionalized racism is one reason why the country has been able to keep its black population in its “place” while denying the very existence of racial ideologies of inferiority and superiority. While there are those who identify themselves as black, a large percentage of mestiços, in fact, identify themselves as white and there are also millions of Brazilians who would in fact be accepted as white anywhere in the world, at least before knowledge their origins is known. 

The discrepancy comes when Brazilians classifying themselves as white clashes with the nation’s mixed race history and image within and outside of the country. This often leads to interesting but sometimes complex understandings of racial identification/classification. You have folks who would only be white in Brazil (1). There are those who everyone knows is black itself the person. There clearly white Brazilians who travel to the US or Europe and are not accepted as white simply because they are from a Latin American country. Let’s be clear. There are white Brazilians who have very little or even no racial admixture with blacks, Indians or Asians. The three most southern states of the nation are the best example of this. So what does this say about people who prefer to opt out of the “we’re all mixed” ideology and claim a white identity? Although it’s sort of unspoken, in reality, there is a sort of obsession with whiteness and being recognized as white in Brazil. I mean, if race really isn’t an issue, why make a video to make sure that non-Brazilians know that there are white people in Brazil? Check the video below. 

White Brazilians/Blancos Brasileños/Brancos Brasileiros

Here’s how the description of the video, taken from You Tube.

“Brazil is always labeled as a country of black people who only know just samba and soccer, but most of the population is white, about 53% (more than 100 million people), which places Brazil as the third country with more white in the world behind only the United States and Russia. The highest concentration of whites in Brazil is in the South (83%), Southeast (62%) and Midwest (51%), Brazil for the rest of the whites are a large minority: North (26%) and Northeast (30% ). And about 70% of Brazilians whose main genetic inheritance of Europe, this includes the Pardos(mixed race) and many blacks. The European inheritance is dominant throughout Brazil. Today Brazil is a world economic power thanks to the development brought by European immigrants, unfortunately the white population of Brazil has been losing its identity as a Brazilian, that because Brazil has always been considered a country of only blacks and mulattos, where there is White, of European origin and culture is never seen as the only African Brazilian culture while whites are the majority, this is just a publicity stunt to create the false idea that Brazil is not a racist country. But the reality is different. NOTE: This video is not racist against blacks in Brazil, but it’s a video that shows racial and ethnic reality of Brazil. We have to accept it.”

Note from BW of Brazil: As you might have gathered from some of the posts here, there’s more racial consciousness and an “us vs. them” mentality than Brazilians would like to reveal. How else would you explain this video, the blatant “dictatorship of whiteness” throughout society and a letter of support to the Nazi party? 

Source: Portal Metrópole


1. This blog and associated social network sites often receive comments about Brazilians accused of racism. Often the comments are something of the “but they’re not even white” variety. For example, these types of comments were made about a group of neo-Nazis caught physically assaulting a northeastern man in this story.

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  1. You know, as I was reading this I had to say thank God for this blog. This blog is everything, because its brave enough to speak the truth and the truth is often very painful.

    That was an epic response to that letter. Wish I was a fly on the wall to see the facial reaction when he got his reply. I am sure he was beyond excited to see he was replied to, just not what he expected. This reminds me of the light skinned people from central and south America who get a rude wake up call when they go to Spain and get treated like trash. Poor souls can’t understand why they are not white in Europe and given no

  2. Is everything in Brasil racist. I mean dam there’s got to be some beauty go it. By then looks of it you are trying to stir people away.

  3. Hello Max Joseph!!

    Thanks for your comment but your comment is not new.There are plenty of “good news” stories on this blog, but one of the objectives of this blog is to speak of Brazil from the perspective of race. Do not blame the blog for reporting real news as it is. Real talk: If these things didn’t happen, there wouldn’t be a need to report them! It is what it is, If you prefer a place that only presents “good news”, maybe this isn’t the place for your news….

  4. Even if Black people were in power and had all the wealth they would want to be White!! Black people are unique in this world it seems. For some reason, and I don’t care where it is, Black people spend a lot of time advocating for Whites to treat them (Blacks) the same as Whites treat themselves or their own (White) children!! Black people absolutely and positively do not want (or perhaps cannot) to create a land of their own where no non-Blacks are allowed and where they can flourish. It is not even in the thought process of Black people. yet the Chinese are clear that they want foreigners and foreign religion influence out. Whether its the Middle east, India, the Ukraine, you name it they want their culture pure–especially without Blacks. But Black people do not want a pure culture bereft on non-Blacks. They want non-Black people to treat them (Blacks) like they (non-Blacks) treat themselves (non-Blacks). thats really incredible and a waste of time.

    • This is one of the more tone-deaf assessments I have ever seen. Black people do not want to be treated “white”. Rather, they do not want to be discriminated against by white people, who are often the dominant population in ex-slave societies. And those of us who were not born in Africa want to be able to live in our native lands without the constant spectre of white people destroying what we have created. They have that unique ability to destroy what was never theirs. Perhaps because they are a genetic minority on the planet with a conscious or unconscious fear that, as a race, their days are numbered.

      Also, as Black is the oldest race on the planet, perhaps our dna is not written with the same fear of annihilation as are almost every other race. We know that when people mate with us, it is our skin tone that will “win” the genetic race. Thus, remaining “pure” is not as high a priority for Blacks.

      Also, you definitely need to study more about China, India, and the Middle East if you think they are all looking to be free of white influence LOLOL! But your ignorance is kind of adorable 🙂

      • I totally agree with you. The comment about Asia is particularly laughable. I had a Canadian partner who leaved in China for 13 years, and she said several times “positive racism (pro whites)” is VERY strong in China, while there is probably no worst place (excluding Russia perhaps) in the planet to be black.

        But I don’t know if whites are going anywhere.. I mean, even if they would vanish thorough “mating with black” (hard to believe, but anyway!) as you said, the problem is that white culture is winning bay far. (language, religion, you name it…) so maybe in the future “light blacks” will be the new white and nothing really would change for a large part of the human race and that, in the end of the day, is the problem, is it not?

    • You must be out if your mind as a proud black American of haitian descent I’m proud to be who I am .
      what I hate is being treated inhumanly because of how I look .
      Especially being bothered when doing absolutely nothing to anyone else.
      I personally don’t want to be white but if an eradication of whites occurred ,I wouldn’t be upset but wondering what time is the show.

    • Your statement is false. Of course we want equality, everyone does but to say that we do not want our land is absurd to say the least. We have been displaced and now we have to work hard to get that place of our own. You make all these claims of what black people want and given your reply, show what you want. So to help you out, Brazil is not a place that belongs to whites. Neither is any part of South or North America. If it was the way you make it seem, whites wouldn’t even be able to live in Tasmania (where they killed all of the black natives.) No one in their right mind wants to be a monster.One last thing, my non bigoted white friends treat me and everyone else they encounter with respect. They come from good families so they are good people. You should worry less about blacks and more about how to get rid of the hate and ignorance you possess.

  5. When will they get it the nazis will never accept you even if you got money and you say your white thats cool but they will not accept you and i know that in Europe they won’t even see you as European so yes yoy can say white put dont deny your other races and nazis is for hate not love just so you know if you dont believe me go over there and see what happens

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